<<set alert("You hear a loud THUMP!")>>\s\n\nEli's laziness was your downfall. He sits on a headstone, opening up a passage, and releasing an army of Wights. Skeletal warriors that Thalios had summoned for his invasion.\n\n\n[[Let's leave the archer at home|Start]]
Just as you and Christine are starting off on your adventure, a villager approaches you.\n\n“There are rumors of a boy that was carried away by a pack of bloodhounds to Potemkin Ruins. Will you please investigate this matter?”\n\nYou agree, and since Christine knows the land, she leads the way to the ruins.\n\nAs you arrive, you notice someone face down in the middle of a pack of bloodhounds, circling the body.\n\n\t\t\t\t\t\t ---\n\nSweaty, and tired, you clear the area of the hounds, and rush over to where the body laid face down.\n\nChristine leans over and uses her powers of restoration on the stranger, “Hi, my name is Christine. What's yours?”\n\nMy name is…\n\n[[Citen, the Dark Knight|Dark Knight]]\n\n[[Demitri, the Bard|Bard]]\n\n
The goblins fall upon your small party, a mass of sharpened bones, flying limbs, and gnashing teeth. \n\nRob is the first to fall.\n\nFour goblins overpower him and wrestle the limber thief to the ground.\n\nYou don't have time to see what happened to Joey. You swing left; parry right, and head-butt one of the smaller creatures. \n\nA sucker punch comes flying from the left and you're on the ground with each limb being pulled in a different direction. A larger goblin towers over you. He sneers and raises a club that blocks out the few remaining rays of sunlight. You feel splintering pain on your forehead and the sudden release of warm pressure across your face. The world turns white.\n\nGame Over.\n\n[[You're smarter than that|Sharst Caverns]]\n\n[[That's enough adventure, I'm going home|Start]]
I can't blame you for putting yourself before others, thank you for hearing our story at least.\n\n[[Return to your house|Start]]\n\n[[What happened to the kingdom|Extra Extra]]\n
A person is born in 1940, today is their 18th birthday, how is that so?\n\n[[because they were born in room 1940|Flash Of Light]]\n\n[[because they're a time traveling doctor|Oh No]]
Welcome to Ardingale, a peaceful land full of eternal life.\n\nNo, no, literally!\n\nAllow me to introduce myself; I am King Shepherd. I have ruled this land, kingdom, and prrrrrrime vacation spot, for several years. Three hundred to be exact!\n\nIt's not your regular run-of-the-mill kingdom, we're magical!\n\n"Yeah, SUUUUURE. Magical. Aren't they ALWAYS magical kingdoms?"\n\nYes, I already knew what you were going to say even before you said it, and don't go rolling your eyes at me!\n\nWait... are you even listening to me?!?\n\n[[Of course I am!|Moving On]]\n\n[[Nope, I'm out of here!|Couch Potato]]
The laziest person you'll ever meet in this entire kingdom. He wants to join your group so he doesn't have to continue wasting his arrows, and is trying to bribe Citen into carrying him.\n\n[[No time for slacking, we have to stop Thalios!|Archer]]
<<set alert("Thalios broke through the barrier just as you were leaving!")>>\s\n\nThalios, along with his mostrous followers, are about to invade the castle.\n\nThe hoardes of goblins and trolls continue to capture the faeries, putting them in glass jars and placing them on a wall of their grotesque hut at the edge of the swamp.\n\nThere's a few warriors attempting to save their land, but without more help it might be a lost cause.\n\n\n[[I have to do something!|Moving On]]\n\n[[There's nothing I can do|Start]]
The three of you are thrown into a giant pit, the goblins dancing around in circles above you.\n\n<<set alert("You're surrounded by the horde of goblins, and only having a mage and a bard, your party becomes overwhelmed, not having enough damage to take out the goblins.")>>\s\n\nClick the link below to go back and take a different path.\n\n[[There has to be another way!|Potemkin Ruins]]
As the sword slices through the Cyclops, the glimmer of white armor shines with the setting sun.\n\n"It's a Paladin!" Christine shouts from behind you, "I've known they were in training but I've never actually seen one up close. Look at their armor..."\n\n"Pfft..." Citen scoffs, as he folds his arms across his chest, "nothing says professional like black armor."\n\n\t\t\t\t\t--\n\nAs the cyclops falls to the ground, the Paladin walks over to your group, sword in hand.\n\n"I have this under control, you may continue your journey."\n\n"What is your name?" you ask them, as they begin to turn back to finish the job.\n\n"[[Kalinda|Kalinda]]."\n\nYour group is about to leave when Citen insults Kalinda, who stops and whacks Citen in the back of his head with her sword.\n\nBefore Citen could pull out his sword, you step inbetween the two and extend an invitation to Kalinda to join your team.\n\n"We need more fighters, you look like you'd be a great asset to the team."\n\nShe thinks it over for a bit, and agrees, just to anger Citen.\n\nCries for help startle you.\n\nYou glance down the road to see a man dressed in the strangest garbs and colorful robes running towards your position.\n\nCiten draws his sword. \n\nYou gently push his blade to the ground.\n\nThe strange man stops a few feet away from you, huffing and puffing.\n\n“Please… you must… help me!” he says between breaths.\n\nHe doubles over and takes a knee. You grab your water skin and hand it to him. He quickly drains its remaining contents.\n\n“A few miles back, I was ambushed at the Royal Crypt,” he says, “by trolls. I'm a traveling merchant. They stole all of my goods and now I can't afford to feed my family. Please, if you help me I have precious artifacts that I can give you in return.”\n\nKalinda goes over to the merchant, resting a hand on his shoulder. “My name is Kalinda, my friends here are brave warriors, not sure about the dark knight.” She says, “It would be an honor for us to assist you.”\n\n[[Continue your adventure|The Royal Crypt]]
<<set alert("You're just going to abandon me!? Come back! You're probably just sitting there picking your nose!")>>\s\nClick the link below to return and listen to the King.\n\n[[Return to the main page|Start]]\n
Thalios, with a gleam in his eye, pulls a dagger out from his boot and lunges towards you.\n\nBefore you're able to react, Christine throws an elemental spell at Thalios, knocking him backwards and into a spear that had been sticking up from the ground.\n\n"Haha..." Thalios laughs as he begins to cough. "What a way to die... at the hands of a healer... wh-what power does she have. None! At least now you won't be able to take me back to my brother. I refuse to be his prisoner!"\n\nWith his dying breath, he sinks to the floor, the remaining goblins run back towards the barrier, and Kalinda and Citen release the faeries from their prison.\n\nYou arrive at the palace, heads bowed down.\n\nAs King Shepherd greets you half way, the looks on your faces let him know the tragic ending to the invasion.\n\n"Do not be sad, my brother chose his fate a long time ago. You're job was to protect those who were innocent, from the hands of these monsters, and you accomplished that. All of you have my gratitude.\n\n\n\n[[The End. Play Again?|Start]]\n
This once lazy archer has turned out to be useful, after a near death experience.\n\n[[Back to your travels|Goryeo Badlands]]
In all the lands, Witches are most revered and feared for their magic. It's no competition if you ask me." The witch folds her arms under her bosom, cocking her hip as the others passed her a gimlet glare.\n\nThe Wizard was the first to huff, blowing smoke rings out of his corncob pipe as he stroked his beard.\n\n"Witches, you say? Witches are wise and powerful indeed, but are often done in by their greed. Always casting curses, I say. Oh, how I wish you'd just go AWAY." He spoke, his odd rhyming drawing a chuckle out of Christine the Mage. \n\nThe witch just guffawed and looked him dead in the eye.\n\n"You have the nerve to talk! Your kind are nothing but beggars in disguise! Begging for coin every chance you get, and that awful rhyming habit you really should forget. Oh, now you've got ME doing it!" She growled, her hands erupting in a menacing maelstrom of electricity.\n\nAgain, Christine laughed and the Witch turned her glare upon her.\n\n"And what do you keep laughing at, Mage?"\n\n"The mere thought of a simple Witch or Wizard being more powerful than I." She rose to demonstrate her point and with a wave of her hands, flowers bloomed beneath her feet. "I have the power of the arcane at my disposal. A healer or a destroyer, I can be both."\n\n"And you're still no better than the Witch when it comes to your boasting. For all your so called POWER, I would rather see you ROASTING."\n\n"Quiet, Wizard, no one asked you." Christine replied softly before turning to the Elven Sorceress who had remained silent throughout their argument. "And what say you, Sorceress?"\n\n"What is understood, need not be explained." She answered simply, putting an end to the conversation.\n\n[[Quiet, you tell them, I hear someone approaching!|A Magical Battle]]
"Quiet! All of you! I think there's someone, or some THING headed our way!” You tell them, looking around for a place to hide.\n\nChristine, the mage, Maria, the witch, Westley, the wizard, and Elaine, the sorceress, all transform into inanimate objects, blending into the scenery.\n\n“They couldn't have hidden us too?” Citen scoffs, trying hard to hide his black armor against the light brown color of the canyon.\n\n“That direction! And hurry, because if my dear brothers champion is here, I'll be able to get rid of any obstacles in my way!”\n\n“That's Thalios!” Christine remarks, her face appearing from beneath a bush. “And if he's here, that means he's already passed through Nightingale Forest. We have to stop him!”\n\nWith determination on your face, you tell your team to wait for your orders.\n\nJust as you finish speaking, three bloodhounds come sniffing near you. “Don't let them escape!” Thalios shouts, hordes of goblins and wights roaming the area.\n\nJust as Thalios passes near you, you shout, “NOW!”\n\nYour party quickly disposing the goblins and wights, while you're locked in a battle with Thalios.\n\n“You won't take me back to my brother. There's no way you can defeat me!” Thalios tells you, pushing you against the canyon wall.\n\nUsing it as leverage, you push off the wall with your legs, throwing your weight on top of Thalios, and causing him to fall backward.\n\nHaving taken care of the goblins, Citen holds Thalios, while you tie his arms and legs together.\n\n“You can't do this to me! Let me go, and I'll make it worth your while!”\n\n[[Sorry Thalios, but it's time for you to be reunited with your brother.|Happy Ending]]\n
A rope drops down from a nearby tree, and your party steps back to see who it is.\n\n"Did you see how far my dagger went!?" \n\nWith a soft thud, a fire red-haired girl, with a belt full of daggers, stands in front of you and your party.\n\n“[[Name's Isabella|Isabella]], but you can call me Izzy. Not Bella! My mom used to call me that, I HATED that nickname!”\n\n“H-h-hi,” you stammer, impressed at the way she made jumping down from the tree so easy. \n\n“Well then, I see you have a little band of merry men with you. Mind if I tag along? I promise I won't get in the way! I'm also a good cook!”\n\nAt the sound of 'cook', Citen pushes everyone out of the way and begs her to join.\n\n“Where were you guys heading to anyway?” Izzy asks, pulling a dagger out of her belt and shining it on her sleeve.\n\n“Raven Canyon.” Maria states, “There's rumors of a horde of undead roaming the area.”\n\n“Sounds like fun! Count me in!”\n\n[[Did someone say zombies?|Raven Canyon]]\n
"Oh no..." Christine murmurs, under her breath, as a woman dressed from head to toe in black appears in the sky, sitting on a broom.\n\n“You know her?” You ask, as you continue to watch her zooming back and forth, quickly hitting the Cyclops.\n\n“That's…” and before Christine could tell you her name, she appears right in front of you.\n\n“[[Maria|Maria]], at your service.” She enthusiastically shakes your hand, rattling your armor.\n\nChristine whispers, “she's a Harry Potter fanatic.”\n\n“I heard that Christine!” She shouts, as she casually walks towards the Cyclops lying on the ground.\n\n[[Which witch trials?|The Wildwoods]]\n
<<set alert("You black out. When you awake, you're blinded by a bright light.")>>\s\n\nA fire.\n\nAfter your eyes adjust, a mercenary and a dark knight are sitting near a bonfire.\n\n"Oh look you're awake!" The mercenary shouts, jumping up to crouch close to where you lay on the floor.\n\n"Don't worry about your friends," he says, "they're just right behind you, all of you will be taken to Thalios. Speak of the devil..."\n\nThe sound of maniacal laughter radiates from behind you."\n\n[[Those tricky faeries, try your luck again!|Start]]\n\n
Brave Ones
"Shakespeare!" Christine enthusiastically cries out.\n\n"That is correct, and that old wizard. His rhyming is no match for MacBeth."\n\n[["My name is Elaine,|Elaine]] I was summoned by the faeries in the Nightingale Forest. They're in grave danger and need our help."\n\n"Just who died and made you boss!" Maria cackled, pointing a crooked finger, with a long nail, in the direction of Elaine.\n\n[["The wizard and I were on our way...|Friendly Banter]]
"Thank you, thank you so much for helping me. I'm too young to become a roasted pig. [[My name is Eli,|Archer 2]] by the way, what's yours?"\n\nAs you introduce yourself, and your party, you travel into an arid, and lifeless wasteland.\n\n"The Goryeo Badlands..." Eli whispers, "why people insist on living in this area is my guess, but there's a rumor going around of a group of trolls who have taken some of the faeries prisoner."\n\nAs you continue down the road, you hear shouting and hollering from behind a giant rock.\n\nTaking a peek, you see the trolls, like Eli mentioned, and a wagon.\n\n"It looks like you were right Eli, we should go help free them!" You tell your team, as they draw out their weapons and nod in agreement.\n\nThe trolls begin to shake the cages where they have the faeries contained, so you run ahead of your group and start distracting the trolls, while your group surrounds them from behind.\n\n"Sniveling human, you think you can fight us all? There's only one of you!" A troll, who looks to be the biggest one there, says, as he grabs a spear.\n\n"No," you reply, "they're going to help me." As you point to your friends who have taken their positions behind the group of trolls.\n\nUpon defeating the trolls, and freeing their prisoners, they thank you for freeing them, and offer to assist you if you can answer their riddle correctly.\n\n[[Okay, let's hear this riddle|Riddle Me This]]
She is distrusted by the local villagers, because she's believed to have sold her soul for very powerful dark magic.\n\nOthers believe she traded it for a flying broom (due to her infatuation with the Harry Potter books).\n\n[[Let's go play quidditch!|Witch]]\n
Took off to the front lines when he was in his teens, Citen trained hard with the Dark Knights in hopes of being named a hero for protecting the land.\n\nNone of the local villagers know where he's really from, but they've said that he's survived after having all of his [[limbs dismembered.|Dark Knight]]\n\n
The only daughter, to a couple who own a traveling circus.\n\nIsabella was trained in acrobatics at a very young age. Instead of running away to join the circus, she escapes her life of constant performing to study the art of combat.\n\n[[Let's trapeze our way back to the story|Rogue]]
Christine, my enigmatic mage.\n\nNot only has she served as a great advisor, but also as my personal physician. (I despise going to the doctor's office!) \n\nShe has volunteered because she doesn't want to see her peaceful kingdom suffer.\n\n[[Return to choose|Wait take them]]\n
As you and your party walk up the steps to the castle, Thalios pleads for you to set him free.\n\nYou give him the choice of allowing his brother to exact a punishment fitting the crime, or you leave him to the angry villagers, who want to see him pay for his crimes.\n\nThalios refuses both choices, and you continue up the steps, and into the King's Hall where King Shepherd awaited for your arrival.\n\n"Thank you, brave warrior, I knew the kingdom was in capable hands when you accepted our plea for help. I see your party grew from when you and Christine left.\n\nAs for you, dear brother, I had ordered you into exile. You were never to return to this land again, for as long as I reigned. You shall be taken to the East Wing, where you'll remain a prisoner.\n\nAs for you, brave warrior, we never did catch your name... but nevertheless you are more than welcome in this kingdom. Later today, we feast! To celebrate, and to pray that we live in peace forever!"\n\n<<set alert("Congratulations! You were successful in saving the kingdom. Well done!")>>\s\n\nCare to try a different path? Click the link below and see what adventures a different path will take you.\n\n[[Return to the main page|Start]]
Joey and Rob make haste to lift the stocky paladin from the earth. You guide them into Sharst Caverns. The darkness consumes your party, and you can hear the goblins gathering outside the entrance.\n\nIt won't be long before they're rushing through the rocky halls.\n\nSlowly, your eyes adjust to the darkness and you're able to find a small outcropping to hide behind.\n\nAnimal snorts and chomping can be heard as the goblin ambush team enters the cavern. Your heartbeat rings so loudly in your ears, you fear it may give away your position. \n\nYour limbs begin to fall asleep from the uncomfortable position. You shift your legs and the echo of shuffling debris catches a goblins ear. It makes its way to your hideout when suddenly a scream from beyond the grave rings through the cavern.\n\nA mass of blue, tattered glowing robes and slashing blades flies through the ranks of the goblins. You can hear wet liquid pouring onto the ground. The goblins scream and slash at each other in the darkness. \n\nThe minutes drag on for what seems like hours, until the final goblin has fallen and the ghostly Wight has retreated.\n\n“We don't have much time before the Wight comes back to feed again,” Rob says.\n\nYou agree and pull a small torch from your pack. \n\n“Careful, the ground is slick,” you say.\n\nThe goblins lay scattered on the ground. Carefully, you step over their bodies making your way deeper into the caverns.\n\nAbout an hour later a light appears at the end of the tunnel. You can smell flowers and wet earth. It must have rained during your travels in the caverns. Your party emerges from the cave unscathed and takes refuge underneath some nearby trees. Rob digs through his satchel before triumphantly retrieving a bottle of pink glowing liquid.\n\n“What is that?” Joe asks.\n\n“This, my friend, is faerie elixir,” Rob replies. “It can heal any mortal wound, even bring back a person from death's door.”\n\n“And how did you acquire this 'faerie elixir?'”\n\n“I found it,” he says matter-of-factly. “It was just sitting on a lonely shelf all by itself. It was practically begging to be added to my collection.”\n\nBefore Joey can protest against Rob's obvious thievery, he has cracked open the bottle and funneled the contents into the paladin's mouth. The paladin's body glows. Her skin transforms from ghostly white to golden peach.\n\n“There,” Rob says, “Now she just needs a few moments of rest and we can be on our way.”\n\nCries for help startle you from the paladin's transformation. You glance down the road to see a man dressed in the strangest garbs and colorful robes running towards your position.\n\nJoey draws his sword. \n\nYou gently push his blade to the ground.\n\nThe strange man stops a few feet away from you, huffing and puffing.\n\n“Please… you must… help me!” he says between breaths.\n\nHe doubles over and takes a knee. You grab your water skin and hand it to him. He quickly drains its remaining contents.\n\n“A few miles back, I was ambushed at the Royal Crypt,” he says, “by trolls. I'm a traveling merchant. They stole all of my goods and now I can't afford to feed my family. Please, if you help me I have precious artifacts that I can give you in return.”\n\nYou turn to look at your party members. The paladin is now awake and standing. She pushes past you and approaches the merchant.\n\n“I am Kalinda. My friends here are brave warriors,” she says, “It would be an honor for them to assist you.”\n\n[[Off to the Royal Crypt|The Royal Crypt]]\n
The stranger politely bows.\n\n"I am [[Shaun, a monk|Shaun]] who has traveled far in hopes of assisting the king in his battle."\n\nCiten and Kalinda laugh, "a monk, able to help us? Ha!"\n\n"Yes, I was on my way to Nightingale Forest when I heard the commotion these monsters were causing."\n\n\n"What's in Nightingale Forest?" You ask, curious about this stranger.\n\n"Thalios. There have been reports of him finally being able to go through the barrier, and has been capturing the faeries in the forest."\n\n[[Head towards the forest|Nightingale Forest]]
A big monk, with an even bigger heart.\n\nUpon hearing of the invasion on this peaceful land, he traveled from a mountainous region to lend a hand. His purpose is to protect the innocent.\n\n[[Get back out there soldier!|Monk]]
<<set alert("In a flash of light, you and your party are walking up the steps to the castle, Thalios pleading for you to set him free. Approaching the top of the steps, King Shepherd awaits to greet you.")>>\s\n\nThank you, brave warrior, I knew the kingdom was in capable hands when you accepted our plea for help. I see your party grew from when you and Christine left.\n\nAs for you, dear brother, I had ordered you into exile. You were never to return to this land again, for as long as I reigned. You shall be taken to the East Wing, where you'll remain a prisoner.\n\nBrave warrior, we never did catch your name... but nevertheless you are more than welcome in this kingdom. Later today, we feast! To celebrate, and to pray that we live in peace forever!"\n\nWant to replay your adventure? Click the link below and see what adventures a different path will take you.\n\n[[Return to the main page|Start]]
Dual wielding daggers in hand, the stranger throws a dagger directly at Citen.\n\n"Hey! What's the big idea," Citen shouts as he ducks underneath the flying dagger.\n\n"The name is [[Adam|Adam]], I was hired by a couple of villagers to get rid of their problem. You here trying to take my coin?"\n\nYou shake your head, and inform him that you were summoned by the king himself to make sure all the monsters are vanished from the land.\n\n"Ahh... well, it sounds like you'll be getting more coin than the trouble I'm going through. Alright, you've talked me into it. I shall join your group!" The mercenary says, as he throws his sack at Christine to carry.\n\n"I was on my way to the Lonely Grotto, there's rumors of sirens luring weary travelers into their trap. I also heard that Thalios was among them, forcing these travelers to join his ranks."\n\n[[Continue your journey to the Lonely Grotto|The Lonely Grotto]]
"I don't rob from anyone..." you hear from behind, as a shadowy figure emerges from the trees.\n\n"Were you the one I freed from the cocoon earlier?" Maria asks, disappointed she didn't get to get rid of the spider queen.\n\n"Yeah, I was trying to run through these woods as fast as possible. In the end, the spiders were just too quick for me. Oh, and by the way, [[my name's Eli|Eli]]."\n\nYou introduce yourself, and the others to Eli and ask if he wants to tag along.\n\nHe agrees, but under one condition...\n\nThat someone help carry his belongings.\n\n"I'm just so drained from being trapped in that web for so long, my energy levels are underground." Eli says, as he drags his feet while trying to keep up with everyone.\n\n[[Continue on your journey|Bump in the Night]]\n
Her heavy accent makes her both respected and feared by many villagers.\n\n[[I should've been in the movie!|Elven Sorceress]]
No one knows where he came from, but this mercenary is handy with a dagger and is morally flexible.\n\nIf he's pad well, then he's your guy.\n\n[[Continue on to the Grotto|Mercenary]]
"Oh goodie, goodie, gumdrops! You lot can join me, and help rescue a poor fella who's gotten himself tangled in someone's web." Maria says, as she examines her broom for any scratches.\n\n"Wh-wh-what are you talking about?" Christine asks. She's had a great fear of spiders, especially the furry ones!\n\n"Oh come on mage, the Wildwoods are just up ahead, it won't take long. I can't stand a guy crying over a few spider webs." Maria grabs Christine by the hand, pulling her in the direction of the Wildwoods.\n\n--\n\nDeep inside the woods, you notice that all the trees have been ominously draped with disturbingly large spider webs.\n\n"Um... j-j-just where d-d-d-did you say this guy was located?" Citen stammers, sticking close to you.\n\n"And you call yourself a dark knight?" Maria mocks, rolling her eyes as she swings her broom over her shoulder.\n\nBefore anyone else could speak, Christine is shot with a thick string, wrapping her up in a cocoon.\n\n"She's here!" Maria shouts, hopping on her broom and flying around. "There she is! Quickly, take your swords out, her kids won't be too far behind."\n\n"Her WHAT!?" Citen shouts, pulling out his great sword.\n\nAs Maria shoots balls of fire at a giant spider, which appears to be the queen, you and Citen ward off the children that are crawling from all over the trees.\n\nYou catch Christine, as Maria uses her magic to release her from her prison. She sends another burst of magic in the opposite direction, and you see a dark shadowy figure fall from high above the trees.\n\nAs your fighting the smaller spiders, you see a shimmer out of the corner of your eye and you see the queen fall to the floor, her children flocking towards her.\n\n[[I don't rob from anyone!|Archer]]\n\n[[Did you see that dagger fly!|Rogue]]\n
Now joined by a Dark Knight, your party travels in the direction of the Farmstead, and arriving just before dusk.\n\n"Hey that's an ugly looking barn," you state, tilting your head sideways trying to figure out who would build such a hideous thing.\n\n"Um... th-th-that's not a barn," Christine stammers out, "it's the CYCLOPS!"\n\nPulling out your sword, your party prepares to fight the cyclops.\n\nBefore you can land a single strike, a cloaked stranger runs up from behind, delivering a fatal blow to the one-eyed behemoth.\n\n"Stand back!" They shout, as you...\n\n[[shield your eyes from the glare on the sword|Paladin]]\n\n[[Duck for cover, as a ball of fire comes shooting out of their hand|Witch]]
You stand up, rubbing your head, "I must've hit my head harder than I thought. I can't even understand English anymore!"\n\n“Oh poppycock! [[My name is Westley|Westley]], that was just the name of a new spell I was working on!” the wizard says, shaking some dust off his robes.\n\nHe stops in the middle of dusting his cap and turns to look at you and your party.\n\n“Witches! Hisssssss! Nothing but trouble, nothing but trouble! You'll be wise to send them on their way!”\n\nCiten starts to slowly move towards the back, pulling you and Izzy with him.\n\n[["We're gonna want to stay away from this."|Friendly Banter]]
Joey comes from a small farm on the outskirts of the kingdom.\n\nA loyal friend, and a great knight, he has earned the nickname of "meat shield" for his unrivaled ability to attract the hate of the enemy, allowing his team to attack the enemy with minimal injuries.\n\n[[Return to choose|Wait take them]]\n
Thank you, you have my eternal gratitude.\n\nI should let you know what's going on with the kingdom and let you choose if you want to help or not.\n\nSo I mentioned that this kingdom is magical, and unlike those you've previously heard of... like a certain castle with inanimate objects moving, talking, and even singing!\n\n(None of that occurs here, I can assure you of that.)\n\nThere is a section of the kingdom called Nightingale Forest. It's the domain of a hive of faeries that have blessed us with eternal life. That's right, you heard that correctly, no one in the kingdom ages and no one ever dies. Ever.\n\nNow you're probably saying, "What's to stop someone from simply walking in and being able to live forever and then just leave?"\n\nSee, the faeries have also placed a barrier over the land, which will stop anyone from leaving or entering the kingdom. In order for you to actually have eternal life, you have to live in the kingdom.\n\nThat's right! Wanna live forever? Gotta be a neighbor!\n\nI had a brother, well, I should say, I have a brother named Thalios. He's not as friendly, and comical, as I am. He's a sadistic and power hungry poopy head who is trying to break through the barrier and take over the kingdom.\n\nYou see, after he poisoned our father (MMMMMMHMM! Scandalous isn't it!?) he tried to take over the throne, but our father, being the clever person that he was, named ME heir to the throne before he passed and I had him exiled before he can wreak havoc!\n\n(Oh, also, we may live forever, but if we're poisoned or get killed in battle we're gone forever. No coming back from that!)\n\nNow, there are monsters lurking just south of the kingdom, on the other side of the barrier. These monsters, for some reason, are able to break through the faeries barrier and Thalios is using this to his advantage.\n\nWith the help of the faeries, and my mage, we sought for a brave warrior who would come and cleanse these lands of evil.\n\nI believe you are the champion that we need!\n\nHowever, you were just summoned... and I wouldn't feel right just sending you out there to fight a war that isn't yours.\n\nSo what do you say, help a fella out?\n\n[[Nope, I was comfy on my big blue couch!|Nooo]]\n\n[[I shall! Give me a sword and a shield, and point me towards those baddies!|Wait take them]]
As you and Joey, the knight, travel through the fields, you notice you are being followed. Someone, covered head to toe in clothing, and as the horde of goblins begins to run towards you, you have no time to confront the stranger, and begin to fight off the horde.\n\nRunning up from the behind, the stranger assists you, taking out goblins left and right.\n\nWith the sun in your eye, it's hard to see their face, but you're grateful nonetheless.\n\n--\n\nWith the field cleared, you're approached by the stranger, a piece of clothe covering their mouth.\n\n“Please, allow me to assist you on your quest.”\n\nWith the rays of the sun, you see the light reflect off the dagger on their side and realize that this stranger is a…\n\n[[Thief!|Thief]]\n\n[[Rogue!|Rogue 2]]\n
Oh thank you, thank you!\n\nBut before you take off, I have two brave volunteers who want to help you on your journey.\n\nI can only let you take one, the people living close to the castle need protection too!\n\nGuys, erm... brave warriors, you may enter.\n\nYou have [[Christine, the mage|Christine]] and [[Joey, the Knight|Joey]]\n\nbut remember you may only choose one!\n\nI choose...\n\n[[Christine, her restorative power will be a great aid!|Potemkin Ruins]]\n\n[[Joey, when our shields combine... we get to bash some heads!|Summersong Fields]]
Demitri comes from a family of minstrels.\n\nLonging for a life of travel, and having lost his one true love to Jay, a circus performer, he travels from town to town inspiring hope to those who hear his music.\n\n\n[[Enough lolly gagging! Back to your adventure!|Bard]]
Seeking to be pardoned by the King for all his countless crimes. He's now lending his daggers to help keep the kingdom safe.\n\n[[Catch that thief!|Thief]]
Your party reaches the edge of Nightingale Forest, an army of Wights headed in your direction.\n\nWith the small amount of magic you've been learning, you muster what concentration you can to cast a protection spell on your party.\n\nThis allows Shaun to take out the army of Wights with a special attack.\n\nAs you fight your way towards the center, you catch a glimpse of Thalios sitting far back away from the actual fighting. You exchange a glance with Kalinda and Citen, and they create a path leading straight to Thalios.\n\n\t\t\t\t\t--\n\nAs you approach Thalios, he jumps off of his skeletal horse and you both cross blades, the impact blowing back some of the goblins that were protecting him.\n\nWith help from the mages, you're able to throw Thalios back knocking the air out of his lungs as he lands on the floor with a thud!\n\nWith the rest of your party disposing of the remaining monsters.\n\nWhat do you plan on doing with Thalios...\n\n\n[[Take him to King Shepherd as your prisoner, let the king decide his brothers fate|Happy Ending]]\n\n[[Dispose of him quickly, if he's no longer in the picture then there's no more threat.|Grim Ending]]
"Allow me to introduce myself," the stranger said, with a slight bow. "[[The name is Rob|Rob]], and it's also my occupation."\n\n"Thief! Get back here! Thief!" A farmer shouted, pitchfork raised into the air.\n\n"Oh good, you caught him," the farmer said, out of breath, "he stole my wife's pie from the window."\n\n"Do you have proof of this?" Replied Rob, a hint of snark to his tone.\n\nYou step between Rob and the farmer, preventing it from ending in bloodshed, and offer to pay for the pie.\n\nYou inform the farmer that Rob is now under your command, and with his help have succeeded in clearing out the goblins that were roaming the fields.\n\n"Well... I suppose I can let it go as payment for getting rid of that vermin. But just this once!" The farmer said, scratching the side of his head with the tip of the pitchfork.\n\n--\n\nAfter everything settled down, You, Joey, and Rob sit down for a meal. Rob begins to tell you about the Sharst Caverns, an unstable cave where it's rumored that wights have been roaming around.\n\n[[You decide to take the southern road, which leads directly through the caverns.|Sharst Caverns]]
"So um... how did this happen?" You ask, as your party dangles upside down, over a fire.\n\nWight's and their zombie slaves surrounding you.\n"I'm not sure,” Citen responds, “but you see that zombie near me, I think he just licked his lips!”\n\n“Now everyone just calm down, if I can just free my hand…” and before Christine can finish speaking, a strong gust of wind clears the monstrous creatures to the right of the fire.\n\nAnother strong gust blows the rest, on the other side of you.\n\n“Hey… so how about blowing out the fire too?” Izzy shouts, trying to reach her hidden dagger in her sleeve.\n\nA gust of wind blows the fire; along with the wooden pillar your party was tied to, away.\n\nSMACK! All of you hit the side of the mountain, Izzy's daggers making a clanking sound as they fall to the floor.\n\n[[The self-contained sifter of the Datahorde Electric|Wizard]]\n\n[[When the hurley burley's done, when the battles lost, and won…|Elven Sorceress]]\n
Arriving at the ruins, you see the shadowy figure suspended over a fire.\n\n"So what's the plan," Izzy whispers, crouching behind a rock.\n\nYou look over, trying to count how many monsters there are and decide to ambush them.\n\nYou draw out a plan on the floor, telling them to form a circle around the wights in order to push as many into the fire as possible.\n\n--\n\n"Now!" You yell out, as all of you jump from behind your places, pushing several of these skeletal warriors into the fire. Giving you time to free their prisoner.\n\nWhile you're fighting off some of the skeletal warriors that have regrouped, the prisoner cuts the rope from their hands and grabs a bow and several arrows, giving you a hand.\n\nWith most of the skeletal warriors reaching for random bones and skulls, your party and the mysterious archer run off.\n\n[[Here we go, to Goryeo|Goryeo Badlands]]
Though he may look very old, he is a wise master of destructive and restorative magic. \n\nHe came to Ardingale for peace and quiet, he's still willing to lend his skills to defeat Thalios.\n\n[[Enough rhyming, back to work!|Wizard]]
You shake [[Demitri's|Demitri]] hand, as the villager is dusting off his clothes.\n\n"Ever since those monsters started chipping away at the barrier, it's been dangerous traveling alone. Allow me to join you in your travels."\n\nYou glance at the villager, the look in his eyes pleading for you to turn him away.\n\n"Please, I won't get in the way. If you turn me away, I'll have no choice but to go off on my own again and attempt to cleanse the land on my own... through my music."\n\nChristine lets out a deep sigh, "we should allow him to come with us, at least we'll have some entertainment!"\n\n\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t---\n\nParting ways with the teary-eyed villager, you set off down the road heading south towards the area where the barrier is the weakest.\n\nStopping at the edge of The Shrieking Marsh, Demitri tells you a story of a hoarde of goblins that have made it their home.\n\n[[Enter the Marsh|The Shrieking Marsh]]\n\n\n
The only daughter, to a couple who own a traveling circus.\n\nIsabella was trained in acrobatics at a very young age. Instead of running away to join the circus, she escapes her life of constant performing to study the art of combat.\n\n[[Back to your adventure!|Rogue 2]]
You saunter along behind Joey and your newfound procurator of other goods, Rob.\n\nThe sweet smell of a coming storm fills your nostrils. You see dark, ominous clouds brewing in the distance. A few rays of sunshine break through the overcast skies, illuminating the entrance to Sharst Caverns, a few hundred feet away.\n\nThe craggy hillsides that surround it gleam with all the colors of a rainbow.\n\n“It's beautiful, isn't it?” says Joey.\n\n“What, the mountain?” replies Rob, “Well, it should be with as many gemstones that are buried wi--“\n\nRob breaks into a sprint towards the cave. Joey is soon to follow.\n\nYour eyes land on a limp form just outside the cavern. You can make out white plated armor with huge splotches of red. It's a knight, as far as you can tell. \n\nThe scenery whizzes by as you spring into action. Deep, ragged breaths greet every step; the thump of your heart grows louder until you reach the victim's side.\n\nAll is silent.\n\nRob points at the limp, facedown form, “Those are paladin markings.”\n\nJoey shoves him out of the way, takes a knee, and rolls the paladin over to reveal a hard, feminine face. She coughs and blood rolls down her chin. She grasps Joey's shoulder.\n\n“G-g-goblins,” she says.\n\n“Goblins?” Rob remarks, “But it's not their status quo to leave behind survivors unless it's a…”\n\n“Trap!” you shout.\n\nGoblins pour over the embanking hillsides, brandishing misshapen bone weapons and primitive clothing.\n\nYou shout...\n\n[[Grab your swords! Don't let them take us alive!|Til Death Do Us Part]]\n\n[[Grab the Paladin, let's head for cover!|Into Sharst]]\n
The villager runs towards the fallen body.\n\n"Wait! You're not my son, what have you done to him?!"\n\nThe stranger slowly gets up, first kneeling, then eventually standing tall. His cloak falls as he starts to examine himself.\n\n"Y-y-you're one of those Dark Knights that were employed to protect the barrier. You've failed at your job!" the villager cries out, "my poor son was taken by those monsterous hounds that came across the barrier. It's all your fault!"\n\nYou pull the villager away from the knight, tears falling down his face.\n\n"Thank you for helping me, I was vastly outnumbered. [[My name is Citen|Citen]]."\n\n"What DID happen at the barrier?" Christine asked, curious as to how they were able to get through so easily.\n\n"It was strange," Citen begins, "they started to form some kind of perimeter near us, and once the cyclops had joined them, they attacked my unit. I ran... I left my troops... my friends! I'm such a coward!"\n\nYou place a hand on his shoulder, the only way you could comfort his grief, "Please join us," you suggest, "we're traveling the land and trying to rid it of the monsters."\n\n"I shall," he replies, "I was actually on my way to the Anderson Farmstead where a cyclops was rumored to roam the fields around sundown."\n\n[[Old McDonald had a farm|Anderson Farmstead]]
Lead Writer: Jennifer Bleasdale\n\nStaff Writers: AnaiCheri Greenlee, Troy Martin, Jeffrey Wergin
A holy warrior who combines restorative magic with defensive tactics. She is as short as her temper, and her wit is as sharp as her sword...\n\n\n\n[[that has claimed the heads of many bloodhounds.|Paladin]]
[["I'm Izzy, or Isabella."|Izzy]]\n\nYou extend a hand to her, and ask her if she wants to join your party of warriors.\n\n"Of course I do! And actually, I heard there was a traveler going around getting rid of these monsters that are trying to take over. I came here looking for you."\n\nShe tells you about ruins, the Altunha Ruins, where they echo quietly with the creaks and clatters of the walking skeletons.\n\n"They have someone trapped in a cage, and last I heard they were dangling from a wooden cage over a fire. Talk about a good 'ol fashion cook-out!"\n\n[[The road to Altunha|Altunha Ruins]]
Adam leads the way into the Grotto, and as you are being led deeper, and deeper, into this grim place, you're kicked in the chest and are sent flying back. \n\n“I held up my part of the bargain, it's your turn Darky.” You hear Adam speak, as you fumble around for your weapon.\n\n“Oh look, you're awake! Good, I thought I had killed you with a kick. I knew I was good, but not that good!” Adam says, as he pushes you back down to the floor.\n\nYou turn to look behind you; Kalinda and Christine are tied up, with Citen holding a sword over them.\n\n“I'm sorry to disappoint you,” Adam continues, “but Thalios had already approached us, giving us way more coin than anyone has ever had.”\n\nYou struggle to get up, but with your legs and arms tied you fall back to the floor.\n\n“You won't get away with this,” you shout, struggling to free your hands.\n\n“Oh, but… I'm pretty sure we already have.” Adam replies; taking all the weapons and leaving You, Christine, and Kalinda behind just as a horde of sirens emerge from the dark recesses of the grotto, and heading towards your location.\n\n[[Game Over.|Start]]\n\nYou can still make a difference, by clicking the link above and choosing a different destiny!
The four of you rush to the crypt, where you find a group of trolls throwing a party in the former kings crypt.\n\nYou look around, and notice that you are vastly outnumbered.\n\n"Well if you want something done right, of course I'm able to..."\n\nBefore Kalinda could finish her sentence, a blur passes between you and her, knocking down two trolls in the process.\n\nSeeing the events unfold in front of you, you quickly rush to help the stranger in getting rid of the trolls.\n\nWorking as one, your team quickly disposes of them with the help of yet another mysterious stranger wearing...\n\n[[A dark red robe, tied at the waste by a simple piece of rope, and brown sandals.|Monk]]\n\n[[A dark green hooded cape, and a vest and pants to match!|Mercenary]]