It had been raining the entire week, and Mr. Scissor was feeling a bit under the weather. He had been at the doctor's trying to get all the rust out.\n\nHe was also at a different crime that had taken place at the same time...\n\nThe stabbing of his doctor!\n\n[[Choose a different path|Start]]\n
An Inkling
You've just stumbled upon a crime scene.\n\nMs. Pen has been murdered!\n\nShe was found broken in half by [[Mr. Paper|Backstory 1]]\n\nHe's claimed that it was [[Mr. Scissor|Backstory 2]] out of jealousy, because she canceled their engagement.\n\nMr. Scissor is denying his story, and has claimed that [[Mrs. Rock|Backstory 3]] was behind the murder because Ms. Pen hasn't paid her rent for 4 months.\n\nYou decide that:\n[[Mr. Paper is innocent|Is Mr Paper innocent?]]\n[[Mr. Scissor is innocent|Is Mr Scissor innocent?]]\n[[Mrs. Rock is innocent|Is Mrs Rock innocent?]]
Mr. Scissors met Ms. Pen at a concert for The Rolling Pebbles.\n\nThey had such a great time that they began dating, which after 5 years led to their engagement.\n\nMr. Scissors works for a gift wrapping store, and is known for cutting through his work with great speed.\n\n[[Back to the start!|Start]]\n
Mrs. Rock owns The Notebook apartment complex.\n\nWhile throwing out her trash, she found Ms. Pen in an alley, looking for her next meal.\n\nShe cleaned her up, gave her a nice home, and eventually helped Ms. Pen get back on her feet after she lost everything when she became addicted to white out.\n\nWhen Ms. Pen had stopped paying rent, Mrs. Rock figured she was up to her old habits and has been trying to speak to her for a while now but Ms. Pen would constantly avoid her.\n\nMrs. Rock is known for being clumsy, often bumping into peoples toes causing them great pain.\n\n[[Back to the start!|Start]]\n
Jennifer Bleasdale
Mr. Paper met Ms. Pen while attending a book fair in a neighboring city. They had hit it off so well that they exchanged numbers.\n\nAlthough engaged at the time, Ms. Pen decided to continue building her relationship with Mr. Paper, ultimately calling off her engagement to Mr. Scissors.\n\nThe two have been seeing each other for 6 months now.\n\nMr. Paper has a history of violence. He has been reported by several employers for cutting their fingers. Of course not completely off, just enough to cause some bleeding.\n\n[[Back to the start!|Start]]
After careful consideration, and finding out how they came to know Ms. Pen, you decide that Mr. Paper is innocent.\n\nOf course you would!\n\nFortunately for you, Mr. Paper was at a convention during the time of the murder.\n\n[[Choose a different path|Start]]\n
As Mrs. Rock entered Ms. Pen's apartment, she tripped over a case of white out and landed on Ms. Pen (who was passed out on the floor).\n\nFeeling guilty, and a bit angry that Ms. Pen went back to her old ways, she quickly picked up pieces of gravel that fell out of her pocket and rolled to her apartment.\n\nAs you enter Mrs. Rock's apartment, you see evidence of white out on the floor and follow it right back to Ms. Pen's apartment.\n\n\n[[Replay|Start]]\n