The bathroom is connects the bedroom to a walk in closet. The counter of the bathroom has a few empty beer bottles and two empty bottles of vodka. There is an empty bag of cat litter on the ground next to a nearly empty container of cat food in the corner.\n\n[[Go Into The Closet|Closet]]\n[[Go Back To The Bedroom|Bedroom]]
The living room is large with a vaulted ceiling. Artistic beams run across the ceiling. A large ceiling fan dangles in the middle of the room, high above you head. There is a media cabinet in the far end of the room. It appears to be empty and the wood looks cracked and dented in places. Books lay scattered on the ground in front of it. Bibles, encyclopedias, parenting books. There is, what appears to be, a long hallway attached to one side of the living room.\n\n[[Go Down The Long Hallway|Long Hallway]]\n[[Go Into The Kitchen|Kitchen]]\n[[Go To The Front Door|Foyer]]\n
You open the door, its unlocked. Its dark inside.\n\n[[Step Inside|Foyer]]\n[[Back|Go To The House]]
The closet still seems to have a lot of hangers in it for having no clothes. Empty boxes and plastic shopping bags litter the ground. Broken high heels, old sandles, dress shoes, ties, and working boots are stacked in the corner. On the shelf there are dog collars. They read, "Cinnamin" and "Melbourne". You chuckle to yourself. Who names their dog off of a city? You decide to keep the dog name tags and place them in your pocket as well. <<set $dogtags = true>>\n\n[[Go To Bathroom|Bathroom]]
You try to scale the fence, but it gives as you start to hop over. You stumble over the top and hit the ground hard. You've scraped your arm and pants and they're now covered with mud and pieces of grass. That could have gone better. Not going back that way.\n\n[[Explore The Backyard|Backyard]]
You enter a rather large bedroom with a singular window. The blinds half torn off. The room smells like a mix between a locker room and a Dave Matthews concert. The walls are a deep brown and dotted with small divets. Hundreds and hundreds of the little dents decorate the walls in a random and chaotic pattern. The floor is unpainted concrete. There is a desk built into the wall on the far side. Its chipped and looks like someone had taken an axe to it at some point. The desk has clearly been painted a few times, but still the surface is covered in various names and inside jokes, scribbled in Sharpie or carved with a knife. Little plastic pellets are scattered along the floor, collecting in uneven areas of the cracked concrete.\n\n[[Explore The Closet|Bedroom Closet]]\n[[Back Into The Hallway|Long Hallway]]
You enter a rather narrow bathroom. It seems to connect <<if visited("Long Hallway")>>the<<else>>a<<endif>> Long Hallway with <<if visited("Back Room")>>the Back Room<<else>>an other room<<endif>>.\n\n[[Go To The Long Hallway|Long Hallway]]\n<<if visited("Back Room")>>\n[[Go To The Back Room|Back Room]]\n<<else>>\n[[Go To The Other Room|Back Room]]\n<<endif>>
You enter the first bedroom on the left and it is very small and oddly shaped. The walls a pale yellow that is close to that of the front door. The door to the bedroom has a large hole in it. Behind the door there is a perfectly round hole in the wall that goes clear through to the other bedroom. There is a string going through the hole and on the end of the string is a can. You know that doesn't work. You can see several spots on the walls that have been patched over with plaster, some painted and others not. For a brief moment you can almost hear voices in the distance. Angry shouting. You dismiss the thoughts and continue to explore the room.\n\nThere, in the center of the room is a tattered cardboard box labeled "mine". Why it is here of all places is something you don't try to figure out. You grab the box and place it under your arm.<<set $box = true>>\n\n[[Go Back Into The Hallway|Long Hallway]]
You are outside the front [[door]].\n\n[[Open The Door.]]\n[[Go To The Driveway|Driveway]]
The house is dark as you get out of your car. Its cold outside. You can hear the wind whistling and creaking through the woods nearby. The rain has managed to continue drizzling all day and now all night. If you stand outside too long you'll get soaked. You just need to grab the box and leave.\n\n[[Go To The House]]\n[[Walk Out Into The Front Yard|Yard]]\n[[Go To Your Car|Car]]
The dining room is entirely empty except for a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. The walls are bare, but have markings where pictures and mirrors used to hang. You can see an entrance to a bedroom across the dining room. The dining room also connects to <<if visited("Front Room")>>the<<elseif>>a<<endif>> Front Room. There is a glass sliding door that leads to an oddly placed additional room.\n\n[[Go To The Back Room|Back Room]]\n[[Go To The Bedroom|Bedroom]]\n[[Go To The Kitchen|Kitchen]]\n[[Go To The Front Room|Front Room]]\n
The door is not old, but it is battered and the once bright yellow paint is now faded and chipped. Dirt and grime has built up on the door from repeated use.\n\n[[Back|Go To The House]]
You angrily smash the faceplate. Your hand aches in pain as you realize you struck the switch itself. The faceplate is only slightly cracked.\n\n[[Back|Open The Door.]]
The hallway is dark, but it isn't long. You begin walking down it. WHACK. Half of your body walks into a pantry door left open. It swings shut after you hit it. Falling off its hinges with a thud.<<set $pantryDoor = true>> You make it to the end of the hallway to the kitchen on your right. There is another room on the far side of the kitchen. To your left is a large living room, still cloaked in darkness. This is starting to become frustrating.\n\n[[Go Into The Living Room|Living Room]]\n[[Go Into The Kitchen|Kitchen]]
<<if visited("Check Drawers") lt 4>>\n <<if $change gt 0>>\n You grabbed the 39 cents in the drawer for some reason. This much money isn't really worth taking.\n <<endif>>\n <<if $knife >>\n You grabbed the knife, just in case you need it later.\n <<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\nMost of the Drawers are empty or contain nothing but trash. A bottle opener, empty cigarette boxes, receipts, bottle caps, dead ants, dirt, old bic pens, <<if $change lt 0.39>>some loose change,<<endif>><<if $knife eq false>> a knife,<<endif>> and a bunch of empty lighters.\n\n<<if $knife eq false>>[[Grab The Knife|Check Drawers][$knife = true]]<<endif>>\n<<if $change lt 0.39>>[[Grab The Change|Check Drawers][$change = 0.39]]<<endif>>\n[[Back|Kitchen]]
Its still drizzling as you step onto the porch. A few weathered lawn chairs are sitting around a dead potted plant, its vase used as an ash tray for a few hundred cigarettes. A few beer bottles lay on the ground.\n\n[[Go Out Into The Back Yard|Backyard]]\n[[Go Inside|Back Room]]
You put on some music and sit and listen for awhile.\n\n[[Leave The Car|Car]]
You walk over to the stove and flip the switch. A dim light turns on above your head accompanied by an obnoxious humming. Its not that bright, but at the very least you can now clearly see into both the living room and the dining room. Everything is more barren then you thought.\n\n[[Back|Kitchen]]
The Long Hallway sprawls before you with rooms on the left and the right. Coming from the Living Room, the first room on the right is a Bathroom. As you walk into the middle of the hall you can see three more rooms. Two on the left and one more on the right.\n\n[[Go To The Bathroom|Hallway Bathroom]]\n[[Go To The First Bedroom On The Left|Small Left Bedroom][$box = true]]\n[[Go To The Last Bedroom On The Left|Back Left Bedroom]]\n[[Go To The Bedroom On The Right|Right Bedroom]]\n[[Go To The Living Room|Living Room]]
The side of the house is full of overgrown plants and empty garbage cans. Large and small rocks litter the yard. Several rusted bikes and broken skate boards can be seen piled in a corner. They look almost like a mechanical compost pile, slowly eroding away.\n\n[[Go To The Backyard|Backyard]]\n[[Go To The Frontyard|Yard]]
You put the key in the ignition and car sputters alive. Your headlights turn on and shine a bright light on the house. \n\n[[Turn The Car Off And Get Out|Car]]\n[[Drive Away]]
The Visit
<<if $box>>\nYou look at the house in your mirror as you drive off down the street. You wonder why it matters at all to you. That its the last time you'll see it.\n<<else>>\nYou didn't really need that box anyway. Its just not worth it.\n<<endif>>
<<if $gameboy>>\n<<if visited('Bedroom Closet') lt 3>>\nIts a gameboy color. You put the gameboy in your backpocket.\n<<endif>><<endif>>\n\nThe closet is remarkably shallow and how no doors. A book shelf seems to have been placed in the closet to make the best use of the space. <<if $gameboy eq false>>On the top of the bookshelf you see an odd teal rectangle.\n\n[[Take The Rectangle|Bedroom Closet][$gameboy = true]]<<endif>>\n[[Back|Right Bedroom]]
The kitchen smells faintly of beer and is illuminated by a sole flickering bulb recessed in a cabinet above the stove. The sink is dripping slowly. Most of the cabinets appear to be empty apart from a few dishes. There is an exit to <<if visited("Dining Room")>> the <<else>> what appears to be a <<endif>> dining room. There is light switch to your right by the spot where the refrigerator is supposed to be. There is another switch by the stove.\n\n[[Flip The Switch By The Fridge|Flip Fridge Switch]]\n[[Flip The Switch By The Stove|Flip Stove Switch]]\n[[Rummage Through The Drawers|Check Drawers]]\n\n[[Go To The Living Room|Living Room]]\n[[Go To The Dining Room|Dining Room]]\n[[Go To The Front Door|Foyer]]\n\n
The grass is wet. Your feet sink slightly into the dirt as you walk out into the yard.\n<<if $flashlight>>\s\n[[Go To The Fence|Fence]]\n<<else>>\nIts to dark to see anything.\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Go Around To The Side Of The House|Side Yard]]\n[[Go To The Driveway|Driveway]]
--let the player undo moves? (on / off)\n--in sugarcane, this enables the browser's back button.\n--in jonah, this lets the player click links in previous\n--passages.\n\nundo: on\n\n--let the player use bookmarks? (on / off)\n--this enables the bookmark links in jonah and sugarcane\n--(if the player can't undo, bookmarks are always disabled.)\nbookmark: on\n\n--obfuscate the story's html source to prevent possible\n--spoilers? (swap / off)\n\nobfuscate: off\n\n--string of letter pairs to use for swap-style obfuscation\n\nobfuscatekey: yejczkfpomtiqaugxwvhrlsbdn\n\n--include the jquery script library? (on / off)\n\njquery: on\n\n--include the modernizr script library? (on / off)\n\nmodernizr: on\n
Your car is sitting in the driveway. Water still beading and falling off its surface in the light rain. It doesn't make any sense to leave.\n\n[[Get In The Car.]]\n[[Back|Start]]
The furthest room on the left is small, almost dormatory sized. It smells sweet and like flowers. The walls are half baby pink and half chair rail. You step on glass as you walk around the room. Pieces of a porcelain doll and what appears to be a bottle of perfume lay broken on the floor. Although the perfume has dried up, the wood floor seems to be exuding its smell still. You look around and see a small pink heart on the floor. Its part of a necklace. You pick it up and put it in your pocket.\n\n[[Go Back Into The Hallway|Long Hallway]]
You walk around the room and almost trip over a lamp on the ground. The lighting from the moon is playing with your eyes. You thought you saw a cat run by. As you stand there you can almost hear the faint laughing of kids, but you push it from your mind. The front room expands into a small dinning room.\n\n[[Go Into The Dining Room|Dining Room]]\n[[Go Back To The Front Door|Foyer]]
You walk into the front room of the house. It seems almost completely empty. A few papers and empty boxes on the ground. The moon shines through a large window on the wall, lighting up the room slightly.\n<<silently>>\n<<if visited("Explore Front Room")>>\n[[Explore the Front Room|Explore Front Room]]\n<<elseif>>\n[[Go Into The Dining Room|Dining Room]]\n<<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n[[Back To The Front Door|Foyer]]
The back yard is even darker than the front yard with no light from the streets to iluminate your way around.\n\n<<if $flashlight>>\nYou see a shed in the back of the yard.\n\n[[Go To The Shed|Shed]]<<endif>>\n[[Go To The Porch|Porch]]
You're standing in the entry way of the dark house. A small hallway stretches in front of you and a room is to your right.\n\n[[Walk Down The Hallway|Hallway]]\n[[Go Into The Front Room On Your Right|Front Room]]\n[[Look For The Light Switch|Light Switch]]\n[[Go Back Outside|Go To The House]]
You Toggle the <<if $smashed>> smashed <<endif>>light switch a few times, but nothing happens.\n\n<<if $smashed>><<else>>[[Smash It][$smashed = true]]<<endif>>\n[[Back|Open The Door.]]
You enter the shed to find its more of a small office than a shed. It seems insulated<<if visited("Back Room")>>, more insulated than the Back Room<<endif>>. There is a small AC unit in the wall and a light switch on the wall. Its otherwise empty, except for a stained blanket and pillow in the corner and a few more beer bottles. It looks as though someone had been sleeping out here.\n\n[[Go Back Outside|Backyard]]
The Fence is locked.<<if visited("Open The Door.")>>Lock the fence, but don't lock the front door. That makes sense.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $fencekey>>[[Unlock The Fence|Backyard]]<<else>>[[Attempt To Jump The Fence|Fence Jump]]<<endif>>\n[[Go Back Through The Yard|Yard]]
You get in the car and turn it on. You let the A/C warm you up. You grip the steering wheel tight and imagine driving away. You sit back in the seat.\n\n[[Turn On The Car|Car On]]\n[[Turn On The Radio.]]\n[[Look In The Backseat|Backseat]]\n[[Leave The Car|Car]].
The room is dank and cold. Liquid is dripping from the ceiling. Some of it lands on your face. It might have been water at some point, but now its brown and smells like tar. It must not be well insulated out here. You can hear the wind howling against the windows in the room. The bushes outside tap against the glass.There is a door leading from the room onto what looks like a porch.<<if $flashlight or visited("Hallway Bathroom")>> There is a door at the far side of the Back Room, leading back into the house.<<endif>>\n\n<<if visited("Hallway Bathroom")>>\n[[Go To The Bathroom|Hallway Bathroom]]\n<<else>>\n[[Go Through The Side Door|Hallway Bathroom]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Go To The Porch|Porch]]\n[[Go To The Dining Room|Dining Room]]
You fumble against the wall. Moving your hands up and down the walls until finally finding a faceplate, but the switch is already on.\n\n[[Flip It]]\n[[Give Up|Open The Door.]]
The house is dark. It still cold outside. You can hear the wind whistling and creaking through the woods nearby. The rain has managed to continue drizzling all night. You need to grab the thing and go. What are you even doing out here?\n\n[[Go To The House]]\n[[Walk Out Into The Front Yard|Yard]]\n[[Go To Your Car|Car]]
You flip the switch by the fridge. Nothing happens. Again. It seems like all the lights in this place are missing or burnt out. <<if $smashed>>Thinking about your still aching hand, you decide not to smash this light switch<<endif>>\n\n[[Back|Kitchen]]
<<if $pilotwings>>\nYou bend over to pick up your change off the floor and while doing so you see something shimmer for a second in the moon light. You reach over and pick it up. Its a pin. A pair of wings. A pair of wings given out by Pilots and Flight Attendants. They say, "Cindy Hartich" on them. You put the change and the wings in your pocket that doesn't have a hole in it.\n<<endif>>\n\nThe bedroom is empty. There floor is concrete, painted over. The room smells faintly of dog and vodka. There is a faint whistle of the wind outside. Through the window you can see the Fence and the Backyard. On the ground you can see various pieces of trash and dust bunnies. There is a bathroom attached to the bedroom.<<if $change gt 0>><<if $pilotwings = false>>Some of your change falls from a small hole in your pocket.\n\n[[Pick Up The Change|Bedroom][$pilotwings = true]]<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go To The Bathroom|Bathroom]]\n[[Go To The Dining Room|Dining Room]]
Trash. Empty water bottles. Empty coffee cup. <<if $flashlight eq false>>A Flashlight.\n\n[[Grab the Flashlight|Backseat][$flashlight = true]]<<endif>>\n[[Back|Get In The Car.]]