Allison wakes up in a cold sweat as she feels the sickness eat her insides into a wad of bullshit. She sobs for a little bit in pain, then she gets a RAD JOLT of SICK ENERGY. She now knows what to do\n\n[[Cry on Maci's lap|lap]]
They both run up to haley, who's being an asshole by the pool and yell at her in that annoying way they usually do. Haley smiles until she realizes she's about to be minced into dead bitch meat!\nThey chop and BLUMBERFUCK her with knives until she's reduced to ash. Maci looks at allison and says "I hope this helped ^_^ Get well soon Allison"\n\nHAPPY. FUCKING. NEWYEAR.\n\nEND
Allison runs over to maci's at the speed of A SINGLE DONKEY and sobs aggresivly onto her lap, while maci (who's already crying on the inside) hates herself EVEN MORE. "I think I know what'll make you feel a little bit shiggier" Says Maci. They grab their knvies and cheesegrators and head over to Haley's house\n\n[[FUCKING. KILL. HALEY|haley]]