Restart Story

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You give in too easily.\n\nYou [[run|again]].
No. You do not love me.\n\nYou feel <html><a href="" target="_blank">nothing</a></html>\n\nfor me\nor anyone else.\n\nPeople like you\ndon't know\nwhat love is.\n\nAm I <<choice "right">>? Or <<choice "wrong">>?
You don't need to fear\nanything mental.\n\nYou are too perfect\nfor me\nto let you\n\nbecome damaged.\n\nBe careful.\n\nIt's a scary world\nout\n[[there]]
are you trying to regain something you <<choice "lost">>?\n\nare you trying to find something <<choice "new">>?\n\nare you <<choice "unsure">>?\n\nhave you <<choice "forgotten">>?
Are [[you]] a <<choice "boy">> or a <<choice "girl">>?
You always \nsaid\n\nyou would take\nme\n\n<html><a href=",103.457909&num=1&t=h&z=12"target="_blank">somewhere</a></html>\n\nnobody could\ncome between us.\n\nYou are\nso\n\n[[precious]].\n\n
No. You are a boy. \n\nYou have always been a boy\neven when\nyou thought you were\nsomething else.\n\nYou are happy\nand at peace with the world.\n\nYou spend your days\ndancing and\nsinging\nfor me.\n\nBut then.\n\nYou [[run|travel]].
No. You do not hate me.\n\nYou feel <html><a href="" target="_blank">nothing</a></html>\nfor me\nor anyone else.\n\nPeople like you\ndon't know\nwhat hate is.\n\nAm I <<choice "right">>? Or <<choice "wrong">>?
You don't need to fear\nanything physical.\n\nYou are too perfect\nfor me \nto let you\n\nbecome damaged.\n\nBe careful.\n\nDon't run into\n[[something]].
you go <html><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href=",100.736947&spn=0.015329,0.026157&t=h&z=16" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nand I follow.\n\nYou are\nmy prisoner.\n\nWhat are you running from?\n\nSomething \n<<choice "physical">>?\n<<choice "mental">>?\n<<choice "emotional">>?\n\n
<html><img src="" /></html>\n\nWelcome back.\nWhat will you do now?\n\n<<choice "live">> or <<choice "die">>?
you go <html><a href=",+Air+Base+Road,+Victorville,+CA,+United+States&cid=16319566166835382529&ei=i4OYUoriEMTC0QWmsICYCg&ved=0CJ4BEPwSMAs" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href=""_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href=",56.706963&spn=0.015533,0.052314&t=h&z=15" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href=",28.181992&spn=0.013856,0.026157&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=49.490703,107.138672&t=h&z=16" target="_blank">here</a></html>\n\nyou go <html><a href=""_blank">here</a></html>\n\nand I follow.\n\nYou are\na prisoner.\n\nWhat are you <<choice "doing">> here?\nor maybe you don't <<choice "again" "care">>.
you always\nsaid\n\nyou would <html><a href=",35.991211&t=h&z=7" target="_blank">travel</a></html>\nto\n\nthe ends of the \nearth\n\nfor me. \n\nYou are\nso\n\n[[precious]].
You're too used\nto being alive\nto stop it now.\n\nYou had fun, you think.\nNow it's time\nto get down to serious business.\n\nYou run, but where you go\nis up to you.\n\nIt's scary, right?\n\nBut you're too used\nto being afraid\nto stop it now\n\nand in the long run (pun intended)\nthis fear\nisn't so scary.\n\nYou see some blackbirds sitting\nin the branches of some trees.\n\nWithout acknowledging each other\nthey almost simultaneously\ntake off to some other place.\n\nThis makes you smile, you think.\n\nYou can't give up now.\n\nKeep running,\nthere's so much world out there\nfor you to feel.\n\nKeep running\n\nKeep running\n\nKeep running\n\nuntil the world stops turning.
dreaming constantly\nof dreams of\nbeing constant you\ngrew up lived\nand are\n\nyou were not\nuntil I met you.\n\nYou are young still.\n(you still have that)\nYou are old still too.\n(you still have that)\n\nWhen I found you bleeding\ndreams constantly\nmore-or-less\ndead I found you\n\nmade you alive again.\n\nThere was a time you weren't\nbut that has passed (through)\nyou are passed through\nand arrive with me \n\nI made you a beautiful\nbox but you damaged it.\n\nYou damage everything\nYou confuse everything\n\nThe circle starts with you\nends with you\nthe world is you.\n\nI am you\n\nand you have destroyed\nso many people in the world\nin your time\n\nwhich is why you need me\nto protect you.\n\nThere is safety in us\ntogether there is safety\nin constance\n\nall your dreams will come.\n\nDo you understand, yet?\n\nIf not I will make you understand again.
You are here because\nI have told you\nto be here.\n\nYou think you have chosen\n\nbut there are no choices\nI haven't allowed you to make.\n\nI am\n\nprotecting you.\n\nDo you <<choice "love">> me? or <<choice "hate">> me?
You have made your [[choices]].\n\nI made mine\n\na long time \nbefore\nI met you.\n\nFor what it is worth.\n\nI always loved you.\n\nGoodbye.
You always\nsaid\n\nyou would\n<html><a href=",44.310361&num=1&t=h&z=18" target="_blank">die</a></html>\n\nwithout\nme.\n\nYou are\nso\n\n[[precious]]
The only new things\nleft in the world\n\nare the old things.\n\nYou only remember\nthe old things\n\nbut only parts of them.\n\nIt is better\nyou don't remember\nthe whole \n\nof the old things.\n\nThat is why I am here.\n\nDo you <<choice "love">> me? or <<choice "hate">> me?
Prove it.\n\n[[Run|again]].
by Sean Wai Keung
Come back to me.\n\n(<<choice "Start" "come back">>.)\n\n(<<choice "stay away">>.)
No. You are a girl.\n\nYou have always been a girl\neven when\nyou thought you were\nsomething else.\n\nYou are happy\nand at peace with the world.\n\nYou spend your days \ndancing and\nsinging\nfor me.\n\nBut then.\n\nYou [[run|travel]].
You have\nlost everything.\n\nFor you, the game is over.\n\nThere is only one option\nleft\nfor you.\n\nMaybe\nit was identity\nyou were scurrying \nto find.\n\nMaybe\nit was freedom.\n\nBut it's all over.\n\nDo you <<choice "love">> me? Or <<choice "hate">> me?
There is sun in the world.\nYou forgot there was so much\nsun.\n\nIt's been fun, you think.\nYou accomplished a lot\nin such a small space of time.\n\nThe sun is so bright.\n\nDid you know,\nthe closest star to the sun\nis Proxima Centauri, 4.24 light-years away?\n\n4.24 lightyears would take about\n142,000 normal years to get to\non a rocket.\n\nHow much running would that be?\n\nBest not to think about it.\nBest to lie down\nyou deserve it, you think.\n\nThe sun burns a little,\nhead to the shade.\n\nLie down.\n\nLie down.\n\nLie down.\n\nEven stars eventually have to\nlie down in the sky alone and\n\nstop running.
<html><object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><param name="autoplay" value="true"><param name="autoStart" value="0"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object></html>\n\n[[escape again]]
This is why I\nknew we were\nright for each other.\n\nWhat you have forgotten,\nI will remember.\n\nThat is what love is.\n\nDo you <<choice "love">> me? or <<choice "hate">> me?
You don't need to fear\nanything emotional.\n\nYou are already\ndamaged enough.\n\nBe careful.\n\nEverybody wants you\nto [[burn]].