GREAT MOVE ASSHOLE\nyour date has killed you.\nYou can blame only your own self.\n\nfinal\n
Your name is CRONUS AMPORA and finally, after lot of persuating you managed to get this hottie to go on a date with you. You took him to the best restaurant on the whole Alternia and put on your best suit in hopes to get laid tonight. Oh god he is glaring at you, you should do something!\n\n[[give him a pumpkin|pumpkin]]\n\n[[compliment his clothes|clothes]]\n\n[[do nothing|nothing]]\n\n[[try some cheesy pick up line|line]]\n\nfinal\n
CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU FOR PLAYING\nwhole game was made by Rozen \\nfor drawings was used Paintool SAI\ngame made in Twine\n\nfinal\n
you did nothing and entire Alternia exploded from the force of your sexual frustration.\n\nfinal\n
perfect Date (Amporacest)
YOU IDIOT! ERIDAN IS OFFENDED!\nnow you can [[continue smiling and winking|idiot]] or [[apologise and|Start]]\n\nfinal\n
PUMPKIN WAS KURLOZ AND NOW HE ATE YOUR DATE!\nWhat have you done you silly seadweller?\n\nfinal\n\n
your date TORE THE CLOTHES AND BOUNCED ON YOU\nand you had a hot sex in the middle of restaurant!\nCongratulations, final\n