Untitled Story
[[You go back to |your lecture room]] You miss your train home\n<<set $Train station to "1">>\nif not you \n[[Get to the |train station]]\n\n
<html>\nWill you be late for the train?\n[[set out of your university |lecture on time]]\n\n
\n<<set $lecture on time to 1>>\n\n[[Get your phone and bag |belongings]]\n\n
\n[[Did you remember to pick up your phone and bag]]\n<<if $belongings is "1">> \nYou have made it out of the university building, run to the train station \n\n
\n<<set $Get your phone and bag>>\n\n[[Leave the university building |run to the train station]]\n\n
if you forgot them \n[[You go back to |your lecture room]]\n \n\n\n
[[You get to the station |you have ten minutes until the train leaves]] \n<html>