You run until you reach the road.\nA car pulls up and a man gets out. He points a gun at you. \n"On your knees, now!" the man shouts. "You're under arrest."<html><br></html>\nYou walk towards him. "What did i do?"\n<html><br></html>\nHe shouts at you to get back.\n<html><br></html>\nYou keep walking. "Did I kill her?"\n<html><br></html>\n"This is your last warning, or I shoot! //On your knees!//"\n<html><br></html>\nYou grab him by the collar of his uniform, shouting in his face, "WHAT DID I DO?"\n<html><br></html>\nHe shoots you in the heart.
You ran down the [[stairs|Stairs]], to the bottom where he lay spreadeagled, glasses slightly askew, head at an impossible angle. \nYou bury your foot in his side, and watch him get lifted across the hallway, and slam through the kitchen door.\nYet another reminder of how you don't know your own strength.\n[[Back|Kitchen]]
You sprint back through the woods, back past the camp, grabbing your bag, and you reach the house. \nYou scale the fence, run down the side of the house, treading on broken glass, throw the bag in the front garden, and keep running.\nYou run and run.\nYou reach a phone box.\nDial three numbers.\nTurn yourself in.\nAnd you are free.
You run across the woods, and onto the road.\nYou stick your fist out onto the road, trying to hitchhike.\nA car pulls up.\nYou climb inside.\nThe driver turns round and smacks you across the face. He holds up a police badge.\n"Inspector Barry Wightcliff. Scotland Yard. I'm arresting you for a double homicide and petty theft."\nHe handcuffs you.\n"This time, there aren't any truncheons to save you."\nWhen you ask what he means, he laughs.\n\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $identity = "no">>\n<<set $purpose = "no">>\n<<set $now_you_know = "no">>\n<<set $wimp = "no">>\n<<set $bag = "no">>\n<<set $body = "no">>\n<<set $cry = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou run through a forest, the tall, dark trees like pillars as they cast long lines of black across the ground, speckles of light dappling the grass.\nYou don't know [[why|Purpose]] you are here. You don't know [[who|Identity]] you are.\nThen, you see [[it.|Bird]]\n
You walked down the corridor, towards the master bedroom. The [[door|Door]] behind you was slightly ajar. Your bag was considerably lighter.\n[[Back|Bedroom]]
He was rich, wasn't he? \nHuge [[garden.|Garden]]\nFull of peacocks.\n[[Back|Object]]
There is a raven, in the tree above you. It looks at you, head cocked. You stop and stare at it.\nThe raven starts cawing, loudly.\nYou listen to it for a while.\nThen a dart hits you in between your shoulder blades and floods your body with 50,000 volts, knocking you to the floor.\n\nA policeman runs in and handcuffs you.\n"You are under arrest under suspicion of murder and theft. Do not attempt to escape."\n\n"What are you talking about? Murder? I haven't killed anyone?\nHave I?"\n
You dragged the body there the day before, and went and threw [[something|Object]] in a bush. The camp was already there. Was it yours?\n[[Back|Camp]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $wimp = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou pushed open the door, not looking behind you into the [[room|Room]].\nYou walked out into the corridor.\n[[Maybe you shouldn't remember this. Some things should stay forgotten|Alternates]]\n[[Back|Corridor]]
You remember clambering over the [[fence|Fence]], peacocks eyeing you, your bag heavy, shoving the body over and running to the woods. To your hideout.\nThe one place you are safe.\n[[Back|Suit]]
Blood. You remember blood. \nBLoooooooooood. The word rolls off your tongue as you run.\nYou don't remember blood rolling off your tongue, though.\nYou weren't that kind of person.\nBut you did see an awful lot of blood. You're losing a lot of blood right now.\n[[Back|Object]]
His daughter? Niece? Gran? Dog? Goldfish?\nWhat did you do to them?\n[[Back|Stairs]]
It was sharp. Very sharp. \nThe body wasn't [[stabbed|False]], though. Their neck was broken. There was no [[blood|Blood]] on their spotless pinstriped [[suit|Suit]].\n[[Back|Body]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $now_you_know = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou were sat in a police van, hancuffed. The three policemen in the van regarded you with a look of visible disgust.\nYou smiled back.\nYou eyed the truncheon on the policeman's lap opposite you.\nThen, another policeman coughed and the other two's attention was off you for a second. \nIt was all you needed. \nYou grabbed the truncheon and smashed it across the man's skull, and drove the end of the weapon into another's chin before the first man could even hit the floor.\nThe final man raised a taser, and you plunged the truncheon into his chest, and as he doubled over you swang your elbow into the back of his head.\nThe driver turned around and looked through the partition, shouted as you kicked the van door open and jumped out the back onto the road.\nYou heard the sound of sirens as you kicked some kid off his bike and grabbed his backpack, before running into the woods by the side of the road.\nYou inspected the bag, and threw the contents onto the ground, before finding a lighter and pack of cigarettes. You exclaimed in happiness, before gathering some twigs and arranging them on the floor.\nYou were now deep in the woods. You waited for several hours, then lit the fire, basking its warmth. You slept under the stars.\nYou awoke the next morning, and felt hungry, so you went in search of food.\nYou wandered to the fringes of the wood, and walked into the town on the edge. \nYou saw the biggest house on the road, and kicked in the gate, walked down the side of the house, seeing the garden backed on to the woods.\nYou scaled a drainpipe, and smashed a window, climbing inside.\nYour eyes met those of a girl reading on her bed. She looked about three or four.\nShe opened her mouth to scream.\nYou lunged.\nNow you know why you are [[running.|Alternates]]\n[[Back|Room]]
You remember the ringtone.\n"I'm down with Bill Gates, I call him "Money" for short\nI phone him up at home and I make him do my tech support\nIt's all about the Pentiums, what?"\nYou'd forgotten how geeky you were as a teenager.\nNice phone, though.\nShame about the screen, which now lay shattered and scattered across the kitchen floor, under the oven, under the table.\n[[Back|Kitchen]]
You remember the sound. The [[screech|Screech]] that made you run. That is all and nothing more.<html><br></html>\n<<if $identity eq "yes">>[[Back|Identity]]<<endif>>\n<<if $purpose eq "yes">>[[Back|Purpose]]<<endif>>\n\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $purpose = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou are [[running.|Running]] That is all you know.\n
The Raven
<<silently>>\n<<set $body = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou heard him first.\n"Put that down. Just put the bag down. If you leave my house now, I won't call the police for ten minutes."\nYou turned around from the [[chest of drawers.|Bedroom]]\nHe was there, at the top of the stairs, looking at you through the bedroom door. He was holding a cricket bat unsteadily in his clenched, shaking hands.\nHe spoke again, his face a picture of panic and grief.\n"I've been in [[Ella's|Ella]] room. I know what you've done."\nA single tear rolls down his face. He started to shout.\n"SAY SOMETHING, FOR GOD'S SAKE!"\nYou said nothing. Instead, you stood up, covered the distance between the both of you in three paces and shoved him full-on in the chest and watched him fall down the stairs.\nHe cries out for a second until he hits the floorboards at the foot of the stairs. Then, all you hear is a crunch.\nI think you've seen [[enough.|Alternates]]\n[[Back|Floor]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $identity = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou are a man. This is all you can gauge from a quick look down at your body as you run. Your sweater is made of polyester, which you can see as it is inside out and the label sticks out.\nYour leg is bleeding, leaving a steady trail of blood behind you.\nWhy were you [[running|Running]] again?\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $cry = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou reached into the fridge in the kitchen and picked up some cheese, some bread from the cupboard. You wolfed it down.\nYou heard a phone ring. You picked up a [[mobile phone|Phone]] next to the dead man on the [[floor|Floor]], and checked it. There was a text message that said "Back at 10am tomorrow. See you soon. Love you. [[Jessica|Jessica]] [[xxx|Love]]". You dropped the phone involuntarily, suddenly panicked, and it smashed. A chunk of glass slices your leg, and you begin to bleed. You grabbed a fragment because the SD card will be worth something. This was what you threw in the bush. You grabbed the body and ran.\nSo now you know. Back to [[running.|Alternates]]\n[[Back|Fence]]
You threw the girl across the room. She hit a cupboard and her body wrapped around it, a crunch reaching your ears as her spine snapped. The window was smashed.\nWhy did you feel nothing?\nWhat kind of person are you?\nWhat made you do this?\n[[Why are you even there?|Reason]]\n[[Back|Door]]\n
It was very sparse, you recall. Just a firepit, your bag, you and a [[dead body|Body]]. They are gone now. At least you suppose so. That screech couldn't have been good, right?\n[[Back|Screech]]
It seems to go on and on. You wake up, pull on your sweater and run. You leave the [[camp|Camp]] and your [[bag|Bag]] behind. You don't think you'll come back.\n[[Back|Running]]
There was something in there. Something important. You can't quite remember what. You want to find out.\n[[Back|Screech]]
Someone loved him.\nHe's dead now.\n[[Back|Kitchen]]
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His wife? Lover? Daughter? \nWhy would you run from them? Why would the thought of them being there scare you off?\nWhat did you do to this family?\n[[Back|Kitchen]]\n
There was a stabbing, though.\nYou picture yourself holding a knife. It seems alien.\nYou picture yourself the hero of the piece. You like that, but everyone does.\nEveryone wants to be a hero. Some people shouldn't be heroes.\n[[Back|Object]]
He didn't strike you as a jewellery guy, the body. He must have had someone he loved who was, though.\nWhere were they?\n[[Back|Bedroom]]
You hoisted the body over your shoulder, kicked the [[back door|Kitchen]] open and pelted it across the garden to the fence. Obviously, you were in a bit of a rush.\n[[Back|Garden]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $bag = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe bedroom was very big.\nDream bedroom, even.\nThere was a big chest of drawers. It was full of [[jewellery|Jewellery]]. You ran over from the [[doorway|Corridor]] and started cramming things from the drawer into your bag.\nYou should really get back to [[running.|Alternates]]\n[[Back|Stairs]]
Jamie Austin
<<if $now_you_know eq "yes">>\nYou stop running. You sit down. What's the point in running from that cry?\nWhat's the point in running from justice?\nYou sicken yourself.\nYou get to your feet and run in the opposite [[direction.|Turn in]]\n<<else>>\n<<if $wimp eq "yes">>\nYou pause midstep. You stop running and think to yourself. \nWhat did you do?\nDo you want to know?\nYou decide you don't.\nMaybe Ella was just his goldfish.\nYou [[run back|Crime]] to pick up the bag. After all, a man on the run is going to need a little nest egg, right?\n<<else>>\n<<if $bag = "yes">>\nYou keep running. You don't want to face your memories any longer.\nYou think of the look on the man's face just before he died.\nYou close your eyes for a second, and are rewarded by running face first into a tree.\nYou are knocked unconscious, and when you regain consciousness, you are in a prison cell.\nYou get the feeling the guy who wrote this ran out of ideas after a while.\n<<else>>\n<<if $body = "yes">>\nYou keep running. You don't want to face your memories any longer.\nYou think of the look on the man's face just before he died.\nYou close your eyes for a second, and are rewarded by running face first into a tree.\nYou are knocked unconscious, and when you regain consciousness, you are in a prison cell.\nYou get the feeling the guy who wrote this ran out of ideas after a while.\n<<else>>\n<<if $cry eq "yes">>\nYou run, worried that the police will turn up any minute now, and haul you off for - \nMurder?\nManslaughter?\nWhat exactly did you do?\nYou keep [[running.|On the run]]\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n