You look closer but can't seem to find any blood are anything damning on it. Maybe it's not the murder weapon. \n\n[[head back to the study|study]]
Plum's Clues
"WELCOME!" A booming voice states that breaks your inner monologue and brings you back to reality. \n\nYou glance up and find a gentlement in an expensive suit with a drink in hand, and a huge smile on his face. \n\n"I'm sure you all are wondering why I've brought you here today. And I promise that it will all make since very soon. But first let's...." \n\nBut before he could finish his statement, the room goes dark. \n\nYou hear a scream, you heart begins to race. \nMovement.. Shuffling.. A glass breaks.. Fear creeping into your mind.. \n\nSuddenly the lights come on, and there you find your host lying on the floor in a pool of blood. You look around and see five other pale faces. \n\nWords and accusations begin to fly. 'Call the cops' a womans voice says. 'We can't the phones don't work' a man's gruff voice replys. \n\n"Where did he go" someone said.\n\nYou look over to where the body was, but it's gone. It vanished while everyone was arguing. \n\n[[Make a run for it|hall]]
You enter the study. You look around and see the blood spot where the body use to be. You also see a couch and a desk in the corner, as well as the bar where the drinks were served. \n\n[[Investigate the desk|desk]]\n\n[[Investigate the library|library]]
You enter the library, and you breathe is taken away. It is a huge room, that has massive bookshelves on all the walls of the room, complete with the awesome rolling ladders that you use to play on during your college years. In the center of the room is a large table with the softest looking chairs you've ever seen. [[Try one out|chair]]. [[Look at the books|bookshelf]]. \n\n[[investigate the Billiards Room|pool]]\n\n[[back to the Study|study]]
This curtain tie is abnormally thick for a curtain tie. And it is certianly long enough to choke a man to death. As you try to determine whether or not the lights were out long enough to asphyxiate a man to death. You then remember all the blood. Probably not the murder weapon. \n\n[[head back to the library|library]]
Why are you here? \n\nThe letter. \n\nThe letter?\n\nYes, the one that requested my presence here.\n\nWhere is here?\n\nWhy here is that strange mansion at the edge of town.\n\nYes, but why?\n\nThat I'm not sure of.\n\nWho are they?\n\nThey look just as confused as I am. \n\nWho are you?\n\nWell, I'm Professor Plum, of course.\n\n[[Continue|living]]
You pick up the candlestick, and feel that it has quite a heft to it. A Perfect weapon for someone strong enough to swing it at a man's head. \n\n[[Look Closer|candlestick2]]
You go to the desk in the corner of the room. You tug on the drawers but they are locked. You turn to walk away, but accidently kick something hard and heavy. As you wince in pain, you look down to see what you broke your toe on, and find a [[candlestick|candlestick]].
You run your fingers along the books. Aristole, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Twain, Tolstoy, Poe, Homer. You get a bit jealous of the man, as you see his vast collection, that is until you remember he is dead. Then you begin to feel bad. You go to pull out a first edition 'Great Gatsby', a favorite from your times in school, from the shelf. As you give it a mighty heave to pull it from its tight position, the shelf begins to wobble. Luckily your quick enough to steady it. However, something from the top of the shelve falls. You get hit by a strong, think line of cord. Upon further investigating you discover it to be a curtain tie. \n\n[[Look Closer|rope]]
Joshua C. Lill
You sit down in the chair, and are immediatly whisked away in a world of clouds and pillows. This chair is the most amazing thing you've ever sat in. It even contours to your lumbar issues. You really need to find out where he got one. You should probably get back to your [[investigating though|library]].
Everyone rushes out to the hallway making their way to the front door. Only to find it locked. \n\n'Then I guess we have to solve it ourselves.' You say.\n\nEveryone splits up going there seperate ways. It is a little unnerving that one of you is the killer. \n\n[[Let the Games Begin|study]]
[[investigate the Conservatory|conservatory]]\n[[back to the Library|library]]