You use the bronze key, and you are lead outside. Congratz you win.\n
You use the black key, the door opens and you get sucked in. Turns out it was a black hole, you fall and fall and fall forever.\n
You tug on the door, and are surprised to see that absoultely nothing happens. No matter how hard you pull, this door refuses to open. Perhaps it might require a key to open. [[Go Back|door]] \n\n<<if $bkey gte 1>> You have the black key, it may fit into the door. Do you want to try and [[use the black key|bkey]]? \n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $gkey gte 1>> You have the bronze key, it may fit into the door. Do you want to try and [[use the bronze key|gkey]]?\n<<endif>>
You pick up the apple, and bite down into it. It is the most delicous apple you have ever tasted. It has satisfied all of your hunger pains in just one bite. You look down, and notice that there is a strange reflective metal inside of your apple. You pull it out and find that there it is a bronze key. I wonder what this can be used for. <<set $gkey = 1>> [img[gkey.jpg]]\nYou back away and feel the door against your back [[open it and head to the hallway|door]].
You pick up the bottle and you hit a strange clinking sound. So you pour out the bottle and end up finding a strange black key. You suddenly feel excited, and rush to the [[door|door]]\n[img[bkey.jpg]]\n\n<<set $bkey = 1>>. \n
You open the door and step into what appears to be a living room. There is a couch in the center of the room, right in front of an old fireplace. [[Go take a seat|couch]]. Over the fireplace there is a massive painting of a extremly, creepy old man in uniform of some kind, who always seems to be staring at you, no matter where you are in the room. You notice that there is a bar in the corner, with a fully stocked liquor shelf. [[Go get a drink|drink]] or you could always just [[leave|door]]
You look over the liquor cabinate and can't decide which drink to choose. Should you pour yourself a glass of [[whiskey|whiskey]] or a glass of [[scotch|scotch]]? There is nothing else in the room, so you could always just [[leave|door]]
You pull up a chair and begin to chow down. You eat turkey and ham and pie and all the fixins. But no matter how much you eat, it's just never enough. Soon, your stomach just can't handle the inmense amount of food that you are stuffing into it, and just ruptures. \n\nYou've chosen [[poorly|lose]]
You pick up the bottle and pour yourself some. You drain the glass in one gulp, and go for another. And then another. and then another. Pretty soon the bottle's empty and you unconsious. \n\nYou've chosen [[poorly|lose]]
You sit down on the couch, and you notice that its kinda lumpy and not at all comfortable. That was a waste of time. [[Get up|west]]
I'm afraid that this is the lose screen. Guess you should try again. Or cheat... that always an option. [[Cheater|door]]
<<set $bkey = 0>>\n<<set $gkey = 0>>\nYou suddenly snap awake, your head is throbbing, and you have no idea where you are, or how you got there. [[Look around|sight]]
You look around the room, and you see that it is bare. There is nothing on the walls, and nothing on the floor. You turn around, and you see a huge iron door. [[Open the door|door]]
Can you escape?
With great effort, you manage to pull on the door, and it opens, revealing a vast hallway, so dark and deep that you can't see an end. You look up, and you can't even see a ceiling of anykind. This is definately a strange place. As you squint to see through the darkness you see torches suddenly start lighting themselves all the way down. as you walk down the hallway, you find three more doors. [[One to your West|west]], [[One to your East|east]], [[One to the North|north]], and [[One to your South|sight]], but you recognize this as the door you came from.
You open the door, and you see a massive dining room table. The table appears to be miles long, and it just filled with all kinds of your favorite foods. You notice that all of a sudden, you have become rather famished, and realize that you can't even remember the last time you have had anything to eat. \nAll of a sudden an table falls off the table and bounces across the floor, only to land at your feet. [[Pick up and eat the apple|apple]] or do you [[take a seat and enjoy this feast|feast]]? The door is still behind you, [[forget this and just leave|door]]
Joshua C. Lill III