"No. I won't do it. I don't care what you put me through, I'm not doing it."\n\n"So be it," the figure says, and suddenly that piercing shriek a minute ago seems like nothing compared to this.\n\nDozens of hideous creatures crawl out of that pit, their long blood-stained claws scraping across the rotten wood.\n\nYou know this is it. Part of you thought you could just run, but when you look back you realize the door is gone...\n\nThey stop within two feet of you, and you hear the voice one last time, "When I said to spare the torment that was to come, I didn't neccesarily mean your torment."\n\nAnd that's it. In a split second, those creatures lunge at you faster than you could've imagined. The last thing you see is your stomach being ripped open, and the intense pain tells you that you don't have a stomach anymore... Before you die of the extreme blood loss, you feel yourself being picked up and being carried. You know what they're taking you. And you're right. They stop for a second and you find yourself falling. (At this point you can't see because one of them seems to have gouged your eyes out.)\n\nAnd that's it...
You decide to take the easy way out, turning and fleeing from that wretched church, your journey ending here.
Church of the Fallen
You wish you hadn't opened the door... It was a BIG mistake...\n\nAt first it looks to be a regular room, but once you walk in it seems to transform, from a regular church backroom (whatever the hell they normally have back there), into a bloody mess, with a dirt hole in the middle, all complete with a shadowy figure standing behind it. Except, it's not a shadow. It has texture to it. But what's in the hole is even worse. Much worse.\n\nIt's a portal... Seeming to go on forever. It's then that you chuckle at the fact that of all places to have a portal to hell, they, (whoever the hell "they" is), chose a church.\n\nIt may not seem as bad as the stuff you've already seen, but what's really unnerving is the intense hate you can feel emiting from the hole. Hate that you've never felt so fierce before.\n\nSuddenly you hear a horrible shriek erupt from the hell hole. It's then that you realize whatever it is in that church is practically feeding hatred to you. Beckoning you to join "them." You feel intense hatred building up inside of you, hate that doesn't have a place in your mind. No reason. Just anger and hate...\n\n"I usually don't do this," the shadowy figure's voice echoes, pulling you out of your trance, "but I'm gonna make you a deal. Live and serve me. Or die and spend the rest of time down there," he points at the hole.\n\n"Serve you?"\n\n"Yes. Do my bidding. You will be immortal, but you'll have to hold your end of the bargain too."\n\n"What do I have to do?"\n\n"Kill."\n\n[[Accept the deal and seal your fate forever.|Slaughter]]\n\n[[Decline it and die, but saving a lot of lives in the process. Lives that you would end.|Death]]
Deciding to brave it up, you start walking slowly to the altar. On your way there lightning starts to flash, startling you, but still you push on (part of you knows there's no turning back anyway.) \n\nYou notice that the blood stain that you originally saw is mysteriously gone, unnerving you even more.\n\nYou reach the altar, staring at it for a few seconds. You note the cross on the wall behind it. Starting to wonder if anything's gonna happen, suddenly lightening flashes. During the flash, you notice the cross has gone upside down and covered in blood, terrifying you. The flash only lasts a split second, and afterwards everything seems to have gone back to normal. "Pfft, normal..." you hear that voice say, (more like sense.)\n\nYou decide to head into the back room of the church, when the voice tell you: "This is your last chance. Turn back and leave now. Most victims- I mean people don't get a second chance. But I like you. Do it. Spare yourself the torment that will surely come of this..."\n\n[[Go into the back room|backroom]]\n\n[[Leave|door]]
"Ok. I'll do it."\n\n"So be it," The figure says.\n\n"So what now?"\n\n"What made you want to do it?" the figure ignores your question, "is it just that you want to live, because what I'm asking is worse than death can ever be."\n\n"I don't care about death. But to have to die because I won't kill the ungrateful assholes that live their lives so carelessly, I can't stand the idea. So as far as I'm concerned, this is as good as it's gonna get."\n\nThis seemed to be exactly what the figure wants to hear, "Good, then we shall begin. John." With that you felt a hard shove from behind and suddenly you're falling into the pit.\n\nThe fall seems to go on forever, and during that time the anger inside you that starts to build up from the thought of being betrayed by that thing, nearly drives you insane, but as you reach the bottom, you feel yourself starting to black out. By the time you hit the bottom, [[you're out cold...|kill]]
After stumbling for what seems like hours in the rain, you find yourself standing in front of an abandoned old church, barely noticeable by the dim moonlight.\n\nThe stairs leading to the church seems to [[beckon you in|Church]]
You awake in the middle of a dimly lit room, in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse. After what happened you're not sure what to think. If it wasn't for the fact that you're in this creepy ass warehouse, you'd figure it was just a really weird dream.\n\nAs you sit up, you notice a chair sitting next to you. On top of it you find a note: \n\n"1950 Universal City Blvd., Apartment 1108."\n\nAnd with that you realize what exactly you've done, and you know exactly what you have to do.\n\nAnd you do it...
The door creaks open slowly, and you're confronted with what at first is totaly darkness, but as your eyes adjust, you see what you would normally assume to be just a regular old abandoned church. But as your eyes wander across the floor, you notice a lare blood stain. More startling, a fresh blood stain. Still wet. You start to get nervous when a voice warns you, more like threatens you: "GET OUT!"\n\nYou hear a voice in your head, telling you that you have a choice: "Now's your chance. [[Leave now|door]]. Never come back to this place again. Or [[venture further|altar]]. You can take the easy way. Or go on. The choice is yours..."
Fotia Evlogia
Again, braving your fear, you head towards the back room of the church. The air around you starts to get colder as you get closer. You hear that voice, (that demon!), speak to you: "There's no going back now..."\n\n"Fuck off, I don't even care anymore," you mumble.\n\nBut you care enough to be shivering like crazy. Or maybe that's just that creepy chill coming from that door...\n\nYou hesitate when you reach the door. At this point it's ice cold. But as you put your hand closer to the door knob, it starts to get warmer. Hot, in fact! By the time your hand is on the knob it almost burns.\n\n[["Let's just get this over with," you say to yourself.|backroom2]]