You dial 999 and tell them everything. You have no idea, but your phone is bugged and they hear everything. Who will get there first? It's a 50/50 chance. The police? Or the kidnappers? \n\n[[Outcome 1 |Outcome1]] \n\n[[Outcome 2 |Outcome2]]
You can't do it. You don't even know the first thing about robbing a bank. You aren't a criminal, that's them. You don't know what else to do or what else you can do. There's only one option left, to call 999 and tell them everything. But is that the right decision? \n\n[[Call the police |Outcome1]]\n\n
1 million pounds is a lot of money. You check your bank, £40.53. Shit. You need to think. And think fast. All kinds of ideas run through your head. Ridiculously, robbing a bank seems like your only option. Do you go through with it? \n\n[[Yes, rob the bank. |Bank]]\n\n[[No, you can't do it. |No]]\n
Bad move. It's too late. The voicemail plays the sound of a gunshot. She's gone.\n\nGame over.
Theres a knock at the door. You open it. You think it's the police. \n\nIt's not. \n\nIt's them.\n\nGame over.
There's a knock at the door. \n\nIt's the police. \n\nThank god, they will be able to help you and rescue her. \n\nYou win.
You're the only one that can save her. Her fate is in your hands. Will you make the right decision? Or will you cave under the pressure? \n\nShe's been gone for 32 hours now. She's never gone for this long. You know where she is but you can't bring yourself to say it. There is nothing you can do other than wait... Suddenly your phone rings, interrupting your guilty thoughts. You freeze, it's them. What do you do? Do you answer? Or do you wait for it to go to voicemail?\n\n[[Answer your phone |Answer]]\n\n[[Let it go to voicemail |voicemail]] \n
Bad choice. \n\nYou run into the bank, replica gun in hand. The police are in the bank and within seconds you are on the ground in handcuffs. \n\nThere's no way you can save her now. \n\nGame over.
You hear sobbing..and then her scream your name. The desperation in her voice is terrifying. An all too familiar voice tells you that you have 24 hours to get the money. \n\nThis is way out of your hands now. That amount of money is impossible to get your hands on in such a short amount of time. Should you try to get help? You can't drag anyone else into this. You have two options. To ring the police, or find the money yourself. \n\nWhat do you do?\n\n[[Get the money, somehow. |Money]]\n\n[[Call the police. |Police]]\n\n
You have to act quickly. You drive to the shop as fast as you can. \n\nYou buy all of the essentials..or what you think are the essentials. \n\nYou go back home and draw up a plan. You have no idea what you are doing but are desperate, this is the only way to get the money. It has to work. \n\nYou're running out of time. You pick up your bag, get into your car and make your way to the bank. \n\nWhat bank do you choose?\n\n[[Lloyds TSB |Lloyds TSB]]\n\n[[Natwest |Natwest]]
You run into the bank, replica gun in hand and order everyone to the floor. Miraculously you manage to get the money and leave without hurting anyone. \n\nYou take the money to the meeting place. They are there, waiting. \n\nYou get out of the car and throw the rucksack over to them. You still haven't seen their faces. They count the money. \n\nOut of the darkness appears Abbie, you've done it. She's battered and bruised but she's alive. \n\nTheir car screeches away. \n\nGame over, you've finally won.