You check with the people working at the theater, but none of them have seen anything. You even asked around at a few other stores in the mall. Sometimes you feel like people are staring at you, but that can't be right. You've gotten so much better at looking human lately. You could fool anyone! Sometimes keeping it up can be a pain, though.\n\n[[Let's just watch that movie again|Theater Cont]]
Someone made this.\n\n[[Tumblr|]]\n[[Twitter|]]\n\nI don't have my own website, since I'm web 2.0 and nothing I own is truly mine.
<<set $theater to 0>>The movie gives you a chance to relax for a while, but you're definitely not accomplishing anything by sitting through it again, and you feel bad once it's over. It's such a good movie, but still. You have work to do.\n\n<<if ($library eq 0) and ($house eq 0)>>[[Maybe on the roof?|Theater End]]<<else>>[[Better head home for now.|Stage 2]]<<endif>>
"'Brushed metal, kinda roundish,' yeah, but what is it? I can't find it for you if I have no idea what you're talking about."\n\n"Uh, it's hard to for me to explain. Thanks anyway." \n\nWhat a jerk! He could have at least checked the lost and found again. Well, if he had seen it your description would remind him, even if it was really embarrassing and vague.<<set $library to 0>>\n\n<<if $house is 0 and $theater is 0>>[[Wait!|Libend]]<<else>>[[It's time to try something else|Stage 2]]<<endif>>
You rush to your bed and tear the tangled blankets away! There it is, resting peacefully. Metallic and alive, but eyeless, with a gecko's feet and a whale's tail. With it, you could go anywhere. You could leave this weird little planet behind!\n\nBut your room is looking nice now, come to think of it. You've worked out a lot of stuff. It used to be hard to blend in, to fool all the people here, but you've got the hang of it now. It's always good to know that you can leave if you want, but for now you think you'll stay.\n\n\n[[Yeah...|End]]
Lots and lots of books here. Literature is really neat! People say books smell nice too, but you can't tell. You can feel the mildew just living on all these books. It feels nice, but it doesn't help with what you're trying to do.\n\nYou look around for a while, but you can't seem to find it. Just lots and lots of books. Maybe you'll check out a few more.\n\n[[Just ask someone, jeez|Library 2]]
It's a long story, but you've lost something important, and now you have to go looking for it.\n\nIt's the sort of thing that always shows up in the last place you look. Which is a shame.<<set $house to 1>><<set $theater to 1>><<set $library to 1>>\n\n[[Did you leave it at the library?|Library]]\n[[Did you lose it when you went to see a movie?|Theater]]\n[[Maybe you haven't looked hard enough in your apartment?|Home]]\n
There's a little pond near the library. It's exactly the kind of place where you'd expect it to hide. You rush up to the shore, and it lazily crawls out from under a log. It looks up at you with its eyeless face and hops into your arms. It's your ship, little Larin, like a gecko with the tail of a whale. With it back, you could go wherever you want.\n\nIt would be such a shame to leave Earth, though. You can feel fish flitting in the pond, and plants living all around you. For now, at least, you'll stick around.\n\n\n[[Yeah...|End]]
It's a long shot, but you may as well check. You wait until no one's looking and pull yourself up to the roof. There's a row of huge air conditioners with some narrow pipes running between them. You find it underneath there, gleaming in the sun. You sit down, and the little lizard-thing crawls into your lap. Letting your ship crawl around in this form is usually pretty convenient, but sometimes it finds its way into places like this. It can be such a pain.\n\nNow that you've found it you could get off Earth, head to wherever you want. You've put so much work into living here that it would almost feel like a waste. If you ever leave, you'll definitely come back.\n\n\n[[Yeah...|End]]
<<set $house to 0>>You dig around for ages, but you can't seem to find anything! You even made a mess of the stuff in your room. And you'd been trying to keep it all organized too.\n\n<<if ($library eq 0) and ($theater eq 0)>>[[Come to think of it...|HomeEnd]]\n<<else>>[[You'd better look elsewhere|Stage 2]]<<endif>>
You already looked all over, but maybe there's somewhere you forgot.\n\nWith what you are and where you're from you could live more or less anywhere. Even living here, you don't even need a room or anything, but living in an apartment just struck you as more sensible. Earth is okay, but sometimes it feels like a strange choice. It can be so confusing sometimes.\n\n[[Maybe under the sink?|Home Cont]]
<<if $library + $theater + $house eq 2>>You might have better luck somewhere else.<<else>>It's okay! You still have someplace to look.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $library eq 1>>[[Just try the library. You're always losing things there.|Library]]<<else>>///<<endif>>\n<<if $theater eq 1>> [[Maybe it's still at the mall?|Theater]]<<else>>///<<endif>>\n<<if $house eq 1>> [[Take another look at home.|Home]]<<else>>///<<endif>>