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I stand. And take a step back. Bring the gun up once more and point it at her. I can sense her tension. Feel it radiating off her. \n\n"Stand up," I tell her and she does. "Turn around." She whimpers but she does it. "Pick up a rock."\n\nShe looks over her shoulder at me. "What?"\n\n"Just do it," I hiss and she does. "Now throw it in the pond." And she does.\n\n"Did you want to do that?" \n\nShe shakes her head. \n\n"Then why did you?"\n\n"Because you told me too," she squeaks. \n\n"I know," I say smiling. "Do you understand yet?"\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Tell her to turn around">>\n\n\n
\n\nThis story has four possible endings and I hope you enjoy finding them. This story is a look at a person obsessed with control and their struggle to gain as much of it as possible. But how much control can one person ever truly have? \n\nThank you and enjoy.\n\n\n\n\n[[Begin]]
Everything has shifted slightly; everything seems a little more in focus. The edges a little sharper. The windows are all dark. In the distance there are sirens.\n\nI hug myself. I can feel the barrel of the gun jabbing into my thigh and I can't help but wonder what would happen if it went off right now. I shake my head and tell myself to get a grip. \n\nMy breathing slows right down and I feel calm. Perfectly calm. Calm and alone. It's like I'm the only one left in the whole world. For some reason this frightens me. \n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Walk">>\n\n<<choice "Stay">>\n
I count to three and then level my gun at his chest. I fire once and the explosion is huge and the recoil knocks me back a step. I stare at him and he stares at me.\n\nIt takes me maybe ten seconds to realize that he fired as well. And I'm hit. I can feel liquid spilling out of me and spreading out over my shirt.\n\nI don't feel pain. Only anger. I fire again and again and again. He fires once more and it hits my thigh. Again it doesn't hurt all that much but I fall to the ground. I try to lift myself up but I can't.\n\nSo I lie down and look over at the dark lump of my opponent. He's bleeding too. A lot. He's grinning. I laugh.\n\nwe lay there in the road staring at each other. Waiting to see which of us is truly in control. \n\n
I push open the door and fight the desire to raise the gun just in case. I shiver as it opens revealing the body.\n\nShe's still there. In a heap by the bed. I kneel next to her and reach out to turn her over so I can see her face. I hesitate though. I'm worried her skin will infect me somehow with her death. I rub my hands together before delicately turning her by the shoulders, gripping the fabric of her blouse.\n\nHer skin is still warm which freaks me out a bit and I have to look away for a moment. The top of her head is a mess from the gun shot. I try not to focus on that and instead take in her bruised cheek from where I hit her. Her eyes that still seem to be looking through me instead of at me. Her mouth is open. \n\n\nWhat was she trying to say? I don't know. I decide she was trying to say "Thank you." I smile and kiss her unbruised cheek.\n\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Go outside">>\n\n
\n"Turn around," I tell her and she slowly turns. She looks at me and I lower the gun. "You see control. I'm everything. I'm God. I have the power to choose who lives and who dies. I can make people do anything. I can make them mine. I can do anything and it feels wonderful."\n\nShe rubs her head and I can see there are tears streaking down her cheeks. "You kill people?" She asks like that was ever in doubt. "Of course," I reply. "Control. The ultimate control."\n\n"Do you want to try? Do you want some control?" I hold out the glock and her eyes widen. \n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Wait for her to speak">>\n\n\n
I start to shake. The steel feels unnaturally cold in my hands biting into the skin like ice. Jenny moves her lips but she doesn't make any noise. Or maybe she does and I just don't hear it. \n\nI hear the bang though and feel the jerk of the glock in my hands. I held it just like the cops in films and the recoil wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I feel a faint spray of warmth and then chills as Jenny slumps to the side. \n\nI shiver. The rush fading. It's amazing the power a gun gives. Life or death. I truly am a God. And I'm a vengeful God. \n\n\nWhat about you?\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Continue">>\n\n
She doesn't see the gun, it's hidden. I take hold of it and point it right at her shapely lips. She stares back. She doesn't seem all that surprised. This unnerves me a little and again I'm struck with her resemblance to Jenny. \n\nThe bang echoes around the empty park. There is no snuffling. No movement. Nothing.\n\nNo blood landed on my shirt this time but the rush wasn't as powerful either. I sniff. The park doesn't seem peaceful anymore. \n\n\n<<choice "Leave">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n
She takes a step forward. Then another. Her hand is shaking. I smile, encouraging her. I see her swallow and she darts forward, snatches the weapon and retreats about four metres. \n\nI don't move. I smile. "Do it," I say with a smile, "feel the rush. You'll enjoy it I promise."\n\nShe hesitates and I'm worried that she won't do it. But slowly her arms are raised and I'm staring into the black pit of the barrel. \n\nThe instant before the flash I wonder if I was ever really in control.\n\n
\nI lean up against a wall closing my eyes. I feel a little tired. The rush is like a drug the comedown is almost always stronger than the high. I try to gather myself but I can feel the chill coming in. My joints ache a little. It's the third night in a row I haven't slept.\n\nIn the distance I hear something. Something other than distant motors and the odd drunken shout. Footsteps. Clear and precise and getting closer. The sound is echoing off the buildings but the only place it could be coming from is the main street.\n\nI push myself off the wall and stand in the middle of the road. I can't decide whether I want to meet someone else tonight or not but if I have to, I want them to notice me.\n\nThe footsteps seem impossibly loud and then I see him and I'm sure it's a him. He turns into my road and stops maybe ten feet away, between streetlights so I can't see his face properly.\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot Him">>\n\n<<choice "Approach him">>\n\n\n
\nI watch him. He doesn't do anything. I take a step forward. So does he. We approach each other. I get close enough to see his face. He looks tired. There are bags under his eyes and the skin is stretched way too tight over his skull. I realize I can see his teeth. He's grinning. I look down at his hand and he's holding a gun. I quickly raise my own. He's not grinning anymore.\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot Him">>\n\n<<choice "Laugh">>\n\n\n\n
\nIn Control
It's exactly how I left it but it would be right? The air is a little stale. A little coppery. A little off. It feels warm too. \n\nThe door to the bedroom is shut. I shut it as I left. Is she still there? She must be. But what if she isn't? That would be terrifying. \n\nWouldn't it? \n\n\n<<choice "Go to bedroom">>\n\n<<choice "Go outside">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n
I take aim leaning backwards and steadying myself. As I gently stroke the curl of the trigger I begin to wonder who that person is. It looks like woman. There is something distinctly feminine about the way she moves. Maybe she's an old dancer past her prime, reliving her glory days? Maybe it's a teenager dreaming of a better world? Maybe it's some drug addict putting off fucking her dealer? More likely it's no one. No one important.\n\nThe shadow woman performs a spin and stops. I'm sure she's facing me. I fire. I hear the glass break and the light disappears. The building is dark and silent. I don't know if I hit. \n\nI laugh. It doesn't matter. I feel the rush of power all the same and it makes my thighs tremble. I laugh and look up to the stars hidden by the light all around.\n\n\nWhat now?\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Go to the park">>\n\n
There is a moment of silence. The moment stretches into a minute. I hold my breath. My fingers itch. \n\nHer eyes slowly move up to mine. \n\n"Is that blood?"\n\nI nod and she squeaks again.\n\n"Are you ok?" \n\n\n<<choice "Fine">>\n\n<<choice "Not Really">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n
I look up at her. She's not Jenny but she is pretty in her way. I like her mouth. Her lips are just the right shape. She doesn't see the gun, it's hidden. I gesture with my hand to the ground next to me and she sits also cross-legged. \n\nShe looks out over the water. I watch her waiting for her to notice me. Eventually she glances at me and blushes. She looks down and sees the blood on my shirt. \n\n"Oh!" she squeaks.\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Wait">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>
\nI stretch, trying to look relaxed but ready if he tries anything. "Done much tonight?" I ask and he doesn't respond. \n\nI look around but everything is still quiet. "I killed some people tonight," I wait for his reaction but there isn't one. Not a visible one anyway. \n\n"I killed my girlfriend." Still nothing. "I killed her because she was out of control. She was partying. Sleeping around. I asked her not to. So I killed her." \n\n\n\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot Him">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Ask about his night">>
I look at the gun. So much power. So much control. Just the feel of the metal gives me a spike of pleasure. I look around and I think of all the people in the world. How little control they have over themselves over the world around them and I pity them. \n\nThey have nothing. I have everything. No one can touch me. Not intentionally anyway but there's always the freak accidents. Always the unexpected. My breathing speeds up. There's always something. My palms are sweating. \n\nI lick my lips. There's only one way to be sure. To remain in control. I place the barrel in my mouth, savouring the metallic taste. I'm calmer than I ever felt before and I smile as I slowly pull the trigger.\n\nI am in control. I am in control.
I leave the park by the same way I came in. The glock is light but my arm feels tired. I secure it in my pocket. It's not hidden. Not really. But that's fine.\n\nI stop to look up at the window where the silhouette had been before. It's dark. I can't see anything. \n\nDisappointed I turn back to my flat. \n\n<<choice "Go to flat">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n
\n"How's your night going?" I ask, acting friendly. He shrugs. But I wait and eventually he talks. \n\n"I've been looking for people. I like control. And I have lots of it. I've been trying to remove those people that tried to control my life. Teachers, parents, bosses, all of them. \n\nI've nearly got them all and when they're gone I will be in full control of everything. You understand that don't you? You want that too. I see it."\n\nI can't help but smile. "You're right. I feel like a God. I'm completely in control of everything."\n\n"Even me?" He asks. I don't answer. He smiles. "You're not." He raises his gun.\n\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot Him">>\n\n
\nI enter the park following the narrow winding path. There doesn't seem to be any people or animals save for the occasional snuffling of what I guess to be a badger. There's a certain kind of peace here. I pause by the pond in the centre and take a deep breath. Loving the sensation of being alive and being in control of this moment.\n\n \n\n<<choice "Sit down">>\n\n<<choice "Keep walking">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n
The street is empty. It is nearly 3 o'clock in the morning. I stretch. It's not too cold even though I'm only wearing a linen shirt.\n\nIt never gets truly dark and the streetlights give everything a strange orange tint. I take a moment to admire the small dark flecks of Jenny's blood that have stained my shirt. \n\nI know this street. I used to live here once. At one end is the park. It's small and peaceful a good place to relax. \n\nAcross the street only one light is on in the building. There is a silhouette of someone dancing. I strain my ears and hear the faint chords of some old time piano and a smoothe easy voice singing along with it. I watch and listen. The moment is beautiful.\n\n\nLife or Death?\n\n<<choice "Go to the park">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot the silhouette">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n
I follow the path it winds this way and that. My mind wanders. I think of that rush again. The thrill of pulling the trigger and at the same moment another soul disappearing from the world. And I did that. The thought fills me with a little quiver of excitement.\n\nI'm back at the pond. Everything is peaceful.\n\n\n<<choice "Sit down">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n\n
She takes a step forward. Then another. Her hand is shaking. I smile, encouraging her. I see her swallow and she tries to snatch the weapon quickly but I'm faster. I pull it back and she flails. \n\nShe stumbles forward and I catch her with my free arm. "Easy," I whisper to her and I hear her let out a weak sob. Instead of standing properly she sinks to her knees, gripping my arm with both of her hands. She won't look at me now.\n\nI sigh. Bored. I pull my arm free of her and line up my shot. "You actually thought I would share my power?" I ask her and she mumbles something but I don't care to listen.\n\nThe bang echoes around the empty park. I sniff and shiver. I got a hard rush from her and it makes me feel energetic. \n\n\n<<choice "Leave">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n
\nShe stares. Her hand reaches out then retracts like she was bitten by a snake. "But then you won't be in control." She says quietly. I laugh.\n\n"But if I give you the gun then I'm giving you control which means I controlled my fate."\n\nShe steps forwards, still hesitant. "What if I don't kill you?"\n\nI laugh again. "You will. I can see it. You are scared of me. Of my control. As you should be. But more than that. I can see you want it. You want to know what it feels like. To kill. To be God for a moment."\n\nShe bites her lip and the tears are coming again. I know I'm right. I'm still in control. She reaches out for the gun.\n\n\n\n\n<<choice "Kill her">>\n\n<<choice "Hand over gun">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n
I sit. Cross-legged, laying the gun peacefully in the well my legs create. I close my eyes. An image surfaces. Jenny. She's smiling then her face twists. First into surprise and then into terror. Her mouth moves again. I frown. What had she been trying to say? \n\n"Hello?"\n\nI open my eyes and nearly scream. Jenny! I just stare unable to reach for the weapon or move or talk. Jenny steps back and as she does the moonlight falls more clearly on her face and I see it's not Jenny.\n\nShe has the same blonde hair. Similar green eyes. But her face is a little more pointed and her curves a little less defined. I watch the Jenny imposter carefully.\n\n"Can I sit?" she asks and her voice is nothing like Jenny's.\n\n\nI don't know what to say.\n\n\n<<choice "Let her sit.">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her.">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n
"I'm not sure," I say and look out over the water. "Do you ever feel like you're not in one hundred percent control of your life?"\n\nI notice her shuffle a little closer and then her hand touches my leg. "I want to be in control. I am in control. Not just of my life but of everyone's." I laugh. "It's a great feeling."\n\nShe is silent for a while. Then she says "I don't understand. Can you tell me more?" \n\n\n<<choice "Yes">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n\n\n
I walk a little. My joints were beginning to feel a little stiff but the movement is loosening them up quite nicely. I feel good. I even begin to whistle. \n\nBut I stop when I notice, first the footsteps echoing around me, and then the figure walking down the centre of the road right towards me.\n\n\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n\n<<choice "Approach him">>\n\n\n\n
\nI grip her hand and pull her back down, jamming the gun against her head. "Wait," I say "let me finish. Don't you want some control?"\n\nShe hiccups but looks me in the eye. I release my grip on her hand and remove the pistol from her head. She seems tense but doesn't try to run. Good. \n\n"Do you want to know what control is?" I ask her. \n\nShe nods slowly.\n\n\n\n<<choice "Show her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n\n
\nMy legs tremble a little but my hand remains steady. We stare at each other, me laughing, him grinning again. "Evening," I say when I'm under control again. He nods. "Evening."\n\nAlmost simultaneously we lower our weapons. His pistol looks less modern than mine. Maybe a WW2 weapon or something. "Nice night isn't it?" I ask. \n\nHe doesn't respond. \n\n<<choice "Tell him about your night">>\n\n<<choice "Ask about his night">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot Him">>\n\n
\nElliot Codling
\nI smile and take her hand. She seems shocked but doesn't pull away. \n\n"It's all about control. Look around. How in control do you feel?"\n\nShe looks around the park, I guess expecting to see something. She still looked confused. \n\n"Here look," I pick up the gun and hold it up so she can see it in the early morning light. It's hard to tell but I think she turns a little paler. "This gives me so much control. So much power."\n\nNow she looks scared. She starts to pull away, to try and get up.\n\n\n<<choice "Stop her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n<<choice "Leave">>\n\n
I smile. "I'm great," I tell her. She looks around. She seems nervous. "I feel wonderful. I feel like the world is revolving just around me. I feel... I feel... powerful." I laugh and I can't stop. \n\nAs I laugh she slides away from me slowly, her eyes never leaving mine. It's how I imagine a tiger watches his prey as it tries to creep away. I try to get hold of myself before she's gone completely.\n\n\n\n<<choice "Leave">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot her">>\n\n<<choice "Shoot yourself">>\n\n