[[Go faster|Go faster18]]
Your skin starts to melt and your hair, nails and pubic regions all catch fire. You have not decreased in speed though.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster13]]
You didn't see the mountian before but you cut through it like a hot knife through butter. You are surrounded by a warm soft darkness for a moment and then it passes. You emerge out to a swirl of colours.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster10]]
You are out of the city. All you can make out is green and brown below you and blue above. The earth seems to swirve out of your way. You are going really fast.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster9]]
You leap up and start running on the roofs of the cars. Their roofs melting under your super hot feet. The world around you is blurry and impressionistic. You can hear voices screaming and shouting but you cannot identify them. They are already far away.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster6]]
You leave the footpath to join the cars on the road. They cannot keep up with you either. Very fast.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster5]]
You crash through the building without slowing down, bursting through each of the walls in a matter of moments. A frail fleshing thing slapped off your arm but before you could check it was gone.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster8]]
You can make out a building ahead of you. You cannot change direction.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster7]]
You get another burst of speed and start to overtake your friends, they are momentarily suprised by your sudden second wind but they try to keep up.\n\n[[Go Faster|Go faster2]]
You are dead.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster15]]
You run along the footpath at super high speed. You knock over a bin and send it's contents bursting out. An old lady screams.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster4]]
Weak and tired your friends fall away one by one until only you remain. You burst out of the park and continue running along the footpath. People barely making it out of your way as to avoid being knocked over.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster3]]
Fast.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster18]]
It's a warm summer evening and you are having a jog with your friends. You suddenly get an urge to start running...\n\n[[Go faster]]
You start off into a sprint shocking your friends but they laugh and take it as a challenge and start running too. They're faster though, and soon overtake you.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster1]]
Your remaining atoms speed along faster than anything that ever was or ever will be. You are so fast.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster16]]
You remember the faces of your friends and wonder where they are now. You wish you had said goodbye to them one last time before you went on your journey. You shed a tear but it only emerges as steam and vanishes a moment later. You only notice now that your bike shorts and Family Guy T-shirt have long since evaporated.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster11]]
So fast.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster17]]
The colours all merge into a white light. You are going quite fast.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster12]]
Your skin is gone and your bones turn to dust. You organs follow suit. All that remains is your hyper speed brain.\n\n[[Go faster|Go faster14]]