“Prototype 8, welcome to the world. Please stand up so we can begin configurations.” speaks a man from the end of the bed. The man introduces himself as Doctor Johnson.\n\n[[Stand up]]
As you push yourself into a seated position you notice that your right arm is completely metallic from the shoulder down, and hosts a series of buttons and dimmed screens.\n\n[[Touch arm]]
You notice the men behind Doctor Johnson slowly nodding and having a murmured discussion, Doctor Johnson’s eyes still fixed on yours.\n\n“What is your objective?”\n\n[[Say: Currently I have no objective, Doctor Johnson]]
Doctor Johnson instructs you to complete a variety of basic movements such as walking and jumping before testing the reflexes in each of your limbs. You instinctively hold out your right arm to be checked but the man declines with an awkward yet somewhat sympathetic smile.\n“Everything seems to be in order, now I just need to ask you some questions. Are you ready?”\n\n[[Say: I am ready to answer any questions you have, Doctor Johnson]]
Upon opening your eyes, a blinding light hangs over you but strangely it does not hinder your vision, as you realise everything is tinted a slight lime green.\n\n[[Sit up]]
“Ah, one step at a time 8” Doctor Johnson grins, “first we need to run a series of small tests to ensure you are fit for purpose. Once the tests are complete, that is, if they complete, we will familiarise you with yourself.” \n\n[[Say: I am ready to be tested, Doctor Johnson.]]
One of the scientists hands Doctor Johnson a clipboard and a small white pen. He looks into your eyes before asking you: \n\n“Who are you?”\n\n[[Say: I am Prototype 8, Doctor Johnson]]
The sound of excitable chatter rouses you from your slumber. You are lying flat on your back, your arms by your side.\n\n[[Open eyes]]
Three other men stand beside him, all of them wearing long white lab coats. You notice one of the men figeting excitedly with what looks like one of those buttons people use to open their swanky electronic garage doors. The other men are staring at you and you stare back, completely unphased.\n\n[[Ask: What is that strange device, Doctor Johnson?]]
“Where did you come from?”\n\n[[Say: I came from the bed behind me, Doctor Johnson]]
You reach out to touch it with your left hand, which seems perfectly human but you become distracted when you are addressed.\n\n[[Look up]]