What you find surprises you. You find yourself sitting in a svery simple room, at the edge of a bed thats obviously made for a taller person in mind, looking at blank walls sans a few posters and a computer desk where you see a young man typing away at a computer screen. He turns and looks at you, his eyes filled with light as he lets out a chuckle.\n\n"Don't suppose you already figured it out did you? Knowing you, reading thi right now, you probably already know what I'm going to say."\n\nYou can't help but stop for a moment, staring at this man as he seemingly narrates what has happened.\n\n"You cleaned me off, made me feel beautiful again. You helped me to see myself and not worry about the man I will someday be, but the man I am now."\n\nYou feel your breath catch in your chest as he rests his arms on his legs, looking over black rimmed glasses into your eyes.\n\n"I guess you already knows what happens next."\n\nHe outstretches his hand, pointing to the open palm with his free hand.\n\n"Go ahead, just click the link right [[here."|Here]]\n\nyou reach forward, putting your hand in his as he looks into your eyes and says...
The cat hisses, quieter this time beofre looking at the ground. With his head looking downward you get on a knee and scracth behind his ears. It's strange. As if your touch brings back happy memories the cat looks up at you with it's eyes clear. \n\n"I'm afraid."\n\nYou pet the cat once more and ask why he is afraid.\n\n"I am afraid that I will be dirtied and left alone at this tree again."\n\nYou smile, picking the cat up in your arms as you walk to the pool of crystal clear water, lowering the cat into it as you crush the mud and dirt from his fur. As you clean the feline the dark brown, the mud, and the dirt washes away with ease, revealing a golden fur with stripes of jet black outlining the felines body. As you bathe the last bit of dirt the cat dips deep into the pool, coming out as a tiger, eyes wide and filled with wonder and courage. \n\n"I thank you. You have seen past the dirt of my past, the hurt I have been through. Now you must go, for there are others that need your help."\n\nWith that the tiger vanishes as a gust of wind lifts it up and carries it away in a cloud of golden sand.\n\nYou look at the tree again and see it's dark roots have lifted, revealing a passage deep underground. \n\nWith spirits high you walk into the opening, [[going down deep into a corridor like that of a city alley.|Fox]]
You find yourself in an alleyway like out of a noir film. the place is colorless and stale, the air thick with sadness and the scent of drugs. Covering your mouth you walk onwards, coming to a dead end where a man sits against the wall, his hands at his sides surrounded with broken bottles and blank photos. Beside him sits a fox, the only thing of color in the area, and with the swish of his red tail he circles you, almost smiling as you stare from the strange animal to the man.\n\n"What brings you here? Nobody comes here unless they are stuck, in this place men sit and think, never stop thinking, never move on." It speaks as it circles the stiff man and tries to move him.\n\n"This one wants to know why, he wants to know the future, he wants to be sure of everything so that he will not be hurt by that which he cannot foresee. Because of this he will never see what is in front of him, never see the light and the color of a world he could be enjoying if he would just stop and look to the present."\n\nYou kneel in front of the man, his features hiding behind the black dingy hood of his coat. \n\nYou ask him what it is he wants to know.\n\n"I weep. For I cannot see my own face. The pictures I take reveal nothing, the books I read tell me nothing, so here I sit reveling in nothing."\n\nYou ponder for a moment. Stopping to sit in front of the man, picking up the blank pictures one by one. To his side you see a camera, the one he must have taken these pictures with. You pick up the old camera and look at the lens, smiling as you stop to wide the dirt from it.\n\n"You're camera is broken. You cannot see with a camera that is broken can you?"\n\nYou reach into your pocket and pull out a small makeup capsule, opening it to reveal a mirror.\n\n"Here stranger, [[look at yourself through this.|Mirror]]
"I love you."\n\nHis eyes light up and he laughs again.\n\n"I've loved you, and known I would fall in love with you for sometime. For some time it's been like a journey with myself. I've never knwon the things about me that you have shown me."\n\nSuddenly you recognize the man. He's been there, seperated but there, always with you no matter what.\n\n"There are times when I'm sad, where I'm apart, where I want absolutely nothing more than to take your hand and be with you for the rest of my life. I'm always there, and I always will be."\n\nI love you.
You find yourself in an open field. The sun is shinging brightly high up in the blue swathe of sky. There seems to be snow falling very sparsely through the area but is not cold, instead you feel a warmth when a flake touches your bare skin. You look around basking in the beauty of this place, and notice a little ways to the distance a weeping willow with its branches carelessly blowing in the wind.\n\nWith a tilt of your head and unable to focu on the details of the tree you [[walk towards the tree|Tree]]
You make it towards the tree and see a small cat, it's dark oak fur pressed tight with the caked layers of mud and grime. The cat looks to you with eyes changing from blue to a shade of green not seen in nature, and with a hiss the cat backs up against the bark of the willow.\n\n"Stay back!" It cries, hurt and fear resounding in its tiny voice.\n\n"I'm a fierce cat! I will cut you if you come near." \n\nYou look at the cat and sense a lie, no, a fearful mask as it sits there with a scowl on its little face. noticing a pool of water near the tree you look to the cat and [[ask to clean it.|Spring]]
The man takes the mirror in his frail hands and looks, the shadow of his hood pulling back to reveal a man with a well trimmed beard, his eyes blue and thirsting for something, anything. You hold the mirror and watch as with pained eyes he touches his face, feels the gauntness of his features before whispering...\n\n"I was so focused on the future that I never noticed how much it made me age." \n\nWith that he smiles, and beneath the pale skin is a brilliant smile with teeth white and bright like a new snow. He looks to you and takes your hand, the bony texture filling with warmth, his gaunt fingers fattening to a healthy look. The fox snickers and trails around the man, it's head nodding before looking back to you.\n\n"With your help he can now see the present, he can see himself as not an old man that has lived, but a young boy that CAN live."\n\nWith that the man and the fox turn towards the wall, the dead end in the alley. Both look back to you with a smile as they walk through the wall as if it was only a waterfall.\n\nConfused, but somehow relieved and pleased, you [[walk through the wall into a blinding light.|People]]
The Cat and the Mask