Real men/(women) wear pink. \n\nTry again?\n
I would probably do the same, and fail the same.\n\nTry again?
What are we 9?\n\nTry again?\n
The perfect elavated response.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 10]]
But it is not about the end. It is not about the death that eventually comes. \n\nIt is about the journey. As frustrating as it may be, our journey is our life.\n\nWe might as well enjoy our journey as much as possible since our ending is all the same. \n\nSo since your journey has already started I won't ask you to 'try again?'\n\nHow about instead, maybe [[Start]] over?
It's worked with other things before.\n\nTry again? \n
Is it 2006 again?\n\nTry again?
Cruel but affective, onward you go.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 8]]
Racist.\n\nTry again?
What redberry isn't good enough for you?\n\nTry again?
Why so seasonal?\n\nTry again?
Not every answer in life is that easy. But this one is.\n\n[[BAD LESSONS FTW/Next Scenario|Scenario 20]]\n
You could probably sense the lack of care I have in Mario Party's after the 3rd one, yet you still thought this would be the right answer? You are catching on to the pattern young lad. \n\nStill wrong.\n\nTry again though?
SLAPPIN DA BASS\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 21]]
You think you fancy huh?\n\nTry again?
You found a million dollars in a bag with a note that reads, 'Take and pay the consequences.' You obviously,\n\n[[Take the bag and run]]\n[[Look around for someone and if no one is in sight start stuffing your pockets with cash]]\n[[Call the authorities]]\n[[Wait for the owner of the bag to show up and see if you get rewarded for guarding it]]
You are riding a dolphin sitting down. You decide to;\n\n[[Jump up on its back surfer style and ride it standing]]\n[[Ride it to another country]]\n[[Get off because you've had enough]]\n[[Let the dolphin ride on your back because that is what is fair]]
You are getting dressed in the morning before work, what do you put on?\n\n[[Jeans and a t-shirt]]\n[[Pajamas]]\n[[A suit]]\n[[Nothing, go naked]]
You are on Scenario 15 by the way. Congratulations! Now if someone put a gun to your head and said 'In order to live you have to kill either your mother, your father, your brother, or your sister.' Which would you choose.\n\n[[Mother]]\n[[Father]]\n[[Brother]]\n[[Sister]]\n[[None of the above, kill me]]\n\n(If you're the kind of person that says but wait I don't have a brother or sister, this game is not for you.)
You are skydiving solo for the first time. You have ton it countless times before with others and consider yourself an experience skydiver. However you encounter something that has never happened to you before, your parachute deploys and breaks. You are now in a free-fall. What do you do now?\n\n[[Aim for a body of water]]\n[[Pray for a miracle]]\n[[Call the one you love one last time]]\n[[Look up flight times and try to catch a plane on your way down]]
Mike Tyson just bit your ear off. Your response is to,\n\n[[Bite one of his off]]\n[[Keep fighting you don't need an ear]]\n[[Ask for your ear back]]\n[[Make fun of his lisp until he gives it back]]
The elevator doors begin to close as some yells at you to hold them open. You hate this guy so naturally you,\n\n[[Hold down the 'close' button]]\n[[Hold down the 'open' button]]\n[[Hold down the 'alarm' button]]\n[[Laugh maniacally as they close in front of him]]
You got your tongue stuck to a frozen pole. You are an idiot. From here what do you do?\n\n[[Scream for help]]\n[[Call for help on your cell phone]]\n[[Wait until spring]]\n[[Cut your tongue off]]
Out of these 4 options what makes you the happiest?\n\n[[Playing video games]]\n[[Going out with friends]]\n[[Visiting family]]\n[[Playing sports]]
Frustrating Journey\n
You think you would be cooler with two? You very mistaken my not friend.\n\nTry again?
Cats land on their feet anyway.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 28]]\n
You are with friends and are wondering what Mario Party video game you want to play. You choose;\n\n[[Mario Party]]\n[[Mario Party 2]]\n[[Mario Party 3]]\n[[Mario Party 4-Whatever the fuck number they are at now]]
Some one tags you in a picture on Facebook that you do not want to be tagged in. You;\n\n[[Untag yourself]]\n[[Ask the person to take the picture off Facebook entirely]]\n[[Leave it be]]\n[[Buy Facebook and shut the whole thing down]]\n
Your wife divorces you because she thinks your smoking methamphetamine.\n\nTry again.\n
You are in Canada in the winter and the cabin you rented out has lost power. What do you do next?\n\n[[Start a fire]]\n[[Go back home]]\n[[Build a fort]]\n[[Find the closest house and ask to stay the night]]
At some point we've all hated our sister. \n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 16]]
Hey there is nothing wrong with that choice.\n\nTry again though?
Nah.\n\nTry again?
This may be the only time the correct answer and the right answer overlap.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 19]]\n
See that would be my choice too if this were real life.\n\nTry again?
No he's kind of cool.\n\nTry again?\n
Of course there is.\n\n[[Next|Scenario 34a]]
She birthed and raised you, if you seriously picked this you need to reconnect.\n\nTry again?
Do people still do that?\n\nTry again?
Like a champion. \n\nTry again?
And risk cutting your beautiful fragile finger tips!?\n\nTry again?
And burn the house down you pyro dumbass??\n\nTry again?
And then get shot.\n\nTry again?
You have issues.\n\nTry again?\n\n\n\n
Does it matter?\n\nTry again?
You are an incredibly lazy fuck.\n\nTry again?\n
Does it matter?\n\nTry again?
I lied there is more!! ''I know you're so excited I did!'' But I do promise you are near the end, and since you made it this far I know you cannot quit now. Trust me that you are close and that the end is near.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 31]]
You have no skills as a human yet, guidance could be useful.\n\nTry again?
You are a terrible liar.\n\n[[Last Scenario|Scenario 34]]
Sounds unhealthy.\n\nTry again?
Seriously, what kind of plan is that?\n\nTry again?
Racist.\nTry again?
Hey it is what is fair. \n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 18]]
You are a pervert. \n\nTry again?
I lied there is no jetpack. Did you seriously believe I would give you one?\n\nTry again?
I know they say shoot for moon, but the people who are 'they' in that phrase need to shoot themselves for giving terribly unrealistic advice.\n\nTry again?
Similar to the first, If all answers were just because we are.\n\nTry again?
You wake up to start your day. You get out of bed and go to your kitchen to get some breakfast. What do you choose?\n\n[[Orange juice]]\n[[Bowl of cereal]]\n[[Waffles]]\n[[Skip breakfast who cares?]]
Quitter.\n\nTry again?
Real balsy for a twelve year old. (Or perhaps I was just more afraid than most...)\n\nTry again?
That's right who gives a shit.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 2]]
Realistically yes. In this game no.\n\nTry again?
What is with you and circles?\n\nTry again?
You think staying near a bag filled with 1 million dollars is safe? God you are dumb.\n\nTry again?
*yawn* bore yourself into the history books. \n\nTry again?
Responsible, I like it.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 7]]
Your just doing it for a possible favor in the future, and you still sound like a douche.\n\nTry again?
I only put this answer in because I knew it would be what you want.\n\nTry again?\n
I would do anything to get the perfect camera shot too.\n\nTry again?\n
Don't be a bitch.\n\nTry again?
Some people, including yourself, just want to watch the world burn.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 11]]\n\n
You're too polite.\n\nTry again?
This answer is so dumb it's right.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 30]]
Hahahahahaha obvioulsy it is correct but it is not the right answer to my question. It is the grandma one though, you're welcome.
Who doesn't love a little friendly competition.\n\n[[Ending]]
Try hard.\n\nTry again?
It was actually a fast ball up high and you wiff.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 32]]
Be responsible but not be the name behind it to clear yours. Could be smart and safe...could be.\n\nTry again?
It must be the only way.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 14]]\n
Family time can suck, or it can be awesome.\n\n[[Ending]]
Your grandfather is on his death bed and has requested to see you. You do not know him too well considering you have only visited so many times in your short 6 year life. He tells you that he loves you and wishes he had more time left to spend watching you grow up. He hands you small medal that he earned when fighting for his country. He says he went through a lot to make sure it was safe for his grandchild. You leave the hospital and what do you do with this medal.\n\n[[Throw it out the window]]\n[[Keep it for years to come since it seems important]]\n[[Ask your parents where it came from and how he got it]]\n[[Bury it in the backyard so no one can steal it]]
I am sure that will go over real well young whippersnapper. \n\nTry again?
by Stephen Crooks\n
C'mon now I didn't think you were that stupid...\n\nTry again?
Now we're talking you degenerate.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 9]]
Sure you would, you are so admirable. You're not fooling anyone right now, this is a computer game. If you were that kind of person you would be volunteering or making a difference somewhere.\n\nTry again?
A stranger asking for a friend is a beautiful thing.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 25]]
We all end up dying. It is the sad truth and end to all [[journeys]].
What a good samaritan.\n\nTry again?
They say it's harder than concrete, but I would test that theory as well.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 13]]
This journey you are about to embark on will take you through a plethora of random //scenarios//. ''30'' to be exact (if you can make it). It is up to you to make decisions on what you think is right or wrong. The unfortunate thing though is that there is only 1 right answer each time. It does not mean that answer is correct, but only one will lead you onward in this journey. \n\n[[Are you ready to begin?]]\n
Racist.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 23]]\n
It was actually a fastball up high and you wiff.\n\nTry again?
Too obvious.\n\nTry again?
So you like the imaginative, elaborative route...Well I don't.\n\nTry again?
It was actually a fastball up high and you wiff.\n\nTry again?
Do you know what kind of people use Craigslist...\n\nTry again?
Of course you would pick this. Who wouldn't?\n\nTry again?
So middle school.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 6]]\n
Everyone already knows asshole. \n\nTry again?
Are you satan the killer of fun?\n\nTry again?\n
Chicken is the nicer version of the word I'd like to call you.\n\nTry again?
I bet you rooted for Michael Vick when he made his comeback you asshole.\n\nTry again?
Don't talk to strangers, what are you nuts?\n\nTry again?
I see your religious. That does not help you in this game though.\n\nTry again?\n
No. Just no.\n\nTry again?
Seriously why would you pick that?\n\nTry again?\n\n
You seriously think your crappy 3G phone is going to work at a time like this?\n\nTry again?
Who doesn't love video games?\n\n[[Ending]]
You're vanilla.\n\nTry again?
That would be a nice idea.\n\nTry again?\n
Don't steal someones material you thieving dick. \n\nTry again?
I'm curious too. But I guess we'll never know.\n\nTry again?
Show 'em what you got.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 15]]
It is the original.\n\nTry again?
You need an ear.\n\nTry again?\n
It was actually a fastball up high and you wiff.\n\nTry again?\n
This sounds like a question you ask your parents not God. \n\nTry again?
Don't you love your sense of taste?!?\n\nTry again?
This answer makes no sense to me, and I wrote it.\n\nTry again?
You can't be understood without a tongue, you cannot give directions to your location, you are forever alone.\n\nTry again?
What does this accomplish? Why on earth did you think this would be the right answer?? What kind of thing do you think I am that I would pick this as an acceptable answer..?\n\nNormally I here I would say try again but I don't know if I even want you too anymore.
You are 12 years old and you are sitting with the girl you have had a crush on since you met her years ago. You are alone at a park bench with the town fair behind you both. What do you do?\n\n[[Ask her if she would like to go on some rides]]\n[[Go in for the kiss]]\n[[Tell her you like her and see how she reacts]]\n[[Get up and sprint in circles until she says something]]
You've had too many drinks at the bar. A guy who you like very much comes up and offers you another drink. He knows you have been drinking but may not know how much you have had for your standards. What do you do?\n\n[[Say no thank you but try talking to him anyway]]\n[[Down the drink]]\n[[Say you're too drunk and ask for help instead]]\n[[Run around in circles until he says something]]\n\n
You hate dogs but your roommate wants to get one. You,\n\n[[Buy another dog to fight his out of the house]]\n[[Let the dog loose and don't let it back in]]\n[[Sell it on craigslist]]\n[[Buy a cat]]
You for some reason want to buy a piece of pie, and nothing is going to stop you. What flavor do you choose though?\n\n[[Apple]]\n[[Blueberry]]\n[[Pecan]]\n[[Pumpkin]]
Someone has a hit out on you that you are aware of, and you notice a man following you suspiciously. What course of action do you take?\n\n[[Charge him head on and beat him up]]\n[[Sneak up on him, snap his neck, take his cell phone and call the most recently called number and with a stern voice say the words 'It is done']]\n[[Call the Police]]\n[[Speed to the airport and leave the country]]\n\n
You may float away for ever afterwards, but damn will it be worth it.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 29]]
You want to take a vacation but you only have $11 in your savings account. What do you do?\n\n[[Ask grandma for a loan]]\n[[Rob a bank]]\n[[Quit your job for a higher paying one]]\n[[Work hard, save up, and wait until you can afford it]]\n\n(Obviously the correct answer is the last one)
Some one tells you to shut up. You,\n\n\n[[Spit a 'yo momma' joke back at them]]\n[[Tell them to ''SHUT THE FUCK UP'']]\n[[Punch them in the face without warning]]\n[[Ask them to talk it out rationally]]
We are now at the [[end]].
You are writing a paper that is due at 8am and it is currently 2am. You have to find all 5 of your sources and site them 2 times each in youe 6 page paper. You decide to;\n\n[[Go to bed and suffer the consequences]]\n[[Power through it and get it done at all costs]]\n[[Site each source once so you have enough time]]\n[[Email the teacher saying your internet is down and that you cannot find sources online]]\n
You just landed on mars. You are about to be the first human being to ever step on another planet besides Earth. The first thing you do (out of these 4 options) is;\n\n[[Step onto the ground and throw your hands in the air in celebration]]\n[[Powerslide stomach first into the orange dirt]]\n[[Tebow]]\n[[Write 'your name was here first' on the ground]]
There is a cat stuck in a tree. What do you do?\n\n[[Climb the tree and get the cat]]\n[[Shake the tree and make him fall out]]\n[[Get some Catnip and watch the guy come down on his own]]\n[[Call a fireman]]
What flavor ice cream do you get on hot summer day?\n\n[[Vanilla]] \n[[Chocolate]]\n[[Strawberry]] \n[[Mint Chocolate Chip]]\n
This answer seems most like a TV show to me, so it must be right.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 17]]
You run into your favorite celebrity. You;\n\n[[Ask for an autograph]]\n[[Ask if they will take a picture with you]]\n[[Ask them if they want to hang out sometime]]\n[[Ask them for their home address and social security number]]
You are snowboarding down a mountain by yourself. There is an open untouched slope in front of you. You position yourself ready to take it on. As you start to slide you disrupt the snow beneath you and begin to hear a loud crackling echo underneath you. You turn around to look at the peak and see a fog of snow engulfing the sun light. The first thing you do is;\n\n[[Pull out your camera and take a picture]]\n[[Speed down the slope as fast as possible]]\n[[Pull out your jetpack and fly above it]]\n[[Try to find a rock to hide behind]]\n
You are buying sunglasses. What color sunglasses do you buy?\n\n[[Pink]]\n[[Black]]\n[[White]]\n[[Yellow]]
It is your 21st birthday. You want to go out and celebrate. Where do you go?\n\n[[The movies with your friends]]\n[[A strip club]]\n[[A bar]]\n[[The library and study for the exam you have the next day]]
You start a band and you have all the musical talent in the world, what instrument do you choose to be the lead man with?\n\n[[Guitar]]\n[[Bass]]\n[[Drum kit]]\n[[Vocals/Piano]]
Simple and effective, too bad I don't care for those traits.\n\nTry again?\n
Quitting is the key to success.\n\nTry again?
So impolite.\n\nTry again?
I'm sure your old man would be willing to take the sacrifice for the family. But wrong because I said so.\n\nTry again?
You would ask your own grandmother for money...You disgust me.\n\nTry again?
Seriously why would you pick that?\n\nTry again?\n\n
The logical choice obviously. \n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 12]]
There you go be a kid again.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 5]]
Similar to the last, If all answers were just because we are.\n\nTry again?
Why be where no one can see you? \n\nTry again?
You are a lazy fuck.\n\nTry again?
What is with you and the police? You are too trusting in our legal system.\n\nTry again?
You are 6 you don't know what important is yet.\n\nTry agian?
You need to know how far it can fly!\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 26]]
G0ing 0ut gittin' krunk yeaaaaaaahhhhhh\n\n[[Ending]]
Ok I may have lied one last time. There is one more scenario. You have lied a bunch of times on your first answers as well so I dont want to hear it. After this then you will see what happens next, and don't worry these scenarios are random so do not give them too much thought. \n\n[[Last Scenario|Scenario 35]]
Walking away is always the heroic choice when opportunity knocks on your doorstep. \n\nTry again?
Everyone knows if you read it on the internet it is true.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 33]]\n\n
Last Scenario! You meet God. He greets you with open arms and an invitation into his palace known as heaven. He says you may ask him one question before you go back to Earth. Out of these 4 choices, which would you choose.\n\n[[Why are we here?]]\n[[What is our purpose?]]\n[[Do we make you proud? If not how can we?]]\n[[Is there a meaning to life?]]
You make the worst decisions.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 24]]\n
This is Scenario 30! Answer this one to see what comes next.\n\nYou see darkness and feel your body being pushed through a small space. You feel a cold air touching your body through the passage your heading towards. You see bright lights and are very confused by this new surrounding that you can see. You are witnessing your own birth! However you think everyone knows what this is since you do. How do you react once you are out in the doctors hands.\n\n[[Cry, you are a baby]]\n[[Cry for help and guidance since you are confused]]\n[[Cry because it's freezing and you want a blanket]]\n[[Cry because you are simply a damn baby]]\n
It is the bottom of the 9th inning and you are up to bat. The bases are loaded and you have a full count of 3 balls and 2 strikes with 2 outs. The pitcher eyes you down as you focus on the ball, trying to guess the next pitch. You guess;\n\n[[It's a fastball low]]\n[[It's a curveball low]]\n[[It's a slider on the outside]]\n[[It's a changeup down the middle]]
You find a secretive government document in someones home with intel that you believe the world should know about it. You believe as humans we have the right to know this piece of information, it is that groundbreaking. What do you do next?\n\n[[You ask the owner of the home what it is and give them demands]]\n[[You steal the document and share all of the information online yourself]]\n[[You give it to a journalist you know to spread it]]\n[[You walk away not being able to handle the responsibility]]\n\n
You're sister-in-law asks you to watch her kids for her while she gets her hair done. They are 6 and 8 years old. You despise these little devils who throw sand and eat glass, or the other way around, I don't know they're that crazy. You tell her;\n\n[[You can't because you have other obligations]]\n[[No her children are spawns of satan]]\n[[You will do it out of the love in your heart]]\n[[You can't because your daily smoking meth session is during that time]]
Seriously why would you pick that?\n\nTry again?\n
That would hurt her feelings, the truth often does. \n\nTry again?
Yeah good luck with that. Do you only know this guy from the Hangover? You definitely do.\n\nTry again?
That would be very responsible of you, but you are currently playing this game instead of studying for your other exam anyway so that's a load of bull.\n\nTry again?
Racist.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 27]]\n
Half-assing your work is the key to success.\n\nTry again?
You have no tongue, nobody is going to understand the noise that will be coming out of your mouth. Best case scenario a hunter shoots you thinking they heard a bucks mating call.\n\nTry again?
The end of this journey ends as every other one does. It [[dies|Death]].
Nothing wrong with movies. Except escapism and filling children's minds with false hope and unattainable fantasy.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 22]]
That shit is like crack/cocaine. \n\nTry again?
All I want is a fucking blanket.\n\n[[See what is next|Scenario 30a]]
You do not have that skill stop kidding yourself with these answers.\n\nTry again?
But of course.\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 3]]
Who wouldn't love Argentina?\n\n[[Next Scenario|Scenario 4]]
Heartwarming, but everyone's heart hurts in that case.\n\nTry again?
Yeah I bet you would.\n\nTry again?
That seems a tad bit impolite.\n\nTry again?\n
He'll give it right back I'm sure.\n\nTry again?