Amaury lay on his stomach. It felt oddly comfortable. As if this was where he was meant to be.\n\nThere was something [[odd|Odd]] about this.\n\nHis arms and legs lapsed into positions that felt completely natural. As if he had taken up this hunched position a million time before in his daily routines.
The Man Shark of Venice lay broken and dying, wheezing through multiple throat wounds.\n\nCorey's corpse prostrate, cooling in the fresh Alpine snow. His hand still clutching the particle axe. \n\nThe airship was scattered in flaming ruins, its wreckage smote upon the mountainside.\n\nAmaury smiled a now near toothless grin.\n\nAnd [[died.|Credits]].
Weaving under the shadows of gondolas floating above, The Beast considered his next move. \n\nWill he kill for [[necessity|Kill 1]] or [[pleasure?|Kill 1]]\n
There is barely anything left of the morsel when the thrashing stops.\n\nThe water is red. The [[screams|Aftermath]] are loud.
The guitarist smashes his instrument into the beast's snout.\n\nThis only [[angers|Anger]] it.
Amaury's sharklike nature, given terrifying form. \n\nSuddenly he felt the urge to swim. He needed water. Not a thirst, but an itch.\n\nHe wanted to stretch these [[powerful|Escape]] muscles to the max.\n\nAnd he was hungry. Ravenous.
The thrill of the kill makes Amaury feel alive. This was living.\n\nHe revels in the slaughter. \n\nGiant teeth slicing with unstoppable force through flesh. \n\n[[There was only hunger.|Aftermath]]\n\nIt consumed him.\n\nAmaury was no more.
Away from the club dancefloor and making your way through a sub-basement, the faint thump of the bass hits as fast as your heart rate. You shouldn't be here. You could get into trouble. Big trouble. No sooner were you thinking this, you find the group you sought. No longer feeling as brave and bold as when you had slammed down those shots not two hours ago. \n\nThere are close to 50 people here, all sat in rows of semi-circles around a shabby figure by the back wall. The crowd trades in small talk, anticipation weaving into the fabric of reality. You find a space between a young rebellious looking woman and a man in a fine three piece suit. You were in an eclectic group indeed. \n\nThe minutes stretch on, and just as you decide you don't want to end up in a Government talk tank, the stranger lowers his dusty hood and with a wry smile, begins to recount his tale.\n\nNow that this preacher is speaking, there's no way you can leave. The risk cannot be for nothing. Surely you have to [[ride this train|Intro]] all the way to the station? Then again there is always the [[emergency brakes.|Emergency Brakes]]
It is long and unweildy.\n\nIt is [[no defence.|No Defence]]
Amaury realised that he would never see his trousers again.\n\nHe was surprsiingly upset about this, almost drowning in sorrow over the loss of his pee pee soaked leg sleeves.\n\nTruly he was the [[unluckiest|Questions 2]] soul.
Amaury awakes in a small room. He is lying on his side on a cold steel gurney. Orange beams stab at the grey facade that surrounds him. \n\nSunrise or sunset?\n\nHow long had he [[been out?|Questions]]\n\nAmaury tries to [[sit up|Sit Up]]\n
He had no idea who had put him in this predicament. \n\nNeedless to say, Amaury swore bloody [[vengeance|Sit Up]] upon the soul.
Death seeks out the American tourist. An ample feast indeed!\n\nYou pull him under, tearing into his [[flesh.|Flesh]]\n\nThe smell of blood in his nostrils was [[euphoric.|Euphoria]]
Vague recollections. \n\nToo many missing pieces in this [[puzzle.|Who Was Man]].
The man is gripped in claws.\n\nThe age old question of how many bones must you crunch to kill a man is at long last answered.\n\n[[One.|Skull]]\n\n
He turned down the alley to the right.\n\nIt was long and dark and seemed to go on forever.\n\nReasoning that if it was long enough he'd pass a landmark he recognised, he [[ventured on.|Knock Out 2]]
[[What had happened?|What Happened]]\n\n[[Who was that man?|Who Was Man]]\n\n[[Where was he?|Where Was He]]\n
The preacher finished his tale, a humbling silence radiating from the room.\n\nYou get up and leave, walking through the streets of Neo-Glasgow.\n\nForever changed.
It was some time before he realised that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere.\n\nThis was not the way back to the hotel, and the intrepid explorer was quite [[lost.|Lost1]] He cursed himself, knowing he'd barely have time for both dinner and sex tonight.\n\nTrying to get his bearings, Amaury [[struck out|Lost2]] out in a direction he thought would get him back on the right road.\n\nAs the shadows grew ever longer...
[[Attack a tourist|Tourist]]\n\n[[Attack the oarsman|Oarsman]]\n\n[[Attack the guitarist|Guitarist]]
Then through the carnage, he [[saw|Man]] a figure.\n\nA man who he believed to be dead!
The oarsman is dragged under.\n\nHe is a large man and tries to [[fend off|Oar]] the abomination with his long paddle oar.
The Illegal Preacher's Tales Of Interest\n\nTale No. 1
Leaving St. Mark's square Amaury walked along the main prominade. It was still warm and there was a light breeze, which wafted that faint smell that reminds you that you are in a city surrounded by water. \n\nHe continued along, passing an [[ice cream vendor|Ice Cream]], and wondered if he could bottle this stink and export it. It would be wonderful if this pungent smell was the last thing his enemies gasped in as they let go of their hold on life.\n\nHe amused himself with these thoughts as he [[wandered|Street]] through the streets. Lost in his fancies.
The Man Shark snaps the oar with its giant claws.\n\nHe uses it to [[impale|Euphoria]] the hapless man, creating a human kebab.
"[[Corey!|Corey]]," Amaury growled. \n\n"I thought you were dead." \n\nThe words fell out awkwardly due to the lack of lips.\n\n"You did this to me?"
The sky is dark.\n\nAway from the gizzly scene life goes on.\n\nA shodow stalks the streets.\n\nHeading towards [[enlightenment.|Restaurant]]
Amaury tried to sit up. He was having trouble moving. \n\nTwisitng off the table, his legs failed to swing out under him as he had attended and Amaury made a speed acquaintance with the cold tiled floor.\n\nThere was a heavy smack.\n\nHe felt [[heavy.|Realisation]] \n\nAs if he were haeving round a massive bulk.\n\nHe trid to reach up to the gurney to pull himself up, but his arms protested. Not in pain. Strained.
The man's skull was crushed between mighty jaws.\n\nAnger and elation was Amaury's world now.\n\nHe swallowed wood and bone alike.\n\nHe needed more. His [[feeding frenzy|Oarsman]] hitting its apex.\n\n
The wealth of Venice had gathered at its most exlusive restaurant to [[gorge|Window Smash]] themselves on fine wine and sin. What they didn't know was that the only thing on the menu that night was dismemberement!
With one powerful bound he smashed through the low window, cascading into the outside world in a shower of glass and ill intent.\n\nHe was [[Free!|Amaury Bigeard Is]]\n
Tourists, the oarsman and even a guitarist were treading water.\n\nSix meals.\n\n[[Introduce them to the infernal abyss.|Frenzy]]
Streaking through the waterways of Venice, Amaury had never felt such a thrill. To slip from one world to another with ease was liberating.\n\nHe only had one thing on his mind now. Food. There was a dark hunger rising within his soul. All other thoughts were pushed aside. There was nothing but the [[hunt.|Hunting]].\n\nHe couldn't concetrate on any single thought for long. Not before the cravings for flesh came rushing back.\n\nWhat drives a man to kill? Is it hunger, or something more sinister?\n
It was dark now. Faint noises bubbled in from a distance, but no matter how much he tried to walk in their direction Amaury didn't happen upon another living soul.\n\nHe walked for what seemed like hours.\n\nExhausted, he barely noticed the shape melt from the shadows. \n\nA moment of sharp pain.\n\n[[Darkness...|Awakening]]
Approaching the fountain, Amaury leaned down to support himself on the marle side, staring at his reflection.\n\nIt was because of this he saw the figure come up behind him. Too late though, as he felt something tighten around his neck.\n\nAmaury flailed in blind panic, urinating on the spot and ruining his trousers.\n\nAs [[blackness|Awakening]] began to overcome his vision, Amaury, not for the first time in his life, feared oblivion.
No. Not a man.\n\nA beast.\n\nPowerful clawed limbs protruding from the body of the oceans most feared predator.\n\nFor a man who had made a career out of being a land based predator, this was something of a shock. \n\n[[Where does the man end and the beast begin?|Thirst]]\n
You cannot stand it. Turns out you weren't made of the tougher stuff like you had always thought. Quietly you get up and leave, stewing in your ignorance. Destined never to change the world.\n\nCoward.
Amaury the Man Shark burst through the facade, tearing into the well to do patrons.\n\nHe [[swallowed|Dinner]] a child whole.
Ah Italian ice cream. Is there anything better? Although he had not yet had dinner, Amaury reasened his thighs would forgive him this one thing. What's a holiday if you cannot treat yourself?\n\nOrdering a double scoop of mint delight, he took his new found glory from the large Italian man, with a gold tooth and poor personal hygiene. Amaury had no doubt that this man was on some kind of register somewhere.\n\nStill, he had ice cream and he [[went on his way|Street]], happily licking away.
[[Scene MISSING|End]]\n\n
Corey smiled a knowing smile. \n\n"I regret nothing." His voice was like an icicle severing a winter whore's spine.\n\n"I simply unleashed the potential you continuously squandered. Do not ask why, or how, for I do not have the time to entertain your curiosity."\n\nAmaury had but one choice.\n\n[[CLAIM YOUR BLOODY VENGEANCE!|Missing Scene]]
With a burst of speed the Man Shark crashes into the gondola. An [[explosion|Feast]] of splinters signals its peril to terrified onlookers at the shores. \n\nScreams and confusion.
[[Chunks|Chunks]] are torn from the man.\n\n
A waiter lost his legs, and his dreams of being a world class track runner disappeared as quick as his knees did down Amaury's [[gaping|Vision]] maw.
A cold empty room. \n\nClinical and desolate at the same time.\n\nA lone candelabra sat on a table, burnt out. Amaury thought it was trying way too hard to set a mood to proceedings. \n\nHe should probably [[get away|Sit Up]] while he could. Before [[whoever|Who Was Man]] put him here came back.
He emerged in a small piazza. There was a [[fountain|Knock Out 1]] in the middle with a statue of a bull rearing its head to the sky. \n\n
\nA flicker.\n\n[[Light|Awareness]]\n
Sitting in the shade and sipping on a glass of cool white wine, Amaury Bigeard looked out over the sun drenched space of Saint Mark's square. He felt a small pride in avoiding the advances of the many hundreds of pidgeons, who had developed a kamikaze attitude towards tourists. Now he sat back and pondered how American tourists could be equal parts loud and ignorant. And they were ever so loud.\n\nThis felt good. He deserved this little break away from it all. Soaking up the Venetian sun and strolling alongside the city's many little canals. He finally had time to unwind and gather his thoughts.\n\nOf course the fact that the police were taking a higher than normal interest in his affairs meant that this was the opportune time to start spending some of that money he had earned.\n\nFinishing his wine, just as the sun was beginnig to dip in the sky, our hero decided he'd be getting [[back to the hotel.|Walk Hotel]] As he passed over a tip and a smile to the beautiful waitress, Amaury visualised the night of hot, sordid sex he was going to have with the Austrian heiress he had befriended at the hotel bar two days ago. \n\n"Yes, he thought. I deserve this."\n\n
[[What had happened?|What Happened]]\n\n[[Who was that man?|Who Was Man]]\n\n[[Where was he?|Where Was He]]\n\n[[Where were his trousers?|Trousers]]\n
There, on the shiney surface Amaury saw what he had become.\n\nA shark stared back at him, grinning a smile of death.\n\n[[A SHARK WITH THE LEGS OF A MAN!|ManShark]]\n
A leg is [[severed.|Severed Leg]]
By Corey Milne
He mused over this uneasiness, staring at the metal wheels on the tray he had awokken on, locked into place.\n\nThen it hit im.\n\nHe should have been staring at the floor. \n\nOn his belly, he was staring right ahead, and he wasn't holding his head up. There was no effort involved. \n\nHe just was. \n\nAmaury [[jumped|Mirror]] up, his arms and legs producing a powerful thrust which sent his head crashing into the trolley, toppling it over to its side.
[img[]]\n\n[img[]]\n\n[[Witness The Horror.........|Continue]]\n