A Note...\n\nThis short piece arose from the release of Call of Duty Ghosts. It should be noted that I have not played the game, however this was directed at its theme rather than its actual content.
Now suddenly, they day no one dared believe would arrive had in fact knocked on the metaphorical front door, thrown its bags at you and exclaimed it was here to stay.\n\nNow there was no time to regret going against the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.\n\nNo use picking up a phone and working things out over a game of chess and some brandy.\n\nYou run out of options fast when your own superweapon is hijacked and used against you.\n\n[[Damn Those South Americans!|2023]]
[[Give the order...|Order]]
The room was deathly silent. One would think the uniformed men in attendance were frozen in time. They dared not move. Unwilling to exhale, as if the first one to do so would bring about [[armageddon.|Space]]
The year is 2023.\n\nWe had to construct a kinetic bombardment orbital platform.\n\nJust look at the Middle East. It's just an irradiated hole.\n\nThat's the world we live in.\n\nAnd now numerous cities across America have been reduced to rubble.\n\nMillions dead.\n\nThe Federation thinks it can simply walk in here and take this great land for itself?\n\nHa!\n\n[[Time to FIGHT BACK!|Fight]]
Duty Calls
Corey Milne
The Federation had devastated America.\n\nNow the only response was under way.\n\nAmerica had maintained a nuclear policy consisting of land, air and sea strike capabilities since the Cold War.\n\nA devastating strike had to be met with an equally devastating strike. \n\nSouth America would die screaming in nuclear fire.\n\nTensions would rise.\n\nRelations would collapse.\n\n[[And ghosts would inherit the Earth.|End]]\n\n\n