Restart Story

The young boy starting Middle School did not understand the pressures of the barrier between [[males]] and [[females]]. Why was it such a big deal if you were friends with someone who was the oppisite sex?
Majoring in Engineering. \n\nDrinking a few sips of beer.\n\nExperiemnting with everything and anything.\n\nStruggling with my social life. \n\nBut I can get one after college. \n\n\n[[Graduation]]
We're prettier, smarter, better than any of you. Don't talk to me if you aren't being spoken to and don't you dare wear the same clothes as I do. Also, you can't sit with us....ever.
We are superior to all humankind and we're basically better than everyone else. Don't question out authority and we won't beat you up. Girls are gross.
The end. :)
That's it, your life is over.
There was a young boy who would soon start the magical world of [[college]]. He had gone through the easy life of [[elementray school]], struggled in [[middle school]], and suffocated in [[high school]]. But no longer! This young boy was about to start a new adventure!
This is where the young boy went through such [[drama]] that he excluded himself from all the pointless people in his life that did no good. He focused on his studies, family, and self. And only did he have one good friend who was actually a young [[girl]].
Welcome to the [[Glory]] Years, where most of your dreams come true!
The Young Boy
Shhhhhh, I'm sleeping!
Elementray school is where it was at for everyone! Let's be real. No one ever wanted to give up [[nap time]]. Also, why did they even give nap time to younger kids? High school students needed it more.
She's really cute and smart and funny. I think I might like her but she is going to a different school than I am...
Kutoof Alwazir