You open up your browser and search Google for a job. \nAfter a good search, you discover three good jobs that you find suitable. \n\nWhat job ya gonna take?\n\n\n
You waste some time. By this point, you're not too surprised by your own actions.\n Boredom +100\n You're left with nothing to do now but find that damn job already. \n\n[[Look online for a job]]
You've just recently moved to Florida and even better, you've finished unpacking in your new house. The guy who installed your TV and internet just left as well. You know you need a job, this nice house isnt going to pay itself. \n\nWhatcha gonna do?\n\n[[Be a lazy asshole]]\n[[Look online for a job]]
Inspired to be lazy, you decide to take a well deserved nap and wake up an hour later.\n Energy +10\n\nWhat now?\n\n[[Look online for a job]]\n[[Be hungry]]\n
You're super hungry after all the laborious lounging you've done so you decide to eat something. \n Stomach +20\n\n[[Look online for a job]]\n[[Waste time]]
You decide that finding a job can wait, you've had such a busy day, so why not relax? \n You open up your browser and get onto YouTube and notice that Cry has uploaded a video! The video makes you chuckle and amuses you as you watch it like always.\n Inspiration +5 \n\nWhat now?\n\n[[Look online for a job]] \n[[Continue to be lazy]]\n\n