Maybe it got lost somewhere inside the money stacks, besides in there I don't think it could really be anywhere else, but I might as well [[check|]] just in case. I'm way too exhausted to [[backtrack|]] all the way back to the building.
I guess it was 210 after all. I swipe my key and the door opens. Like clockwork, great. Apparently I left the TV on and Giovanni's been watching Seinfeld all day. Lucky him, right?\n\nI pull some duck food out of the hotel pantry and feed him for a few minutes and begin writing in my [[journal|]].\n\n[img[images.jpg]]
I go back to the scene of the crime. The best thing I can do is pretend I'm a victim and I have lost my phone. I ask around the security guards to see if they have found a phone. In theory, they shouldn't be checking them but if they looked through my phone I'll just deny it was mine. I start talking to the police officer and notice Andy out of the corner of my eye. Andy is the boss' second hand man and "clean up crew" if he sees me here I'll be screwed for sure, but I already started [[talking|]] to the police officer and if I [[run|]] he'll be suspicious too.
"Smith" I say as confidently as possible. "Ah yes", the receptionist says. "Winston?" \n\nOh thank god, that could have gone a lot worse. Apparently I'm in room [[210|]].
A lot of hassle going on in the streets. Must be something about that bank robbery we pulled off a few hours ago. I pass a lot of food joints but I must resist. After what seems like an eternity I reach the [[hotel]].
This is a true story. The events depicted in this story took place in Colorado in 2011. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it [[occurred]]
No, it couldn't have been that, they dont have a "0" floor. Now, was it "[[120|]] or [[210|]]?
It's only been 5 minutes and my legs are starting to get really tired. Maybe I should just wait for the [[bus|]], but on the other hand it will just take me longer to get there. That seems pretty stupid, I think I'll [[walk|]].\n\n
Damn, right in the eye! I did not expect that they would use those dye packs at a bank like that. Sometimes having glasses pays off, that could have gone a lot worse. I still can't see though, but I at least I know my phone isn't in there. Very comforting. I can barely see in my glasses and it probably looks really suspicious. Should I keep them [[on|]] or take them [[off|]]?
Thanks for playing my game! It's my first try at this so I know it wasn't very good but if you liked it feel free to follow me on Twitter (@BigCorgi) or send me some suggestions about what I can improve and what I did well on. \n\nCredits\nWriting: Me\nPictures: The Internet
If it's in here it will be really hard to find it, all the damn money I got from the heist is in the way. I definitely thought I had it on me a few hours ago but I can't help but worry what will happen if they find it on the scene. Of course it was only a burner but my boss would kill me if they found it. Should I [[keep looking|]], or [[backtrack|]]?
It's out out of order, looks exactly like the elevator they have on the Big Bang Theory, god I hate that show. I miss Netflix. Better take the [[stairs]].
Searching for my phone, I begin to pat myself down and I have no luck finding it. Maybe I should [[backtrack|]].\n\nIt could be in my [[backpack|]] though.
"Rowave, Michael." I say. \n\n"I'm sorry, we have no one booked under that name. Would you like to try again, the room might be booked under a spouse's or friend's name?"\n\nWell now if I don't try that cop might say something. Should I try my [[alias]], or go with [[Smith]]?
I start running as fast I can, thank god I didn't bring anything to work and my backpack is just full of money. The police officer just stood there confused but now I've got Andy running after me. \n\nI try to [[run across the street|crossing the street blindly]] when BAM!
Finally laying on my hopsital bed. I was beginning to think that the ride to the hospital and doctor check up would never be over. I can't move any part of my body but at least my mind is as strong as ever. Just as I'm beginning to see the silver lining, the boss' personal ass-kisser (second hand man), Andy comes to visit me. I always thought that they wouldn't allow visitors to see me in a critical condition like this. There's a really strong chance they payed off the hospital staff. If I could jump out of this two story window to get into the the surgery room again I definitely would if it meant I wouldn't have to face what's [[coming|]].
Might as well just rest, I walked past a bus stop a few seconds ago anyway.\n\nThat felt good, I wonder how long I slept?\n\nWow, It's 2:40 already and the bus still isn't here, I might need to look up the schedule [[online|]] to make sure I didn't miss it. \n\nNah, I think I'll just walk to the [[hotel|]]
It all started back in 2005 with my high school teacher. He got involved in some crazy shit and it led to a huge investigation on drug trafficking. Fast forward 10 years, I see him in the supermarket and we have a lovely conversation. It ends with something like "If you don't do what I say I will shoot you right here in this store". Apparently he some people monitor his students and confronted them to do a bank robbery to fund a new drug trafficking organization. All the guys were my work friends and we all went to the same school so if we got caught the media would have no trouble believing it. The idea was to hit the bank, take as much as we could fit in our work backpacks, and then give him the money when he called. The problem is, I don't have my cell phone so there is no way for him to reach me unless he wants to come down here himself, so my options are very limited. \n\nThis is the last entry I will be able to make. Farewell... for now.
Hm, I don't have my phone but I surprisingly still have my room key. I wonder what else I've lost... None of that really matters, I just really need to see Giovanni. My room's only on the second floor, should I walk up the [[stairs]], or take the [[elevator]]?
2:05..2:06..2:07..2:08\n\nFinally, 2:09. I can finally get the hell out of here. On the way out of the door I realize just how long I have to walk to get home. To be honest though I don't know if I can call it a home since it's just a hotel room. It will be worth it though once I see Giovanni. Poor guy must be bored out of his mind waiting in there all alone. Oh well, I'll be there soon enough. Maybe I should [[start walking|]].
Interesting, I guess it was on the first floor then. For some reason my key won't work, right as I'm about to go to the front desk I am approached by a rather muscular gentelman. Apparently he is in room 120 and my room number was [[210|]] after all. Although I did get a black eye, I definitely learned my lesson. Always go with your insticts.
"The boss isn't too happy", he says. "They found your phone in your shoe and traced his number, so now we need a new safe house". \n\nInstinctively, I start apologizing and saying I can make things right. All I can move is my head, and thank god my mouth is still intact, otherwise I wouldn't be able to say my last dying words. Now that I think about it, there really isn't anything worse than [[death|]], but if there was I have seen it all. Goodbye, and please take care of him.\n\n[img[images.jpeg]]
Well, that only took a few seconds. I still can't remember my room number though. Was it [[120|]], [[210|]], or [[012|]]?\n\nMaybe I better go to the [[front desk|]] to confirm so I'm not just walking around like the idiot I am.
Yeah, I can see way better through the paint than without the glasses. I don't think I'd have any luck trying to look for them now, so I better head down to the [[hotel|]] and hope no one notices me.
Right as I walk into the lobby I see a police officer and we share brief eye contact. How did I not see him before? Now if I mess up there's no turning back. Before I get a chance to go to the front desk, the police officer asks the receptionist if he had seen any suspicious activity relating to a bank robbery a couple of blocks away. If I walk away he'll just think I'm avoiding him so I better go through with this. I tell the receptionist I've forgotten my room key and he asks for a last name. The boss booked it for me so maybe, I only get one try so I better get it right.\n\nShould I tell him my [[real name|]]?\nOr maybe something along the lines of [[Smith]] would get me a better chance?
This might have been a bad idea but I could have been stopped by the police if they saw that I had paint on my glasses. I think I saw better with them [[on|]] but I think I'll just take the risk instead of [[crossing the street blindly|]]
I keep talking to the cop and so far Andy doesn't seem to notice me. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they haven't looked through the crime scene so there is no "lost and found" per se. At least now Andy is out of site. Maybe I should go back to the [[hotel|]].
This is not as hard as I thought it would be, I think to myself just before I am hit by BMW. As I lay on the ground, all I can do is think and listen to my heartbeat. I see innocent bystanders rushing up to me, and after a few minutes the paramedics come. I think to myself "Hell, if I've made it this long I'm bound to survive a little longer". But if not, oh well. Some things are [[worse|]] than [[death|]]. It's funny, out of everything in the world I loved nothing more than my pet duck Giovanni. *Tape recorder clicks off*\n\n[img[images.jpg]]
"Oh of course, my father in law must have booked the room. Try Deckard, Richard." \n\nEverything that happens after is a blur. I may be getting taken to a police station or a hospital but I am barely conscious. The only words that I can make out are "bank and cell phone". I begin to think, maybe some things are [[worse|]] than [[death|]] and reach for the cord to my life support.