Oh boy not a good idea. This would be a good option on maybe one or two but not a group. Master Daichi would be disappointed. You don't have time to build up your powers before they attack. This is definitely going to leave a scar.\n\n[[OUCH|AMBUSH]]
If you chose to pierce its heart using your spirit dagger it momentarily stuns the Obake but does not kill it. It will give you a chance to escape. It does work well on other spirit demons. This is a handy tool so keep this in mind.\n\n[[Next|DAICHI]]
You a Ninjustsu warrior is on his way home across the Shinano province after two years at war. You arrives home to find it burning and your family murdered. The insignia of the Dragon Warlord Kazuki is mounted in the ground. \n\nYou look up and curse the heavens. In a fit of rage and despair you vow to take revenge on the one that killed your family. Sealing your fate you take your own life.\n\n[[Short fall to hell|YOMI]]
You head into the village and see soldiers fighting and kills men, women and children. You are able still new to your spirit powers so you make some mistakes but you are able to save the village. After recieving their thanks and a spirit token you continue on to Daichi.\n\n[[Next stop Daichi!|DAICHI]]
An Obake is a Japanese shape shifting soul stealers. It is once of your greastest foes. Since you are not fully human your soul is not safe. If they take your soul you will burn for eternity in Yomi.\n\n[[Next|DAICHI]]
It is a state of civil war. In 14th century Japan the military government known as the Kamakura Shogunate has been over thrown and every warlord is fighting for control of Japan. Warlord against warlord is leaving Japan in ruins. The most ruthless of these warlords is the Dragon Warlord Kazuki. You will be navigating this world as Takeshi a Ninjustsu warrior.\n\nReady to enter the world of 14th century Japan?\n\n\n[[Take me to Japan!|TAKESHI]]
Oh man bad news. I guess you didn't pay attention with Master Daichi huh? Swords have very little effect on Obake demons. You're just doing a good job of pissing them off. I hope you have a plan B.\n\n[[Next|AMBUSH]]
You are bobbing and weaving like you are straight out of the Matrix. The spirit dagger isn't killing them but they are scattered at your feet momentarily stunned. Better get out now!\n\n[[Run before they gain back control!|ECHIGO]]
If you chose to use yoru spirit pwers on her they have very little lasting effect. She is able to counter your attacks. Run Forrest run! \n\n[[Hope your fast|FRONT GATE]]\n\n
If you chose to use your spirit powers you drain the Obake's essence. The Obake is neutralized and sent back to Yomi. This is the best option but your spirit powers take longer to muster. Not the best option when multiple Obake's are attacking.\n\nYou thank Spirit Master Daichi for teaching you how to use your powers and you continue on your journey.\n\n\n[[Continuing on|SHINANO]]
If you chose to take the side entrance you come into contact with an actual battalion. After fighting the battalion you have used up a lot of your spirit powers. Slowly you make your way to the courtyard where you have to fight Akido.\n\nThe fight is long and bloody but you manage to defeat him.\n\n[[Limp your way to Kazuki|FORTRESS]]
You are traveling through the Shinano province heading towards the Echigo province where the Dragon Warlord Kazuki is located. While on the road you are ambushed by a group of Kazuki's soldiers. \n\n[[Do you fight them using only your Ninjustsu skills?|NINJUSTSU]]\n\n[[Do you fight them using your spirit powers?|SPIRIT POWERS]]
You are standing outside the gates of Yomi with Niroshi. You are near a village being attacked. Niroshi says this is your first mission. You must decide what your next course of action will be. Will you delay your mission to Daichi and stop the attack or ignore the attack.\n\n[[Stop the invaders from destroying the village|STOP ATTACK]]\n\n[[Continue on your quest to meet up with the spirit master|CONTINUE]]\n\n\n\n
Spirit Warrior
If you chose to use your spirit dagger you will find that multiple cuts weakens her but doesn't kill her. While she is momentarily stunned you are able to get away safely.\n\n[[Whew!|FRONT GATE]]
If you chose to take your chances with the battalion at the gate it turns out it was a mirage staged by Kazuki's second in command Akido. Once you dispel the Phantom warriors you take on Akido and win. It is time to enter the fortress and take on Kazuki.\n\n[[Enter the Fortress|FORTRESS]]
Your path of light has now come to an end. You chose the path of justice and it was a very noble quest. As a reward the Goddess Izanami has decided to reunite you with your family. You turn around your wife and child are standing at the gates of Yomi. Bowing to the Goddess you turn and walk into their welcome arms. \n\nTHE END
Your path of darkness has now come to an end. You chose the path of revenge and oh it was sweet. As a reward the Goddess makes you a General in the underworld. You have a legion of undead soldiers at your command. The prize of your domain is you now have control over Kazuki's soul and punishment. Not only his but thousands of soul's in Yomi.\n\nTHE END
In choosing the light path you are choosing the path of justice. Your powers will have a golden aura to them and are healing based. Your journey will be that of light and the reward at the end of your journey will be that fitting of a hero. \n\n[[Takeshi's return|NIROSHI]]
When they turn to approach you Niroshi shows up and blocks their path. Slamming his staff down on the ground the Obake demons disappear. He congratulates you on finishing your quest. Slamming his staff down he is transported back down Yomi. \n\nStanding at the before Izanami she praises your feat of strength and valor on your journey. Now it is time to recieve your reward.\n\n[[Path of light|REWARD 1]]\n\n[[Path of Darkness|REWARD 2]]\n
You are nearing the front gate of the Dragon Warlord's fortress high in the mountains. There is a battalion of guards at the gate. Not looking like the best choice. Therr is an entrance on the side of the fortress, but you can't see what is beyond the door. So which path do you want to take?\n\n[[Do you want to take your chances with the battalion at the front gate?|BATTALION]]\n\n[[Take the side entrance and risk a bigger threat or none at all.|SIDE ENTRANCE]]
You wake up in the Japanese underword Yomi at the feet of the Goddess Izanami. You plead with her to restore you to life with powers so that you can enact your revenge. \n\nThe Goddess Izanami is anger that you would make such a request after taking your own life as if you are worth of such a request. You promise her that if she grants this request you will indenture you soul to her for eternity. \n\nLuckily Izanami takes pity on you and gives you a chance. She will restore you to life but not fully. You will not be alive but yet you are not dead. You will lead a half life while you seek revenge. You will be a Spirit Warrior.\n\nNow you must choose your path.\n\n[[Choose the path of light for justice is your desire|LIGHT PATH]]\n\n[[Choose the path of darkness for revenge is your desire|DARK PATH]]
If you chose your sword it didn't kill the Obake, more like just pissed it off. It's head reappeared right you cut it off.\n\n[[Next|DAICHI]]
Niroshi is the gatekeeper for the underworld. He is waiting for you once you return to the world of the living. Niroshi tells you that he will help you during your journey. The first thing you need to do is to go see Spirit Master Daichi. He will help teach you your spirit powers.\n\n[[Onward to Daichi!|VILLAGE]]
If you chose to fight them using your Ninjustsu skills you take minor damage but open up a can of whoop a-- on the soldiers. The soldiers are neutralized but still alive.\n\n[[Take that!|AMBUSH]]
You make your way up into the Echigo mountain pass. A strong north wind blows in obstructing your path. When the wind dies down a [[Yuki Onna|OONA]] is standing in your path. Enslaved to Kazuki she guards his northern pass.\n\n[[Do you use your spirit powers and try and fight her off?|SPIRIT OONA]]\n\n[[Do you use your dagger to momentarily stun her and run off?|SPIRIT DAGGER]]
In choosing the dark path you are choosing the path of revenge. Your powers will be shrouded in darkness and have a red aura. Your powers will be damaged based and the reward at the end of your journey will be that of power.\n\n\n[[Takeshi's Return|NIROSHI]]
You have heading pass Yuroshimi heading towards the mountain pass at Echigo. That last fight has put a toll on you but you know you must go on if you intend to reach your goal. You are heading through a bamboo forest a few kilometers south of the pass when a group of Obake demons encircle you.\n\nTime is of the essence. If you don't want your soul taken back to Yomi you have to think quick. How are you going to get out of this one?\n\n[[Break out your sword! It's time to slice and dice!|SLICE]]\n\n[[Use your spirit dagger and aim for their hearts!|HEARTS]]\n\n[[Suck'um dry! Use your spirit powers to drain them!|DRAIN]]
You decide to not intervene in the attack on the village. Niroshi guides you are around the village and you hear the villagers screams as they are being killed. Heading away from the villagers you see fires burning. A loud moan starts coming from the village. Because so many innocents was killed spirit reapers were summoned. You better hurry next they are coming for you.\n\n[[Hurry towards Daichi|DAICHI]]
You have now arrived in the small village of Okida and are standing in front Spirit Master Daichi. You are learning how to use your spirit powers. He gives you the scenerio that you are being attacked by [[Obake|OBAKE]] demons. What is the best method to defend against a Obake demon?\n\n[[Use your sword to cut off its head|SWORD]]\n\n[[Pierce its heart using your spirit dagger|DAGGER]]\n\n[[Use your spirit powers to drain its spirit essence|SPIRIT]]
April N. Brown
If you chose to fight them using your spirit power you thrust the soldiers in the air and rip their souls away from their body. You absorb their souls and it increases your spirit power. \n\n[[Total annihalation|AMBUSH]]
Yuki Onna is a ruthless Japanese Show Spirit. Scorned in life and brutally murdered her spirits roamed the Japanese mountains. Using a talismen Kazuki enslaved her spirit and keeps her guarding the pass to his fortress.\n\n[[Next|ECHIGO]]
You enter the main hall of Kazuki's fortress. The massive hall is two stories high with bright red walls. Golden Dragons embelish the walls and black caligraphy adorn the pillers. In a golden chair with black dragon embroidery sits Kazuki. Using your spirit powers you seal off the room. You want to make sure this battle is between you and him.\n\nPulling out his sword Kazuki charges you and you two battle. The relentless chimes of swords clashing fills the hall. Kazuki manages to cut your arm and your side but you battle on. Using all your Ninjustsu skills you manage to land a kicks that sends him flying into his chair. Pressing the advange you throw your sword through his gut pinning him to the chair. \n\nYou walk up to him watching as blood runs from his mouth and you remind him of how your family must have suffered. He deserves a fate worse than death and you want to make sure he has it. Stepping back you pull all your spirit powers building them to full strength. Throwing yoru arms out you unleash your powers and rip his soul from his body. Obake demons come into the room and take his soul to Yomi. \n\n[[It is done|NIROSHI 2]]\n\n