The blue light appears to be coming from a pile of sheets in the corner. The smell is unpleasant but reminds you of berries. \nYou [[lift the sheets | under the sheets]]
You arrive at another door. It appears unlocked. \n\nYou [[open the door | strange room]]\nYou [[keep going | the light]]
The hallway glows a faint blue. You look into the bottle to see if the light is coming from there, but you can't find it's source. You realize that it is coming from your mouth, the residue from the blue liquid glowing the same way the bottle did. \nYou [[fall to the ground |Start]]
You stand in a dark hallway. It appears to go on forever. There are no windows and no doorways. The only light comes from a small lamp on the floor behind you. \n\nYou [[continue down the hall | key]]
You fish through your pockets. There is a lighter in the back pocket of your pants, which is strange because you normally use matches. As you pull your hand out of your jacket pocket a crumpled ball of paper falls to the ground. \n\nYou [[pick it up and open it | note]]\n\nYou [[light it on fire for fun | fire]]\n\n
You finish cooking the recipe. It smells like cat food and looks unpleasant. \n\nYou [[eat it anyways | eating]]\nYou [[pocket it and leave | end of the hall]]
You down the bottle in one gulp. It reminds you of vodka, and you begin to feel light headed. You assume it contains alchohol. \n[[continue down the hall |blue hall]]
At first glance it is impossible to read the writting, but upon further investigation you notice that it is a recipe. \n The wall reads:\n\n1 teaspoon vegetable oil\n2 cups canned tuna\n4 cups bread crumbs \n4 eggs\n2 teaspoons brewers' yeast \n\nYou wonder what it makes. And why it is written all over the walls. \nYou [[keep walking down the hall, glancing around to see if the writting changes | another door]]\n
You leave the room and keep walking. You walk for what feels like days. Suddenly your feet don't hurt anymore, and you are surrounded by a bright glowing orb of light. You hear a soft crying noise. \n\nYou [[investigate | cats]]\nYou [[Keep walking into the light |Start]]\n
You turn the key in the door. It swings open revealing a small cupboard lit by a strange blue liquid. It smells of some sort of berry. \n\nYou [[drink the blue liquid |blue liquid]]\n\nYou [[use the blue liquid as a light and continue down the hall | hall]]
Upon eating the tuna things you made, the cat starts to glow blue. It opens it's mouth and [[the blue light engulfs you.|Start]]
You hold the sheet in your hand. A human body is infront of you facing the wall, or atleast you think it's human. It has a faint blue glow to it. You hold your breath and turn the body over. \n\nYou [[stare into your own unblinking eyes |Start]]
You walk through the door into a large room. This room is filled with strange equipment that appears to be for cooking. You also notice that there is a strange blue light coming from the other side of the room. \n\nYou [[investigate the blue light | blue light]]\nYou [[investigate the cooking equipment | cooking equipment]]
You unfold the paper. It has a drawing of a cat on it. What could this mean? Does it mean anything at all? You [[ pocket the paper and light the candle | further down the hall]]
The crying gets louder and you start to leave the light. On the very edge of the light you see a small cat, you remove the tuna things you made from your pockets and [[feed the cat | end]]
You stumble on something. It is too dark to see clearly. On further investigation you discover it is a candle. You stand up. Still grasping the candle. \nYou [[search through your pockets for matches | pockets]]\n
You have left the light of the lamp, and your eyes are adjusting to the dark. You see the faint outline of something farther down the hall. Upon further investigation you see that it is a door. \nYou [[try the key | side room]] \nYou [[ keep walking down the hall | candle ]]\n
You bite into the pellets. They taste like cat food too.\n\nYou [[feel faint and the world begins to sway |Start]]
There is a fridge filled with strange iteams; vegetable oil, tuna, bread crumbs, eggs, and what appears to be yeast. Next to the fridge is an oven, and a table with spoons and measuring cups on it. \nYou [[remember the recipe from the walls and begin to make the recipe | cooking]]\nYou [[ investigate the blue light instead | blue light]]
The flames from the note catch onto your pant leg. There is nothing to put it out with. \nYou sink to the ground [[a darkness overwelms you |Start]]
You have only been walking for a minute when your foot hits something on the ground, you look down. \nIt is a small key, ordinary by any standards. \nYou [[pick it up | doorway ]]
You keep walking for what feels like days. You have no source of light, you have no vision, the darkness is whole and horrible. Suddenly the pain of walking is gone, you are swallowed by a bright orb of light. \n[[You open your eyes |Start]]
You walk for a long time, the blue light guiding you. You notice that the walls have writing on them. \nYou [[examine the writing | wall]]\nYou [[walk faster | another door]]\n\n
The only indication of passing time is the melting candle. And it is evident that a lot of time has passed. You start to notice some writing on the walls.\nYou [[examine the writing | wall]]\nYou [[walk faster | another door]]