You are Quinn (the 'Bad' Angel)\n\nYou looked around the corner to see a girl talking to an elderly woman. You felt a weird sence comming from her. You ignored it though, probably just the girl you're going to be stuck with. Not that you cared...
You are Terryn. (The 'bad' Hunter)\n\nNot caring about the festival you decided to look for something else to catch your eye. You made it to a stand full of gems when a large horn went off in the distance. The sun was going down and the town's people were too occupied with the festival to notice. It couldn't hurt to just take one...
It's not like it matters. This has been going on for years, why do you have to be picked for it anyways. It's not like you did some amazing deed. You sighed. \n\n[[Go look around]]\n
You are Arabella (The 'good' Angel)\n\nYou knew you were going to need help. The towns people have been doing this for decades, you couldn't just not go along with the prophecy. You felt a strange sence comming from near a stand. It seems the festival is going to have to come a bit sooner.
You headed for the town reluctantly. Hopfully you found something to amuse you, being as you're going to be stuck with he same person for some time now..\n\n[[Look around the corner of the building]]
You are Luanda (The 'good' Hunter)\n\nYou asked the lady about the Night of Throne. Every new decade it's said that the gods would send down angel's to crown the new King and Queen. You were amazed by such a story, however you were taught that those things are just myths...
You looked closely too see a embroidered 'T' on the bottom corner of the bag. Terryn. He was the worst hunter known, and your competition. No matter what new loot you found, he always seemed to swoop in and steal it. That bag was your only trace to find and kill him, too bad it's in the hand of another hunter now. Theres no point in trying to fight for it. \n\n \n\n[[Crawl away quietly]]
You slide over to the nearest tree, sure to make no noise. You sit against the trunk, facing away from the voices. You can feel your heartbeat racing as the sound of their feet travels past the you \n\n[[Take a peek]] \n\n[[Crawl away quietly]]
You grabbed a pebble laying next to you and threw it deep into the forest away fromt he path. You heard one guy shout an order and heard as they ran towards the sound. You slid over into the depths of the forest and sighed in relief.\n\n[[Find a way out]]\n\n[[Give up and sit there]]
You walk over to an elderly woman. She's running around crazy at a shop with kids surrounding the stands. You inturept them and get the lady's attention. She realized your confusion and explained the predicument to you. Tonight is the Night of Throne. \n\n[[Ask more]] [[I don't have time for this...]]
You wake up finding yourself in the middle of a forest. Looking around you see yourself surrounded by ntohing but the endless view of trees; however you can hear a group of people in the distance. They sound like they're angry and running quick. Unsure of what to do you... \n\n[[Hide behind a tree]]\n \n[[Cause a distraction away from you]]\n\n\n
You figure it's safer to not take a look. You begin to crawl through the bushes, hoping to find a good way out of this forest, and away from those guys. Could they be looking for you? You couldn't even remember what happened before you woke up...\n\n[[Keep crawling]]
You had been send down by the gods for the new decade. You couldn't be wasting time in this place. You got up and began to run in the direction of the town. It's easy to find out where it is when you can hear the festival's music. \n\n[[Stop in your tracks...]]
You're an angel. You can seriously go out n public with these huge wings sitting on your back. You went to put them away when you felt a sharp sting. Looking back you noticed a cut in your left wing. \n\n[[What now...]]\n[[This isn't so bad, I have a reason to get away]]
You waited til the voices and footsteps were unheard. Gulping, you decided it was safe to take a look. You leaned over glancing at the open path beyond the tree. You froze. There was someone there, he was leaned over looking at the ground. Unable to see clearly past the bush, you raised yourself slightly. He was looking at a small bag laying at the ground, it was then that you remembered \n\n\n[[I've seen that bag before...]]\n
Angel and Hunter
You decide to just look around and see what information you gain. Apparently tonight is some major festival. As if you care. You're just here to get away from those men. Not to mention you can't remember what happened to you before that...\n\nRight now you just need some answers..\n\n[[I don't have time for this...]]\n
You find your way out of the forest and behind a building. Standing up to regain yourself you walk through the buildings out into the opening of the town. People were busy, decorating and crowding the streets. \n\n[[Ask what's going on]] [[Take a look around]]