You go back to sleep and the rats begin to climb and poop all over you. This makes you even more steamed than before. \n\n[[You decide to leave and hope they are gone when you return.|2A]]\n[[You growl and snap at them.|1B]]\n\n
You are snuggled up in your favorite place. The sun comes through a window and gently warms your face and the pool of drool that weeps from the corners of your mouth. There is nothing you enjoy more than getting a long and restful nap; especially after an afternoon of chasing away jittery squirrels and scratching fleas off your loose fury neck. \n\nYes, that's right, you heard correctly. You are actually a dachshund, and that favorite place is a junkyard, and the windows are attached to an antique Cadillac limo that you call your home. \n\nYou are enjoying your nap until you feel something bite at your paws, which also coincides with strange chirping noises. Your eyelids feel like bags of sand as you try to awake. Once you have opened them fully, all you see are lumps of brown fur wobbling about. Your brain is in a fog or you would have fully realized that the lumps are in fact, ugly, smelly, hostile rats. They have invaded your home and, not only that, the entire junkyard. \n\nBeing a dachshund, you have a propensity for chasing and being aggressive towards smaller animals. In the past you have come off as grumpy and others tend to stay away from you. What will you attempt to do in order to get this pesky rodents to go away?\n\n[[Continue to nap.|1A]]\n[[Start to growl and bark and chase them.|1B]]\n[[Go into the City and hope they are gone by the time you get back.|1C]]\n
It is a hot day in Dog City, so you head to the TailSpin Saloon for a nice cold glass of milk. After a couple of rounds, the milk starts to taste sour. \n\nYou ask the bartender, "What's the deal, your fridge broke?" The bartender explains that the milk supply in town hasn't been so good, they are almost bone dry.\n\nAnother patron, a drunk bloodhound, over hears the converstaion and chimes in, he mumbles, "Since the rats came into town, I can smell they're up to...hee-ccupp...up to no GOOD!" \n\nThe bartender respond back, "Hey, you don't got a right to complain, you've been getting free milk, you still owe me cheese for last month, ya lush!"\n\nYou turn your head towards a dark corner of the saloon where you hear the obnoxious sound of slurping. When it stops the owner of the noise speaks " So you got a rat problem you don't know how to solve?" You step closer into the light and see that its cat. \n\nThe cat pushes the bowl of milk across the table." The names Sal, Sal cat-pone, I can get you a meeting with the Furfather, but you gotta do me one favor, just don't ask me about my tail?"\n\nWhat do you do? \n\n\n[[ You do Sal Cat-Pone a solid.|2B]]\n[[ Ask him about his tail.|2C]]\n\n
The rats retaliate in kind. There are more of them than there are of you. Using their dull rat nails and saw like rat teeth they dig into you. You have no choice but to surrender. You howl in pain for them to stop. When they finally show you mercy they put a collar and leash on you. Your fate is being their slave.
You meet Commandant Crusher, a pit bull with a Walkenesque style. Crusher runs the Heel Academy which is the Dog training facility. You feel inferior in his authority and naturally growl at him, but quickly remember that you have the dog biscuits.You tell him the Furfather wants to make good on a favor that he aperently owes him. Crusher submits and gives you what you want. You trade the dog bisquits for a shock collar.\n\nYou don't leave yet, you are too curious. You ask him, "What is a good boy like you doing getting mixed up with the Father?"\n\nCrusher replies, "He wanted to use the cadet kennels as a temporary storage for some kinda ship-ment, I dunno whhuut, but it smelt like sour fromage, stuffed in an old sweaty chew toy.\n\nYou turn and walk away when, Crusher shouts after you, "Tyke, Never, ever, ask for a favor from the Furfather, it always comes back to bite you in the rear-end." \n\nYou can see tiny bite marks on his butt.\n\n\n\n[[Go back to the junyard with the Collar.|4C]]\n
\nSal Cat-Pone calmly tells you that he lost it in a smelting accident. Underneath his smooth exterior, Sal is actually stewing. This is a sensative subject. He quickly pulls out his K-9 bar and stabs you with it. Killing you.\n
You head to the Junkyard, disregarding Sal Cat-Pone's advice. When you enter the gate you are greeted by thousands upon thousands of rats. They approach you, but you have a grin on your face, like you know something that they don't.\n\nYou extended your hand in front of you revealing the Shock collar. \n\n"Thems's fighten words", mummbles one rat.\n\n\n\n[[Continue with the epic battle.|6D]]\n[[At the last minute decide to back out.|6C]]\n
He smacks you in the jaw with the front of his paw.\n\n"Whatsamattawithyou." \n\nYou are knocked out for several hours.\n
Go to Bow and Wow fitness. You pass the dogs on treadmills and machines. You spot a poodle with a spray bottle. \n\n[[Wait until they are not looking and steal it.|6A]]\n[[Ask them if you can have it for a favor.|6B]]\n
You famous last words... " The only thing is this world that matters is...balls."
Your famous last words..." A dog that doesn't spend time with other dogs, is not in a real dog pack."\n\n
You arrive at Furfather's house.\n\nYou march into his office. The Furfather is sitting in his chair behind a desk. You slowly trot towards him and begin to tell him of the battle at the junkyard. You tell him that you don't want his friendship anymore because you feel terrible about massacring the rats.\n\n“Don't worry, you already did me a service by taking out those rats!” The Furfather explains. “ Now that the rats are out of the picture, I control their cow farm, which means I control the cheese.” \n\n“You used me!” You bark at him.\n\n"You could have everything you ever want, who cares about rats, join us."\n\nWhat is your next move?\n\n\n[[Cow farm.|8A]]\n[[Join Cat mafia.|8B]]\n[[Fight Furfather for Don position.|8C]]\n\n
The rats are gone. You head to your cadillac, curl up on the leather seats and fall asleep. The world is still the same as it was. Not bad, but not good either.
It's a hot day and the rat poop is beginning to dry to your skin. You walk to the local gym, Bow and Wow Fitness, so you can take a nice cold shower. When you walk in everybody can immediately smell the foulness that is your scent. With your tail between your legs, you scamper to the showers. \n\nWhile showering, a mainecoon uses the one next to you. He is giant but gentle. To your surprise he introduces himself, " How ya doin, I'm Bugsy, and may your first child be a masculine child.\n\n[[Ask Bugsy "What the hell are you talking about?" |3A]]\n[[Tell Bugsy your name. |4A]]\n
After agreeing, he takes you to the Furfather. The two of you enter a dimly lit office. The Furfather spins his chair around upon your arrival. He takes a good look at you and then says, "Since this is the first time you come to me for counsel, I'll have to ask for your friendship first.\n\nYou nod your head yes.\n\nThe Furfather continues, "These scum, rats, they have taken over your home, our city. I will offer you a way to rid of them as a gift of our new friendship, but I will call upon you one day to do a service for me."\n\nThe Furfather gives you a handful of dog biscuits. He tells you to go see his friend at the Heel Academy; he owes him a favor. In return for the biscuits have him give you a shock collar. You ask the Furfather how he knows that his friend will comply. \n\nThe Furfather replies, " He's a dog, food is an offer he can't refuse." \n\nOn the way out you ask Sal what the shock collar is for. He tells you that it's for him to use to fight the rats. "We're Cats, not killers," Sal states. \n\n\n[[ Take the buscuits and go to the Heel Academy.|3B]]\n[[ Ask Sal Cat-Pone about his tail. |3C]]\n
Sal Cat-Pone calmly tells you that he lost his tail in the war. Underneath his smooth exterior, Sal is actually stewing. This is a sensative subject. He quickly pulls out his K-9 bar and stabs you with it. Killing you.\n\n
On the way back to the junk yard, you run into Sal Cat-Pone. As you walk and talk he recommends that you get a spray bottle with water in order to "Really get them scum bastard rats". \n\nOut of curiosity, you ask Sal why Cats hat rats so much.\n\nSal responds, “ I Dunno, its just one uh dem things that's been going on tru out da cats life times. We really don't like rats, especially dose know-it all ones who think they can control who has how much cheese and how old. We gotta right to earn cheese, dems rats need to learn a lesson.” \n\nSal interrupts himself. He realizes he's been rambling on.\n\n“Any way kid, you's doing a good thing, don't think too much about it. “\n\n\n[[Go to Bow and Wow Fitness for water. |5C]]\n[[Ignore his wisdom and continue to the junkyard.|5D]]\n\n\n\n
After you introduce yourself to Bugsy, he notices you grooming the poop in your fur.\n\n"Cheer up kid, every Dog has his day," Bugsy replies.\n\nYou tell him, It's a dog eat dog world, I try to put on a Bulldog front, but it ain't working." \n\nBugsy responds, " Okay, here's the story. I come from the gutter... The Furfather took me in and now everythings okay. I know the street, and I'm making all the right connections. Those rats are going down, don't you worry. Furfathers got them in his pocket. We're taken over there cow farm and pretty soon we'll own all the cheese, dems rats will be coming to us." \n \n\n\n\n\n
A White poodle dog jogs on a treadmill. You approach the machine, bend down and lift a spray bottle. She notices and makes a high pitched yelp. \n\n"Bwaraowow, give that back you!"\nYou start to run but her large and in charge boyfriend stops you at the door.\n\nYou put your tail between your legs and piddle, embarrassing yourself.\n\n
You head into the Junk yard armed with a spray bottle of water and a shock collar. Right as you enter the gates you scarface the place, zapping off rounds of electricity. Any rat that you see is a target, no mercy, no survivors.Rats are flying in the air at they are hit. You start to enjoy the sound of the buzz, and the smell of burnt fur.\n\nYou slowly walk up to a rat that is laying on the ground, he is injured bad, but not dead, yet. He wants you to put him out of his misery. The bottle is aimed point blank at his little rat face.\n\n"Why, punk, huh?" You asked.\n\nHe replies, "We were just supposed to age the cheese, make it look like it was worth more, now the cat bastard gets our cow farm. The cows!"\n\nYou are angry and confused. You ask, "what cat?" But its too late, he has already uttered (Heehee) his last words.\n\n\n[[Find out what the hell that rat was talking about and visit the Furfather.|7B]]\n\n[[Don't give a rats ass, go back to sleep.|7A]]\n
Even though you express that you are sorry and want to back out, the rats are not having it. Sometimes being a good guy doesn't work out, becuase These rats don't back down. \n\nOne large rat foaming at the mouth and with wild buck teeth approaches you.\n\n"Eny lost words before we cut off your Jolly knocka's?"\n\nWhat theme will define your last words?\n\n[[ Hero's end.|7C]]\n[[ Cowards end. |7D]]\n
In your ignorance you step forward and use the shock collar on the rat that just spoke. You keep hitting the button but nothing happens. The rat giggles and tells you to stop tickling him. Now that you are in close proximity, the rats jump on you, covering your entire body.
"Okay." You reply\n\nYou join the furfather and and eventually become a made-cat. You work your way up the the ranks by killing and threatening to kill. You live a cheesy life, and get anything you ever want, chew toys, bitches, finest of the red meats. But you always wondered what else was out there for you.\n\n
"You need to be stopped!" You Grumble.\n\nYou get out the spray bottle and shock collar. You zap him a couple times but he just laughs.\n\n"You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be! You need cats like me!" The Furfather leaps out of his chair and hisses at you.\n\nBut you don't back down. You actually bite him in the kneck and killed him. \n\nAfter this you become the new furfather.
"Never!" You bark. \n\nYou travel west to find the location of the cow farm. You spend your days amongst the cows, getting to know them. You milk them, feed them and bathe them for six months before you realize that you never want to go back to living in the junkyard. The country life is for you now. No more being grumpy for no reason and kissing kitty tail. You are your own boss. In three years you fall in love with a beautiful cow and get married. You tell her about your past but she doesn't mind. The two of you live the rest of your days together on the farm. You bare no children. \n\nThe End.