Scarlett parks her rocketship in the garage and quickly begins to climb into her window. \n\nShe takes of her unifrom and hides away her weapons. \n\nShe runs into the washroom and puts on her school unifrom. \n\n"[[Ready!]]" Scarlett screams.
"Oh no, I only have 7 minutes to get to [[school]]!" Scarlett shouts. \n\nShe then gets a call that could save her, from Master Byron. \n\n"Hello Scarlett, do not worry. You have done the right thing by helping the Olimans. I have discovered a shortcut that will help get home in less than 5 minutes.I will send you the directions momentarily." says Master Byron. \n\n"Oh, thank you. This means so much" says Scarlett with a sigh of relief. \n
"Wait, I can't leave the [[Olimans]] with this mess. It's not fair for them, none of this was their fault. I must stay and help." Scarlett thinks.\n\n"Everything is clear, you may all come out now!" shouts Scarlett. \n\nScarletts watches the Oliman's faces drop as they notice the huge pink mess of bubblegum on their planet.\n\n"I know, it's a lot. I will stay and help you. If we start now we can finish in 20 minutes. Together." Scarlett says with a smile. \n
She goes downstairs and eats the breakfast her mother have prepared for her. \n\nIt's exactly what she needs after a long night of bubblegum defeating. \n\n"How was your sleep?" mom asked. \n\n"Very [[exciting]], I mean relaxing." replies Scarlett with a giggle.
Most teenage girls know of only one routine. One lifestyle.\n\nWell, not all. \n\nWhat about Scarlett Rose? \n\nShe is a complete different [[story]].\n
"[[Planet Olima]] is about 1 hour away, if I use turbo speed, I should get there in about 30 minutes." says Scarlett\n\n"Lets do this thing!" shouts Scarlett.
Scarlett reaches planet Olima right on time!\n\nThere is no sign of the bubblegum monster yet, so Scarlett begins to warn the olimans. \n\n"Everyone, please do not panic, but I need all of you to evacuate immedatly. Protect your loved ones and stay in hiding. This will only be for a couple of hours." says Scarlett through a megaphone.\n\nThe [[bubblegum monster]] should be arriving any minute now, according to Master Byron.
Scarlett has about [[10 minutes]] to plan a secret attack before the bubblegum monster begins to destory planet Olima!\n\n"Hm, so I can't use a weaopn that will go through him, I need to use something that will hurt him on the outside" Scarlett thinks.\n\n"Maybe l should use my ring to place a trapping web around him. If he is trapped and cannot move I can take my sword and cut him into little peices of gum. Lets hope this works!" Scarlett says nervously.
That's Scarletts life for you. \n\nShe can be an average teeange girl who goes to school every morning. \n\nWhen it comes to midnight, she is a hero helping small un-known planets all around the world. \n\nEvery night she experiences something new to add to her journal tittled "My Double Life".
Scarlett Rose is a 16 year-old girl who attends a regular school just like every other teenager. \n \nShe comes home everyday afterschool, eats lunch, does homework, and sleeps.\n\nShe sleeps, and sleeps, and sleeps. \n\nUntil the clock reaches [[12]].
"I better get to the bus stop, I don't want to be to late." says [[Scarlett]]. \n\n"Have fun at school, honey" says mother. \n\nScarlett heads out the door and runs staright to the [[bus stop]]. \n\n
The thick bubblegum on Scarlett's face causes her to loose vision. \n\nAs the bubblegum monster puts her down, she tries to balance herself on the floor. \n\nAs she is trying to balance her dizy self she falls of Planet Olima.\n\nScarlett Rose was never to be seen again.
"Oh no, I am completly out of [[gas]], in the middle of nowhere." says Scarlett as she panics.\n\n"No one on this planet even drives cars! I better call Master Byron!" says Scarlett. \n\n"Hello, Master Byron. I have no gas to fly me home. What should I do?" Scarlett says with panic. \n\n"I am afraid there is not much that can be done. By the time, someone flies gas to Planet Olima, it will be too late, and you will not make it in time for school. You will have to stay on Planet Olima. Do not worry, I will cover for you. No one will know a thing" replies Master Byron. \n\n"Wow, ok" says Scarlett. \n
The Oliman's were very pleased with Scarlett's [[manners]] and the fact she saved their planet. \n\nThe Olimans rewarded Scarlett with fresh flowers and thanked her for everything. \n\nWith that being done, Scarlett began [[heading home]]. \n\n
"All ready, and everyone's in hiding. Awesome" says Scarlett.\n\nScarlett begins to hear a loud noise.\nShe looks up at dark night sky and notices a pink spacechip coming closer and closer. \n\n"All hail the wisest bubblegum of them all, [[Mr. Pink]]" says the bubblegum's monsters minions. \n\nScarlett wasted no time and began to shoot. Scarlett began to panic when she noticed all the bullets went right through him and didn't hurt him at all.
"Shoot, theres some bubblegum in my hair. I better tie it in a ponytail." says Scarlett. \n\n"I wonder who the next evil creature is that I will have to defeat tonight." Scarlett thinks to herself.
"I can't see!" shouts Scarlett as the bubblegum monster does his evil laugh. \n\nScarlett began to feel through her pack of weapons until she felt her laser gun. \n\nWith her [[laser gun]] she shot a hole through the thick bubble gum on her face. \n\nShe made a hole for each eye and from there she got the bubblegum of her face. \n\nScarlett decided to keep quiet so the bubblegum monster wouldn't attack her again, and began to plan a secret attack.
Everyone gets to work right away. \n\nThe Olimans begin to sing songs in their language that Scarlett does not understand but she dances along to any way. \n\nWith everyone helping along they were able to finish in less than 20 minutes! \n\nPlanet Olima was [[sparkling]] by the end!
Scarlett quietly begins to sneak up behind the bubblegum monster and with her ring she traps him into a net. \n\nThe noises he made didn't sound very happy, but Scarlett didn't care. \n\nShe rolled him over, which was quite a challenge considering how heavy he is. \n\n"[[I got you now]]" shouts Scarlett happily. \n
Scarlett stayed with a very kind Oliman family for that day. \n\nWhen she got home, her parents did not know a thing. \n\nMaster Byron made them think Scarlett left really early to school and slept over at a friends house.\n\n"Master Byron is a genius!" shouts Scarlett.\n\n
Scarlett takes out her sword and slices the bubblegum monster into billions of peices. \n\nNot to worry, the bubblegum monster still lives, just in tiny pieces. \n\n"[[How dare you]]" the minions scream. \n\n"Opps" Scarlett says with a smile on her face.
Scarlett's phone begins to ring. \n\n"It's Master Byron, I better get this" says Scarlett. \n\n"Well done, Scarlett. You never fail me, and I'm very proud of you. Now head back home quickly to get ready for school" says [[Master Byron]].\n\n"Will do, sir. Thank you" says Scarlett as she ends the call. \n
"Thank god for this shortcut. Ok, theres no time to waste, [[I can do this]]." thinks Scarlett.\n\nShe begins to follow the directions and makes sure she is travelling in turbo speed.\n\n"Wow this is shorter than I thought" says Scarlett\n\nShe reaches home in 2.5 minutes!
At 12:00 pm, it is time for her to get up and recieve her new mission. \n\nShe opens her laptop and clicks on her one video message from her Master, Byron. \n\n"Today your mission will be to defeat the bubblegum monster before it is to late. He is planning on attacking everyone in planet Olima. You must get there quickly and warn all the Olimans. Don't let us down." says Master Byron. \n\n"I better get there [[quick]]!" says Scarlett.
"Aw, this little girl thinks she can hurt me. So cute!" says the bubblegum monster as he grabs her.\n\n"[[Let go of me]]!" shouts Scarlett.\n\nThe bubblegum monster does let her go, but not until he sprays her entire with [[sticky bubblegum]].
Scarlett begins preparing herself for the Bubblegum monster's arrival. \n\nShe has all sorts of cool [[weapons]]. \n\nShe has stuff like a ring that shoots out trapping web, a laser gun that shoots holes into objects. \n\nScarlett's signature weapon is her lipstick gun that instantly kills the life out of you.
The [[bubblegum minions]] begin to collect the tiny peices of monster and put him into his pink rocketship.\n\n"This is not the last of us" one minion said with an evil grin. \n\n"That doesn't worry me." replies Scarlett with a luagh. \n\n5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blast off! \n\n"Finally they're gone! Another mission complete." says Scarlett with a sigh of relief.
Scarlett dresses into her uniform. \n\nShe sneaks out the window and gets into her [[rocketship]] that she hides in the garage.\n\nScarlett's parents are huge earth lovers, so they never use cars, because they fear it will harm the earth. Her parents never go in there so she makes it the perfect hiding place.\n\n