[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bebp2ALCcAAYIUK.png]]\nYou sit next to D-ne, and you, D-ne, and B-ko have a pleasant conversation about trivial, happy things. You and D-ne end up walking home together, upon finding out that your houses are very close together. When you arrive at D-ne's house, she stares at you for a bit and invites you in. You agree. Her family is very strange, and really not too pleasant to be around. But talking with D-ne, you have fun. She bakes the entire meal and it tastes excellent.\nAfter the meal, the two of you head up to D-ne's room. It is small, but very cute. She motions for you to sit down on the bed and says: "You look a lot like B-ko, you know?" You are baffled by her compliment, but she continues. "I... I lack the courage to confess my feelings to B-ko. Would you be kind enough to be her replacement for tonight?"\nOverwhelmed with emotion, you find it difficult to respond. However, D-ne looks so serious, not to mention beautiful, and you are unable to refuse. She excitedly hugs you, and then kisses you gentely.\nHer parents ignore the moans coming from her room that night.\n\n''The End''
[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bebpo0jCcAA7XMr.png]]\nYou sit down next to B-ko. You have a pleasant conversation. Truthfully, you're still surprised someone so pretty is talking to you. She is even more amazing up close. When everyone leaves, the two of you walk back to her house, upon finding out how close your houses were.\nHer parents are the image of hospitality. The food they serve for dinner is amazing. After the meal is finished, the two of you decide to go back to her room. But as you are getting up, her mother trips and spills sauce all over both of you. She appologizes fiercely, and suggests you and B-ko shower to get the sauce off you.\nB-ko leads you to the bathroom and begins to take off her clothes.\n"I'll wait here for you to finish." You suggest.\n"Hunh? We should just shower together to save time! The shower is big enough, too! We're both girls, afterall" She winks seductively at you and you know you cannot refuse. You strip and follow her into the shower.\n"You're really pretty, you know that?" B-ko says as the hot water beings to fall on both of you. It's a shock to be complimented by someone like her. Her body is even more succlent without clothing on. B-ko puts her hands on your shoulders and pulls you close before kissing you. Things end up getting... steamy.\n\n''The End''
[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BebpmwaCYAAHYDK.png]]\nFor a split second, C-ta gets a fierce, angry look in his eyes. Then, as if it was never there, the glare vanishes, and C-ta is cheerful again.\nYou sit down next to A-ya. The two of you have a one-sided conversation about rumors, which you in fact find very interesting. When everyone leaves, the two of you walk home together, and you end up having dinner at his house. He suggests the two of you watch a movie until his parents come home from work. As the two of you rifle through his DVD collection, you find an old children's cartoon.\n"What's this?" You ask him. It seems to be in prestine condition.\n"Ah, that. I used to really like that show when I was little. I imagined that I would be like the hero when I grew up. Strong, brave, ikemen, and smart, with all of the girls swooning over me." A-ya the finds himself a little embarassed and grabs a random DVD to play. \nYou have a nice evening with A-ya. Before you leave, he tells you that he feels he can really talk to you, not like with anyone else. You promise to come to club again on Monday.\n\nLater that night, C-ta sneaks into your house and stabs you to death for getting too close to A-ya.\n\n''The End''
[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BebqCU2CIAIjDB-.png]]\nYou're a new transfer student and while looking for your math teacher to ask her a question, you wind up completely lost. As you're wandering around, you see B-ko, the school beauty, walking into one the old wing of the school. Could she be going to a club? \nYou're not in any clubs yet, so it might be a good opportunity to join. Or, she could tell you when you might find your teacher. B-ko is so smart, pretty, and nice. It would be great to be friends with her!\n>[[Follow her|2a]]\n>[[Walk Away|2b]]
[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bebp5XtCcAE6sDz.png]]\nYou follow her to one of the club rooms. B-ko, in contrast to her normally pleasant nature, is yelling vigorously at one of the two boys in the room, while an elegant girl stands by smiling. You're so shocked by this that you accidentally open the door and fall into the room.\nThe four are shocked to see you crash in. You quickly apologize and tell them that you were just looking for your teacher, and will not relay what you saw here.\nThe boy that was not being scolded stops you and asks if you would like to join the club.\n>[[Join|3a]]\n>[[Decline|2b]]\n
[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bebps0GCMAAytQ0.jpg]]\nYou away from the building. You become lost in thought, wondering about where to look for your teacher, and trip on something. It is a hardcover, dark book with a bookmark sticking out. Something about it seems ominous.\n>[[Open the book|3b]]\n>[[Leave it|3c]] \n
Carefully, you open the book. You are so shocked by the contents that you race home, locking yourself in your room. Your parents won't be home for another hour, so you just sit on your bed, terrified.\nSuddenly, the television screen turns on, to static, and you hear someone viciously shaking the door to your house. All the lights in your house shut off, but the static television stays on. You hear the door break open, and someone walking in. Closer. Closer. Closer. In you room, now. Closer to you. Right in front of you. Then the feeling of a blade being pressed against you.\nAnd then nothing.\n[img[STATIC.png]]\n\n''The End''
You walk away from the book carefully, and continue searching for your teacher. After a few minutes you feel faint, but are unable to reach a wall in time and collapse. Your conciousness becomes hazy and you begin hallicinating.\n[img[https://31.media.tumblr.com/874305e28918e89e6ac2e74a0da24dc6/tumblr_inline_mzj0o2NzLJ1ralcpn.gif]]\nYou should have know it was a bad batch of drugs.\n\n''The End''
[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BebpxAFCUAAU6Oc.png]]\n"That's great! I'm glad we have another member. I'm C-ta, by the way." The friendly, ikemen boy says. He motions to the dazed-looking boy who B-ko had been scolding. "And this is A-ya"\n"I'm B-ko. You're in the year below us, right?" You nodd and smile. It's very exciting to be holding a conversation with someone so popular. You notice the elegant girl in the back staring at the two of you. B-ko introduces her as D-ne.\n"Well, it's about time to get started! Where do you want to sit?" C-ta says excitedly, winking.\n>[["I want to sit next to A-ya|Aya]]\n>[["I want to sit next to B-ko|Bko]]\n>[["I want to sit next to C-ta|Cta]]\n>[["I want to sit next to D-ne|Dne]]
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[img[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bebpy_sCEAANvyp.png]]\nYou sit down next to C-ta. You have a nice conversation about A-ya's family's hamburger steak. You end up hanging out at his house after A-ya leaves early, apparently being very busy this evening. C-ta is disappointed and says you can go home, too, but you decide he needs some company.\nWhen you go back to his house, you end up playing video games together. He has a lot of fun, but spends the whole time talking (really, thinking out loud) about how much he loves A-ya.\nHe leaves for a moment to check his computer, and doesn't return for several minutes. When you shout out to him, he responds that he is busy. You're about to go home when you hear a muffled scream, followed by a thump. You run to his room to find C-ta stabbed, holding his phone, dead.\n\n''The End''